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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:13 on January 15, 2015  

I’m rather a non conformist on both sides because one side swings too far one way with reckless disregard for profit and the other side basic Marxism over controlling for profit. Yes there should be regulations for safety of both workers and the public minus steep fines unless willful disregard after regulations in place resulted in harm to others or knowing something could harm others or wildlife. What good is a job going to do if your child is born with deformities and your wife dies of cancer. I was almost blinded because if one of these factories due to lack of regard for workers and luckily was able to save my self to a degree because I was bound not to talk about my work so didn’t seek help I should have gotten. I got out lucky others died there or permanently disfigured. Ps while doing research on some of the problems I ran across in library a bunch of children all missing their arms on right side or left and they all were born near a factory in Russia. It’s happened here too.

Joel Skousen: The Hidden Power Structure of the Left-Right Paradigm

Posted by joe12pack @ 23:11 on January 15, 2015  

How they gonna pay?

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:08 on January 15, 2015  

The Swiss made loans all over central and Eastern Europe. They were denominated in francs, not euros. Their payments just effectively went up 25%. Can you say FORECLOSURE ? The world depression has started in Europe again.


Or Silverngold

Posted by eeos @ 21:53 on January 15, 2015  

he’s just trying to ride coat tail through name association. probably the later

goldielocks @ 21:34

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:49 on January 15, 2015  

Re your….
“Although Im kind of glad some of the toxic polluter industries to land and air are gone although it would have been better if they could in a cost effective way prevented those problems not to mention the illegal toxic dumpings on both land and water.”

You really should NOT think that way. What you just unwittingly repeated was NWO world gov’t propaganda that was spoon fed to the entire US public so they vote for and go along with and except more rules and regulations against tax paying job creating businesses. In other words, they greased the American for globalization. The environment has turned into a fetish with millions of Americans like its their hobby or something. They are being used and don’t know it.

Richey 21:28

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:38 on January 15, 2015  

“The Swiss economy will rapidly fall into recession as a result of the SNB move.”

I don’t care how many years ago it happened, but Switzerland (and the USA) was doomed the day they got “integrated” into globalization. All pockets of independence were absorbed into one NWO. And its going backwards. I’m happy. 🙂

I’m beginning to wonder if I was the only one on the planet watching and observing the evolution of this mess.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:34 on January 15, 2015  

On the other hand looks like the present system says we don’t need each other we can just be a service society lol Then they can just farm all the other jobs mostly male type jobs overseas and men can become service people or stay at home dads. Sounds just like the very poor neighborhoods MO for most part and or supplemented with welfare. I think he means trade and movement of money but your right that has not worked out very well on our side. Although Im kind of glad some of the toxic polluter industries to land and air are gone although it would have been better if they could in a cost effective way prevented those problems not to mention the illegal toxic dumpings on both land and water. I wonder when the health problems are going to show up in China.

Armstrong Statement…

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:28 on January 15, 2015  

“Raising taxes reduces disposable income and that can ONLY reduce economic growth.”

He neglected to say how and why taxes got so high. I myself watched over the decades what was going on and what caused the higher and higher taxes……

Global corporations, that control our elected representatives, and get the ok, to have it made over there and sell it over here. That process put millions of Americans out of work.

Less work means more people that used to PAY taxes get on public welfare, or public employment, and start to ABSORB taxes. Ironically, the growing numbers of public employees, and vendors, get paid MORE than the tax PAYERS.

I watched it unfold. When we made all our own widgets 1945 to 1975, the US gov’t had budget surpluses. After decades of importing MORE than we exported, we end up with budget deficits and low tax payer wages. A simple catch 22 situation.

These global special interests are like a separate independent country of its own with its citizens scattered all over the world like Muslim extremists of the day. One group scattered all over the globe.

I’m sure there are many American businesses in that independent group of globalists without even knowing it. If your small local business is importing stuffed animals from China, and you sell them at flee markets, or Craigslist, you are unwittingly a small globalist. You are out for yourself, not patriotic at all.

THIS!! is gold bullish..We’ve just taken a huge leap into chaos. The linchpin of the capital markets has been the trust in the CBs. The market’s anchors have now been tossed overboard.

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:28 on January 15, 2015  

End of CB Power – SNB Folds
Bruce Krasting’s pictureSubmitted by Bruce Krasting on 01/15/2015 08:20 -0500

I wrote about the Swiss National Bank being forced to abandon its currency peg to the Euro on 12/3/14, 12/8/14 and 1/11/15. That said, I’m blown away that this has happened today.

Thomas Jordan, the head of the SNB has repeated said that the Franc peg would last forever, and that he would be willing to intervene in “Unlimited Amounts” in support of the peg. Jordan has folded on his promise like a cheap suit in the rain. When push came to shove, Jordan failed to deliver.

The Swiss economy will rapidly fall into recession as a result of the SNB move. The Swiss stock market has been blasted, the currency is now nearly 20% higher than it was a day before. Someone will have to fall on the sword, the arrows are pointing at Jordan.

The dust has not settled on this development as of this morning. I will stick my neck out and say that the failure to hold the minimum rate will result in a one time loss for the SNB of close to $100B. That’s a huge amount of money. It comes to 20% of the Swiss GDP! If this type of loss were incurred by the US Fed it would result in a loss in excess of $2 Trillion!

In the coming days and weeks there will be more fallout from the SNB disaster. There will be reports of big losses and gains from today’s events. But that is a side show to the real story. We have just witnesses the collapse of a promise by a major central bank.

The Fed, Bank of Japan, ECB, SNB and other Central Banks have repeatedly made the same promises over the past half decade:


Don’t worry! We are here. We will do anything it takes to achieve the stability we desire. We are stronger than the markets. We can overwhelm all forces. We will never let go – just trust us!


I never believed in these promises, but the vast majority of those who are active in financial markets did. The entire world has signed onto the notion that Central Banks are all powerful. We now have evidence that they are not.

Anyone who continues to believes in the All Powerful CB after today is a fool. Those who believed in Jordan’s promises now have red ink on their hands – lots of it!

The next central bank that will come into the market’s cross hairs is the ECB. Mario Draghi has made promises that he would “Do anything – in any amount”. Like I said, you would be a fool to continue to believe in that promise as of this morning.

We’ve just taken a huge leap into chaos. The linchpin of the capital markets has been the trust in the CBs. The market’s anchors have now been tossed overboard.

goldielocks @ 19:41

Posted by silverngold @ 21:26 on January 15, 2015  

Thanks!! You may be right at least to a degree, but he definitely hobnobbed with them, debated with them, and had his picture taken with them.

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  1. armstrongeconomics.com   Cached

    Welcome to Armstrong Economics where … The real knowledge of how the global economy functions under a floating exchange rate system is still not taught in university.
  2. armstrongeconomics.com/…martin-armstrong-governor-jim…   Cached

    PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. … At this point we will hear from Martin Armstrong and learn why he backs a National Sales Tax. … Join other followers:


Richey @ 18:27 Armstrong Probably Involved In Importing Into The USA

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:01 on January 15, 2015  

Rich, I just read that story by Armstrong. regarding his statement below…

“This is about reaching a new understanding that we ALL NEED EACH OTHER and the free movement of capital is essential to world economic growth and sustainability.”

Who is “we” to him? USA or the world? He sounds like a globalist. After reading that, he sounds like part of TPTB. Using the word “sustainability”? “We all need each other globally”? And implies we don’t have, but “need” free movement of capital”?

The world already HAS free movement of capital. Globalization. It led to todays present complicated and failing situation. Plenty of US capital went to China and many other countries prior to China, who got their “fix” way before China got on the US consumers payroll.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 20:25 on January 15, 2015  

I have been watching the June bond for a couple of weeks. Same story. I will confirm tomorrow.


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:58 on January 15, 2015  

The Swiss National Bank has lost control. It is the latest in a list of venerable central banks to be overwhelmed by deflationary forces and global economic disorder.

The country is already in deflation. The Swiss franc ended Thursday 13pc higher after the SNB abandoned its three-year efforts to defend a currency floor of 1.20 to the euro. “We have a free exchange rate once again,” said the SNB’s president, Thomas Jordan.

Indeed, but nobody is fooled by the SNB’s attempt to spin this as benign. “This is a huge hit to their credibility,” said Deutsche Bank.

The official statement claimed that the exchange floor is no longer needed and that “overvaluation has decreased as a whole since the introduction of the minimum exchange rate”. This is eyewash.

“They have had to throw in the towel. They couldn’t hold the line anymore,” said David Owen, from Jefferies Fixed Income. “This is going to cause extreme pain for parts of the Swiss economy but the SNB are trapped.”

more http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/ambroseevans_pritchard/11348809/World-deflationary-forces-have-swept-away-Switzerlands-defences.html

ipso facto @ 18:30 & Commish

Posted by silverngold @ 19:56 on January 15, 2015  

Ipso, to answer your question, not that I can determine so far. The person does post charts occasionally but on the level as far as I can determine…… so far……but I’ll be watching.

Commish, thanks!! I think there are many from Princeton University and I also think they are involved in the market planning, rigging, and manipulation.   Silverngold

Goldie @ 19:34

Posted by Moggy @ 19:56 on January 15, 2015  

I learned my lesson the hard way back in ’08 and just stick with physical.  Besides, I think that all paper is going to burn eventually.

Cat hanging on edge of roof



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:41 on January 15, 2015  

Don’t think Armstrong is affiliated with Princeston University,   looked that up once. He calls his business Princeton economics that’s all. Why I don’t know but as far as I know now he calls it Armstrong economics.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 19:40 on January 15, 2015  

have you ever seen markets like these? The June 30 year bond is 14 points higher than the March bond. If that holds until the March expiration, the line on the continuation chart will look like the Swiss franc.

the stock index futures continue to crash in after hours trade.



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:34 on January 15, 2015  

Too busy for that and in December nursing and working with a badly sprained foot real bad but worked anyways plus running to different relatives. I just watch the charts when I can and stay away from options a lot of tricks going on there to bid them up. Unless you have fast trading platform and know what your doing which I don’t renember much now but best to stay away less you do.  You can make money fast but you can lose it fast too. It’s just not as easy know which way a sector gonna move.

SNB knew this was coming. Adios Greece, then others, then Germany. Adios EU. Intel laid an egg AH. OOPS

Posted by Buygold @ 19:26 on January 15, 2015  

The Greek Bank Runs Have Begun: Two Greek Banks Request Emergency Liquidity Assistance

Tyler Durden's picture

The first time the phrase Emergency Liquidity Assistance, or ELA, was used in the context of Greece was in August 2011, when Greece was imploding, when its banking sector was on (and past) the verge of collapse, and just before the ECB had to unleash a global coordinated bailout with other central banks including global central bank liquidity swap and unleash the LTRO to preserve the Eurozone.

As a reminder, this is what happened back then: “In a move described as the “last stand for Greek banks”, the embattled country’s central bank activated Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) for the first time on Wednesday night.”

“Although it was done discreetly, news that Athens had opened the fund filtered out and was one of the factors that rattled markets across Europe. At one point Germany’s Dax was down 4pc before it recovered. The ELA was designed under European rules to allow national central banks to provide liquidity for their own lenders when they run out of collateral of a quality that can be used to trade with the ECB. It is an obscure tool that is supposed to be temporary and one of the last resorts for indebted banks.”


Raoul Ruparel of Open Europe told The Telegraph: “The activation of the so-called ELA looks to be the last stand for Greek banks and suggests they are running alarmingly short of quality collateral usually used to obtain funding.”


He added: “This kicks off another huge round of nearly worthless assets being shifted from the books of private banks onto books backed by taxpayers. Combined with the purchases of Spanish and Italian bonds, the already questionable balance sheet of the euro system is looking increasingly risky.”


Stock futures indexes

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 19:15 on January 15, 2015  

continue to fall in after hours trading. The Nasdaq has penetrated some major support and just waiting for the other indexes to follow. The dominoes may be starting to fall in rapid succession. Boxed beef was at record highs and feeder cattle were limit down with expanded limits. Markets that go limit down on good news can go way past reasonable. Cattle futures are significantly below cash and refuse to rally.

everyone please post as the financial dead bodies start floating to the surface. We should get some early names next week.



Posted by ipso facto @ 18:51 on January 15, 2015  

I hear Tom Toms in the forest! The creatures skitter and flee.

Imagine when gold suddenly goes from $1250 to $1650- and still no offers. Any wonder gold has had such relentless derivative pressure and 24/7 MOPE?

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:43 on January 15, 2015  



Gold bears like Deutsche Bank should be sitting up and paying close attention right now. The 30% appreciation of the CHF in a nanosecond is a mere warm-up for what gold will do when the physical ammo runs out. The cartel’s biggest nightmare is a replica performance with gold. Imagine when gold suddenly goes from $1250 to $1650- and still no offers. Any wonder gold has had such relentless derivative pressure and 24/7 MOPE? A severe dislocation higher in gold would make the derivative carnage in crude look as calm as butter futures.

Anybody not getting the hint that gold is THE safe haven right now deserves to get the financial ass kicking that’s coming. With the crude oil derivatives train wreck still unfolding you can now add a tectonic shift in currency derivatives to the trouble brewing. It all leads to one outcome- global CTRL-P, and lots of it. One thing for certain: cascading defaults and daisy chain reactions are now all but guaranteed.
James Mc


silverngold – Another Princeton Alumnis

Posted by commish @ 18:41 on January 15, 2015  

Donald Rumsfeld. Class of 1954.

silverngold @ 17:34

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:30 on January 15, 2015  

Is there a poster here who is sabotaging our sanctuary?

1-15–Armstrong-gold mkt update-In this context, gold and the dollar can rise together

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:27 on January 15, 2015  


Back in December, we warned that gold would produce a pop and that the main resistance was in the 1250-1275 level. We now need a closingABOVE 1250.50 tomorrow to confirm a further advance is possible. This is part of the interconnections. This forecast for a pop in gold into January was not “opinion” and it most definitely was not based upon any fundamental. Gold was basing even when the dollar was rising because the capital flows were sensing major problems in Euroland. I have warned that gold isNOT A HEDGE against inflation, it is a HEDGE AGAINST GOVERNMENT and that is what we are watching – the European hedge at the moment against the collapse of the Euro. In this context, gold and the dollar can rise together. Gold is not only a dollar influenced commodity.

Hopefully, people will start to notice that it is futile to argue against me when this is not my personal opinion. It is irrelevant as to what anything“thinks” v another or to pound one’s chest that they are right and everyone else is wrong. This is about reaching a new understanding that we ALL NEED EACH OTHER and the free movement of capital is essential to world economic growth and sustainability.

PopulationOfRomeRaising taxes reduces disposable income and that can ONLY reduce economic growth. France with its insane 75% tax rate sent hoards of French to move to London abandoning their homes in Paris renting them out really cheap because they could not sell them. This isPRECISELY the deflationary aspect created by taxes and this is how Rome collapsed.

Theories about money supply have misled countless people and most of the manner in which analysis is conducted on a domestic level, prevents us from advancing economically from here. Politicians run promising to change whatever domestically, which may not even be possible given the global trend.


We have so much to learn and it seems there is no incentive to make that small step forward to save ourselves and our posterity from the same repetitive nonsense that clouds our future. We remain blind, deaf, and politically-muzzled with little hope of making life better. Political-correctness in analysis is killing us. It certainly is reducing our ability to survive what awaits us ahead.

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