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Posted by newtogold @ 23:47 on January 17, 2015  

Good presentation on global warming and how the Eugenics movement relates to population control just as in the global warming (pseudo-science) movement. Well thought out IMO.

eeos regarding your newspaper

Posted by Aguila @ 23:04 on January 17, 2015  

our newspaper now is only published and delivered Sunday, Wednesday and Fridays. We would quit the paper but then our dog, who fetches the paper every day it arrives, would have no job and would be unable to afford his dog biscuits.

Global Warming Unmasked

Posted by Auandag @ 20:10 on January 17, 2015  

An always interesting Paul Craig Roberts

Posted by Buygold @ 20:09 on January 17, 2015  



“Neoconservatives arrayed in their Washington offices are congratulating themselves on their success in using the Charlie Hebdo affair to reunite Europe with Washington’s foreign policy. No more French votes with the Palestinians against the Washington-Israeli position. No more growing European sympathy with the Palestinians. No more growing European opposition to launching new wars in the Middle East. No more calls from the French president to end the sanctions against Russia.

Do the neoconservatives also understand that they have united Europeans with the right-wing anti-immigration political parties? The wave of support for the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists is the wave of Marine Le Pen’s National Front, Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party, and Germany’s PEGIDA sweeping over Europe. These parties are empowered by the anti-immigration fervor that was orchestrated in order to reunite Europeans with Washington and Israel.”

Banks at Risk… Mortgages in Eastern Europe

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:58 on January 17, 2015  

another Mortgage crisis is about to hit Europe ..Many mortgages made in Europe were denominated in Swiss Francs because small countrys had bad credit !  Those LOANS just went South and may be defaulted on because they just got 30-50 % more expensive to pay !

Domino theory

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 19:49 on January 17, 2015  

the next few days to weeks should test the domino theory. At least four financial dead bodies have already surfaced and more are sure to follow soon. The financial ripples will tell us just now big the Rock was that hit the pond. The losers in the franc debacle are broke and no way to paper this one over. The investment houses are responsible to get the fiat from the losers to the winners. The insolvent losers will simply walk away. The big banks are taking a huge hit to cover the bad bets. Nobody deserves a financial watermelon enema more than Goldman, JP morgan etc.

what assets will the banks sell to cover the losses? Do they have anything other than paper? Volatility is about to become “off the charts” as assets are sold to cover losses. One little problem, who will buy them at any price. The tables are being set up for the ultimate fire sale. The fed will have to sit this one out or risk going down themselves. The Chinese and Russians may even help out by dumping their dollars and bonds. Gold is going to tell us how bad and how sudden the downdraft will be.

we have very few competent leaders in government to facilitate a reasonable soft landing. Our grandchildren will bear the brunt.



This isn’t over IMHO

Posted by Buygold @ 18:49 on January 17, 2015  

Everest Macro Hedge Fund Blows Up After Nearly $1 BIllion In Swiss Franc Losses

Tyler Durden's picture

Yesterday, when we got the first news of huge P&L losses at various publicly-traded banks not to mention the collapse of several retail brokers culminating with the bailout of FXCM by Jefferies, we reminded that seconds after the SNB shocker, we tweeted what was quite obvious to anyone who realized that speculators were most short the CHF since the summer of 2013:

We also added that “We have yet to find out just which hedge funds were blown up yesterday”, for the simple reason that unlike public banks who have an obligation to reveal news, especially bad, to their shareholders, hedge funds PMs hope to avoid the LP firing squad until the last second. Alas, there is only so long that the day of reckoning can be delayed.

One such fund is the Everest Capital Global macro fund, which went from just shy of a billion to zero in milliseconds as a result of a near wipe out due to a massive CHF-short position. Bloomberg reports:



Margin Call

Posted by commish @ 17:35 on January 17, 2015  

my newspaper The Denver Post is pathetic

Posted by eeos @ 17:04 on January 17, 2015  

They’ll run an article about global warming it takes up two-thirds of the page, they run an article about how the oil rally snapped a 5 day skid for a 1/5th page, but you won’t read a peep about gold except for quote price of the day. two thirds of my paper is about sports, cars and homes. don’t expect the newspaper to provide any useful articles these days. It’s more of a advertisement delivery vehicle. Newspapers have become pathetic, I attributed to them selling out too big money mega news organizations.

‘Nuf Said!!

Posted by silverngold @ 16:37 on January 17, 2015  


Thanks Scruffy-I do remember him-I’m sorry to hear about his cancer-do u know

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:18 on January 17, 2015  

if he is doing any unconventional therapy?

There will be a $50 to $100 up day in gold next week-maybe Monday-eom eom

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:16 on January 17, 2015  

Samb–I hear ya…and agree…most gurus miss the bottom and the lift off

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:56 on January 17, 2015  

“Liberty Parent of Science & Industry.” motto that was abandoned,

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:34 on January 17, 2015  

Beverly Hills man pays most ever for a penny: $2.5 million

The coin is among 10 similar coins known to exist that were experimentally produced after the founding of the U.S. Mint, said Jim Halperin, co-chairman of Heritage Auctions.

It features a profile face representing Miss Liberty, framed by a motto that was later abandoned, “Liberty Parent of Science & Industry.”


And Truth Be Told:

Posted by Samb @ 13:41 on January 17, 2015  

We are much closer to an Int. top than to a bottom or start of cycle. I am ready to buy puts in here but, I’ll wait a bit more. Slw is a pretty good measuring rod and it shows more up side to go. I’m guessing a top next week but, I’ll wait for confirmation. So now, going into an Int. top, out slither out the BS timing Analysts.

Richard 640 @ 12:32

Posted by Samb @ 13:34 on January 17, 2015  

So, Gary @ Biwii thinks we are entering into an Int. up cycle? Clearly just about anyone can see that THIS Int, up cycle commenced on Nov 3rd. Today is Jan. 17th!!!!

Anti-bailout Syriza widens lead over Greek conservatives: poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:00 on January 17, 2015  

(Reuters) – Greek anti-bailout party Syriza’s opinion poll lead over the ruling conservatives widened to 3.1 percentage points from 2.6 points, a survey showed on Saturday, eight days before the country’s election.

The survey by Kapa Research for Sunday’s newspaper To Vima showed Syriza would win 31.2 percent of the vote if the election was held now, ahead of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ New Democracy party which would get 28.1 percent


This guy is not a perm-bull and he’s been dead on-well worth the subscription price

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:32 on January 17, 2015  

Complimentary eLetter from Biiwii.com & NFTRH.com

HUI==MACD is zero +, RSI above 50 and AROON is on an uptrend. HUI is now in intermediate rally mode.

Bottom Line

HUI is establishing an intermediate uptrend and a ‘buy the pullbacks’ regimen. In order to be firm on this, we need the real (not as imagined by too many gold bugs over the last 3 years) macro fundamental backdrop to engage. It is engaging, but not yet complete.
From the last eLetter date 1.11.15:

“HUI closed the week at a higher high to November and this can only be considered constructive. HUI now remains in intermediate rally mode (higher highs and higher lows) even if it loses what is very tentative support at 180 and even 170. Only a drop below the mid-December low would neutralize the rally potential. It has not broken above the channel so unfortunately, the 150’s are still possible within rally mode.”

HUI broke the channel to the upside and we are firmly in intermediate rally mode, without the lower channel line there to haunt the proceedings. So where are we at with the gold sector and in the mirror, the broad US stock market, for that matter?

US stocks are a mirror to the gold stock sector because they are cyclical, a trait by which they benefited through the recent post-2012 cycle of unquestioning belief and confidence in policy makers, notably the US Fed. Our thesis for the gold stock sector has all along been one of counter-cyclical orientation, and a bullish stance on the gold sector would demand a return of a proper fundamental backdrop. That appears to be in process, though not yet confirmed on all cylinders.

The daily chart of HUI shows a break up from the channel on Monday and then a normal and expected correction (NFTRH+, a free add-on to the NFTRH service, advised a buying opportunity using the GDX ETF in real time on Wednesday) to test the breakout above 180. The target for this leg of HUI’s rise is 210, but targets are not stop signs, they are simple measurements in most cases.

MACD is zero +, RSI above 50 and AROON is on an uptrend. HUI is now in intermediate rally mode.

Of course, this would be no different than previous bear market rallies unless the fundamental backdrop comes in line. And while it may be confusing to ‘inflationist’ gold bugs, our constructive stance on the gold stock sector depends on global economic contraction (including the US) for a best case scenario. The best way to measure that is using the ‘real’ (commodity adjusted) price of gold. Here is the weekly chart NFTRH has used to keep subscribers abreast of the progress.

When counter cyclical gold out performs cyclical commodities the indication is not good for the global economy. Why do gold miners benefit? Because their product rises vs. many of their cost inputs. Look no further than the Gold-Oil ratio.

There are so many fundamental and technical details that will go into successfully managing the precious metals in the coming months and years, but the above gives a summary for you.


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:30 on January 17, 2015  

Welcome to the Oasis. 🙂

Mr.Copper @ 11:23

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:29 on January 17, 2015  

Nice to see SOMETHING positive going on with the laws of this country. Now a bunch of state laws relating to confiscation without conviction need to be overturned.

Maya @ 20:53

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:20 on January 17, 2015  

It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow somebody good. :mrgreen:

No matter what you want to think, the Swiss have just “reset” their entire system and currency versus the euro and thus the entire world

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:17 on January 17, 2015  

Putting these two events together, the oil shutoff and monetary shock together, I view several very obvious conclusions. Russia is “courting” Europe and “helping them” decide to abandon the U.S. and to do business eastward. The Swiss I believe are trying to insulate themselves from a breakup of the Eurozone. Standing WAY back and viewing not only the forest but all of the “forests”, this is the very public beginnings of a global reset. No matter what you want to think, the Swiss have just “reset” their entire system and currency versus the euro and thus the entire world! Yes I know, this is just one country. I am trying to tell you this may only be one country but it is the beginning reset for all countries, assets, economies and financial systems!
Before finishing, it is also important to see the reaction in the gold market.

Gold has exploded $30+ higher in reaction. Gold clearly sees the Swiss action as a monetary warning sign of what is to come. What is coming is a global reset brought on by a currency and credit crisis. Gold is money. Gold is the ULTIMATE money! The Swiss franc has been seen as a “safe haven” currency. They are now “taking” more interest than they were when they first went negative. The Swiss franc is also greatly supported…by a currency which was devalued by 15% (30% at one point) overnight …which shrinks their reserve base by more than a whopping 10%! Will the world look to currencies like the Swissie or will it look to gold as a safe place to avoid the crisis and the looming reset(s)?

I think this question can be answered with another set of questions. Can the Swiss franc actually “default”? Can an ounce of gold default? Do global currencies depend on economies which may (most likely are) be leveraged too far? Switching gears with these questions, how would the Chinese answer these questions? This may be the most important question of all because the old saying “he who has the gold …makes the rules”. We know for a fact the Chinese “have the gold”. We highly suspect (via common sense evidence) that the U.S. and the West in general has offloaded much of their gold. Could China force a global reset into gold at much higher prices?
Folks, this is truly it! The Swiss have fired the opening “re set” volley! The leverage employed all throughout the West will force “sales”, and will force “purchases” of various markets, currencies, commodities, credits and “money”. Close your eyes to this at your own peril, time is now very short to secure your chair in this global game of musical chairs! A global reset has begun!

Regards, Bill Holter, Miles Franklin Associate write

ipso facto @ 17:03 re Attorney General Just Ended The Law That Allows Police To Seize Your Assets

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:23 on January 17, 2015  

Thank you for the heads up on that news. That baloney started back around 1980. Nothing but another tax with a fighting drugs or unreported income excuse.

Bottom line. IT’S ANOTHER REVERSAL! Thanks. I keep track of those things. Basically its a tax cut, and public relations thing for police who have been on the hot seat lately.
Too many cops are not cop material unfortunately. Some are scared stiff, and not street wise. My nephew got on the NYPD many years ago because his father a NYC fireman got him in. That kid I knew since birth. He was NOT police material. After a few years he quit.

Reversals of the past are good signs for the future.

Up and running. Thanks Unc Wanka

Posted by aggie @ 11:00 on January 17, 2015  


Posted by Richard640 @ 9:13 on January 17, 2015  
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