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Japanese yen

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 23:37 on January 19, 2015  

Traded down into significant support. Looks like it’s trying to make a bottom but too early to call.


Shattered Illusions

Posted by Buygold @ 22:41 on January 19, 2015  


change happening?

Posted by drb2 @ 22:15 on January 19, 2015  


Mr. Copper,

thanks for the Rickards comments and the USA Gold link.

As I read the link I started thinking –


Perhaps there is a chance the manipulation game is beginning to change leaders. from the WesternCBs to the Chinese.

their intent being NOT to not drive the price high…. as they accumulate PMs.

I think the Western CBs are waking up to that – hence the Europeans demanding their physical from the Fed.



Buy the DIPS might be the strategy for 2015      Although I bare horrible scars from doing so in 2012-2014.


any suggestions for a good vitamin d supplement

Posted by puptent @ 21:33 on January 19, 2015  


ps it can not have a magnesium binder

News News

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:53 on January 19, 2015  

Goldcorp to buy Probe Mines for about $440 million


Avino Provides 2014 Year End Summary and Outlook


Klondex Recovers 107,860 Au Equivalent Ounces in First Year of Production


Luna Gold Announces Production of 74,622 Ounces in 2014



Posted by ipso facto @ 19:45 on January 19, 2015  

“Night Train” mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ :mrgreen:


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 19:28 on January 19, 2015  

Heard at the local liquor store,”a bottle of your exclusive; September if you have it.”


winedoc @ 16:34

Posted by Maya @ 18:54 on January 19, 2015  

I need an olfactory adapter for the computer.  I want to smell that dinner half a continent away from me!  I’m concentrating on stacking, and Maple Leafs are my choice… when available.  Love the purity.  Anyway I gotta live cheap to save money to stack, so my wine cellar is a little below your grade.  🙂



Happy Hour: Enjoy a Nice Barolo from time to time ……. You deserve it ……

Posted by winedoc @ 16:34 on January 19, 2015  

Osso Bucco with Fontana Fredda

IMG_0384 IMG_0383

I ain’t just talking’ about it

You know, the good things in life, shared with family, at the table ……



Martin Luther King

Posted by winedoc @ 16:27 on January 19, 2015  

We still open in Canada …….


Scotiabank is an official distributor of Canadian Maple Leaf gold and silver coins, which are prized as gifts of great beauty and value. The Maple Leaf gold coin is guaranteed by the Government of Canada to contain 99.99% pure gold

CAD Estimate: $1,677.21
Price as on:
1/19/2015 4:20:23 PM EST


Plus insurance and shipping

….. Keep Stacking





In this example of a mouse fighting with an elephant, I cheer for the mouse.

Posted by Equisetum @ 15:18 on January 19, 2015  

I hope Canada can get some traction by trying to invoke the Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act.


Bundesbank Announces Repatriation of 120 Tonnes of Gold from Paris and New York Federal Reserve

Posted by eeos @ 12:50 on January 19, 2015  

The Bundesbank, Germany’s powerful central bank, announced very publicly this morning the further repatriation of 120 tonnes of it’s gold being held in foreign locations – namely in Paris and New York with the Bank of France and the Federal Reserve.
Perhaps Jim Willie was on to something with his theory that the Swiss front-ran the market last week by going long physical gold? 

“The Bundesbank successfully continued and further stepped up its transfers of gold,” the central bank said in a statement. “Implementation of our new gold storage plan is proceeding smoothly. Operations are running very much according to schedule,” said Carl-Ludwig Thiele, Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

“We also called on the expertise of the Bank for International Settlements for the spot checks that had to be carried out. As expected, there were no irregularities,” Thiele said.

Germany’s gold reserves are the second biggest in the world after those of the United States. The World Gold Council’s latest data shows Germany’s gold reserves at 3,384.2 tonnes today.

The Bundesbank also helpfully provided tables in its press release, presumably in an attempt to create further transparency and understanding of the issue which remains an important one to large sections of the German political and financial class and the public who are concerned about a new Eurozone debt crisis and the fate of the euro. Read more

Its the Same Deal we Made for OIL

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:27 on January 19, 2015  

The US guaranteed Saudi payment in Gold if they take Dollars for OIL.

That way they are on the DOLLAR STANDARD .

The US  Banksters want to give CHINA a guarantee of cheap Gold if they keep accepting Dollars ….that’s the GAME  !

The Banksters want to keep everyone on the Dollar Standard and its Reserve status ….that’s what its all about !

China will simply overwhelm our economy then renege and demand the  GOLD when they get their military built up !

Unless the US Military is Chinas security they will eventually renege on the deal when they can ENFORCE IT !

Don’t trust them ..make them PAY NOW for the GOLD they are still COMMUNISTS the Government cant be trusted yet !

They wont even give Hong Kong democratic elections !


Ororeef @ 12:05 re Most miners are struggling to make a living

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:20 on January 19, 2015  

…working in a risky business in mostly poor countrys and a mine is a depreciating asset ..the more you mine the less you have until its gone !

We are in a communist type situation globally. Its not just miners. People that produce THINGS that have weight and mass, farms or factories feast or famine situations always end up with chump change. Producers of anything, and Savers too always got punished.

For the greater good. Low MATERIAL costs so millions of over paid middlemen and over paid public employees and over paid service sector overhead folks can live. And look at all the publically held corporations. Far less individual ownership of small businesses. All got hammered.

The Plot Thickens

Posted by Buygold @ 12:08 on January 19, 2015  

“The Bundesbank successfully continued and further stepped up its transfers of gold last year. In 2014, 120 tonnes of gold were transferred to Frankfurt am Main from storage locations abroad: 35 tonnes from Paris and 85 tonnes from New York. “Implementation of our new gold storage plan is proceeding smoothly. Operations are running very much according to schedule,” said Carl-Ludwig Thiele, Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank.


The Bundesbank took advantage of the transfer from New York to have roughly 50 tonnes of gold melted down and recast according to the London Good Delivery standard, today’s internationally recognised standard. “We also called on the expertise of the Bank for International Settlements for the spot checks that had to be carried out. As expected, there were no irregularities,” said Mr Thiele.


According to its new gold storage plan, unveiled in January 2013, the Bundesbank will be storing half of Germany’s gold reserves in its own vaults from 2020 onwards. This necessitates a phased transfer to Frankfurt am Main of 300 tonnes of gold from New York and all 374 tonnes of gold from Paris.


Since the transfers began in 2013, the Bank has relocated a total of 157 tonnes of gold to Frankfurt am Main – 67 tonnes from Paris and 90 tonnes from New York. This is equivalent to roughly 23% of the total quantity to be transferred. The following table gives an overview of the gold that has been transferred to date.”



If Gold is priced in Dollars

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:05 on January 19, 2015  

and China pays too cheap for it,they won’t think its worth buying .If they have to pay up for it it,ll have a higher perceived value and they will want more of it also that will stop them from getting hyper-inflation. They should pay double while they still have the Dollar Reserves.Gold miners are people too ! Most miners are struggling to make a living working in a risky business in mostly poor countrys and a mine is a depreciating asset ..the more you mine the less you have until its gone ! Why give them cheap Gold at the expense of the poor ? America is a poor country with half its people on Food stamps,isn’t it enough we gave China our JOBS ,Now the Banksters want to give our Gold    too ?  Stop the Madness !

P.S. $ 319,000,000,000 Billion USA Gold Hoard? Does not even cover the annual national defence bill

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:01 on January 19, 2015  

@Wanka re James G. Rickards is the editor of Strategic Inteliigence

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:58 on January 19, 2015  

Re part:
“China would be left in the dust. It wouldn’t have enough gold relative to the other countries, and because their economy’s growing faster and because the price of gold would be skyrocketing, they could never acquire it fast enough. They could never catch up. All the other countries would be on the bus. The Chinese would be off the bus.”

Imo there is no way of knowing how much gold any country really has. But even if you go by the “numbers” China allegedly has $3 Trillion in liquid paper cash. China could buy all the gold on the planet if they wanted to and have plenty left over. And the alleged amount of Gold hoarded in the USA if sold would be between 300-400 billion.

According to that, it looks like a chump change savings account for the USA. That’s why imo if the US gov’t, really has 8000 tons, they need a much higher gold price to make the “savings account” be meaningful.

After researching I found this below.

That Rickards guy? I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about. He should know all this…………………..

Let’s start with some big, but digestible numbers:

$3,950,000,000,000 = China’s total foreign exchange reserves

$1,250,000,000,000 = Value of the world’s 31,866 metric tonnes gold reserve at $1220/troy ounce

$1,280,000,000,000. = China’s holdings of U.S. Treasuries in its foreign exchange reserves

$ 319,000,000,000. = Value of U.S. 8133 metric tonnes gold reserve at $1220/troy ounce

– China could purchase the total United States gold reserve (8133 metric tonnes) with 8% of its foreign exchange reserves.

– It could purchase the total global gold reserve (31,866 metric tonnes) with 32% of its foreign exchange reserves.

– It could purchase all the gold stored by Exchange Traded Funds (+/- 1750 metric tonnes) with less than 2% of its foreign exchange reserves.

Banksters call it deflation

Posted by commish @ 8:14 on January 19, 2015  

6db2f71a92 I call it joyflation.

Coffee’s on

Posted by MadMike @ 4:59 on January 19, 2015  

big coffee 10

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