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my best guess about todays action

Posted by puptent @ 18:32 on January 29, 2015  

they made janet give a pep talk…to stop more margin calls

my dear farmboy

Posted by puptent @ 18:29 on January 29, 2015  

what tales you spin..think your granddaughter is in for a colorful experience she will always remember…whatever you are taking…don’t stop

hope you will stop by for coffee more often

we miss you




Posted by goldielocks @ 18:07 on January 29, 2015  

Keep a eye on Hui bouncing off supprt of 105 with the downward pressure of Gold. If it breaks and so far not so good, seriously be careful.

WANKA @ 15:05

Posted by Maya @ 17:55 on January 29, 2015  

“Relative Bearing Grease”… that’s a new one for me!  Understandable that the last thing one wants is a frozen Relative Bearing.

In the Air Force it was a ” bucket of Prop Wash “…

Them RoP people …….just go lower and lower

Posted by Maddog @ 16:10 on January 29, 2015  


This ain’t bearish

Posted by Maddog @ 15:51 on January 29, 2015  


Huge offers in the shares, from Scum, as we come into the close…….what’s new

Posted by Maddog @ 15:37 on January 29, 2015  

Mean while the Scum continue to push the SM away from those dreaded lo’s at S&P 1988……it’s all so bloody obvious.

nice reversal for EagleSeagle GDX renko plot…last bar was negative until just a little while ago

Posted by wxman @ 14:44 on January 29, 2015  


Ahhh Farmboy, nice to hear from you, I think…

Posted by macroman3 @ 14:44 on January 29, 2015  

You couldn’t find the hangers in leather?

It gets lonely in the swamp. Whooosh, what was that???

wanka great post……tks

Posted by Maddog @ 14:33 on January 29, 2015  


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:42 on January 29, 2015  

Kids being made to pay a fee to shovel snow. Been posted. These filth will just find away to get around exploiting children/ child labor. Since the fee may not make it worth it guess a few seniors might not get their snow shoveled or they know how to stand their ground ofset lies and threats deal in cash and it was just a favor. Unbelievable oh and don’t use the phone.

Privacy is dead, Harvard professors tell Davos forum

Posted by silverngold @ 13:40 on January 29, 2015  

 Imagine a world where mosquito-sized robots fly around stealing samples of your DNA - hat is the terrifying dystopian world portrayed at Davos


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Davos (Switzerland) (AFP) – Imagine a world where mosquito-sized robots fly around stealing samples of your DNA. Or where a department store knows from your buying habits that you’re pregnant even before your family does

That is the terrifying dystopian world portrayed by a group of Harvard professors at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday, where the assembled elite heard that the notion of individual privacy is effectively dead.

“Welcome to today. We’re already in that world,” said Margo Seltzer, a professor in computer science at Harvard University.

“Privacy as we knew it in the past is no longer feasible… How we conventionally think of privacy is dead,” she added.

Another Harvard researcher into genetics said it was “inevitable” that one’s personal genetic information would enter more and more into the public sphere.

Sophia Roosth said intelligence agents were already asked to collect genetic information on foreign leaders to determine things like susceptibility to disease and life expectancy.

“We are at the dawn of the age of genetic McCarthyism,” she said, referring to witch-hunts against Communists in 1950s America.

What’s more, Seltzer imagined a world in which tiny robot drones flew around, the size of mosquitoes, extracting a sample of your DNA for analysis by, say, the government or an insurance firm.

Invasions of privacy are “going to become more pervasive,” she predicted.

“It’s not whether this is going to happen, it’s already happening… We live in a surveillance state today.”

Political scientist Joseph Nye tackled the controversial subject of encrypted communications and the idea of regulating to ensure governments can always see even encrypted messages in the interests of national security.

“Governments are talking about putting in back doors for communication so that terrorists can’t communicate without being spied on. The problem is that if governments can do that, so can the bad guys,” Nye told the forum.

“Are you more worried about big brother or your nasty little cousin?”

However, despite the pessimistic Orwellian vision, the academics were at pains to stress that the positive aspects of technology still far outweigh the restrictions on privacy they entail.

In the same way we can send tiny drones to spy on people, we can send the same machine into an Ebola ward to “zap the germs,” Seltzer said.

“The technology is there, it is up to us how to use it,” she added.

“By and large, tech has done more good than harm,” she said, pointing to “tremendous” advances in healthcare in some rural areas of the developing world that have been made possible by technology.

And at a separate session on artificial intelligence, panellists appeared to accept the limit on privacy as part of modern life.

Rodney Brooks, chairman of Rethink Robotics, an American tech firm, took the example of Google Maps guessing — usually correctly — where you want to go.

“At first, I found that spooky and kind of scary. Then I realised, actually, it’s kind of useful,” he told the forum.

Anthony Goldbloom, a young tech entrepreneur, told the same panel that what he termed the “Google generation” placed far less weight on their privacy than previous generations.

“I trade my privacy for the convenience. Privacy is not something that worries me,” he said.

“Anyway, people often behave better when they have the sense that their actions are being watched.”

The World Economic Forum in the swanky Swiss ski resort of Davos brings together some 2,500 of the global business and political elite for a meeting that ends Saturday.

The “bad guys” [ya always need a deus ex machine**” in a story]–they’rrrrrrrrre back!

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:37 on January 29, 2015  

The reason gold’s been hit so hard:

There was waaaaaaaay too much attention focused on gold because-to the surprise of all–it went up with the dollar & falling oil and soared in other currencies–the bad guys want to expunge the idea from big money runners minds that gold is a safe haven— there is only the u.s. dollar as a safe haven–also, there was too much crowing on the internet that gold was going up as a hedge against–and a denunciation of—central bankers–Goldman was ordered to honk there bearish 2015 call for gold-that call has been on the news every day lately…that’s the reason–no mystery…I’m just “keeping it real”.

George Orwell possessed the greatest gift of prophecy since the bibical seers.

***a god introduced by means of a crane in ancient Greek and Roman drama to decide the final outcome
: a person or thing (as in fiction or drama) that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a contrived solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty


Spot Au @ 200 day Av @ 1253.00

Posted by Maddog @ 13:18 on January 29, 2015  

Also tdys drop gives a healthy pull back on some charts……anyone looking to add @ here, should do well and punters can use close stops etc.

newtogold @ 11:44

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:17 on January 29, 2015  

Good points re contracts. I strongly suspect they are moving Gold by moving SILVER first, and Gold follows in sympathy. Silver is still in their easy control, (joe sixpacks play) where as the global BIG money goes into Gold and much harder to control.

When Gold suddenly ran to $1900, it was because SILVER was suddenly pushed straight up from a very weak trend and lagging gold by YEARS. I think they needed incoming physical supplies of Gold, and only a very high price would accomplish that.

They don’t care what anything costs that they have to pay for. Their “income” is unlimited.

License To Lie

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:08 on January 29, 2015  

Greetings to the Oasis, to those far and near !


No, I aint referring to those politicians,  banksters, and media whores about the title to this post. However, if the shoe fits….

I am referring to being a Grandpa, and an official card carrying member to the Liars Club. Seems old age does have it’s benefits though they be far and few between. Being able to tell lies, ok, maybe that is a bit too harsh a word, lets just say legally exaggerate a tale or two is now  perfectly legal at my age.  If for no other reason that recalling the past is more along the lines of sketchy detail than an exact rememberance.


For an example, take the other day when my 7 yr old granddaughter paid me a visit. I am still unpacking from my move to the North Side of Atlanta, and she discovered my scuba diving log book. She is all into sea creatures and Nemo, so I showed her some pictures of a reef with all the fish. Showed her my dive log which evoked a comment about my handwriting. I told her at least I knew how to write using both Large and small letters. She is still working on that writing skill. Little smarty pants found a misspelled word as well. I decided it was time to close the dive log and tell her a story about scuba diving instead. Thought “Hey, it works for those gubberment heads…diversion….change the subject….Look! Something shiny !”

So I told her about my friend Wanka and how he served his country in the Navy during the Civil War as an Admiral on a submarine. How he had toured all the great reefs around the world and probably seen a million gadzillion fish in his days. “Wow”! I said, “Yeah, that’s almost as many fish as I caught in my whole lifetime.” So I told her how Wanka had sent me an S.O.S message. I asked her if she knew what as an S.O.S ? ” You mean the scrubby thing mommy uses to wash pans?” Told her “No darling, S.O.S is navy speak for Save Our Ship”. Told her how Wanka and wrote that on a piece of paper and sealed it up real water tight in a bottle and floated to me. “You saved your friend, the Admiral’s ship Grandpa?”  “Well as a matter of fact I did, ” was my reply.


Well, you all know the next question right? With the sincere expression of one her age she asked, “How”? Now I am quite proud of myself at his point because my mind don’t think as fast as it used to. Especially on cold mornings and there is more blood than coffee in my veins. But I was able to continue with the story without a second thought. Told her how the screen door had come loose on its hinges on his submarine and how I had dived down to about a thousand feet. “You know those power tools Grandpa has in his workshop, well I used one of them to tighten up those loose hinges “. Even was able to come up with a happy ending to the story. Told her that Wanka and his crew sailed on happily until their next misadventure. “What happened?” she asked. Told her how he ran into the mean ole Pirate named Floridagold in a mud hole in the Florida Keys, where they discovered the meanest ole ornery critters known to mankind called Gators. Well, I will have to tell her that story another day when her momma aint within earshot. Seems the Good Lord has got even with me for many of my sins. My granddaughter’s mother is a Gator Fan. Woe unto me !


Now for those who don’t think I have a moral to this story you are wrong. The moral of this is simply that based on my view of America as it exits today, I am pretty sure I could add a few more details and write a book using the story I just described. And I think the American public for the most part would actually believe it. I think the book would sell millions of gadzillions copies and I would receive both the Nobel Peace Prize, and be elected President, twice. I heard recently where college students actually read at the third grade level. That is only a year or two above the reading skills of my 7 yr granddaughter.

Anyways, besides telling a lie or two I have mostly been resting. I nearly proved that fellow that said, ” Hard work never killed anybody!” wrong a few months back and have been taking it easy. Been doing a lot of reading. Had acquired a stack of books that I finally got around to reading. Been working on some fixer up projects. Things I have been carrying around for years that all needed a little something done. A handle for an old lantern, an old dresser that needed a new drawer. An old table so worn the handpainted finish had all but worn off. And a pair of shoelaces for some old wooden shoes. I have not watched hardly any television except for a few football games. And that will end this Sunday I suppose. I don’t follow the news anymore. I think I pretty well know where this ole world is headed and it aint a pretty picture. And will tell you one more story about my granddaughter  ( Just hang in there, its what Grandpas do )that pretty proved beyond a shadow of doubt where the future of my Country is headed.


Was helping her do her homework the other day. The teacher had sent home a list of words on the left hand side of the page and her homework consisted of finding a word that rhymed and writing on the right hand side. Things were going along just fine until she read the word “fate” outloud. I replied, “hate”. Her mother comes running out of the kitchen. ” Oh Grandpa, we don’t use ‘harsh’ words like that !” With my ignorance of modern times in full swing I replied, ” Why not….whats wrong with the word ‘hate’?” And trying to convey some sense of reason after being chastised in such form, “Its in the bible you know.” ” No Grandpa, and we don’t discuss the bible when it comes to school projects.”

You know, there comes a time when the heart meets the brain. I have known for years that this Country was in deep trouble with little hope. But it wasn’t until I got a dose of modern school ‘correctness’, that I felt in my heart of hearts,  what my brain has been telling me for so long, America, lower the banner of Free Speech, and all things related to Freedom. Game Over.


Thanks to Mad Mike who faithfully stands duty at the morning coffee pot. The coffee and bagel enticed me out of hiding this morning. Well done.

Floridagold, I don’t follow the Hawks, or basketball in general. But who knows, the football season withdrawals may get so severe I might watch a little court action. If I cant find a good poker game to get into. (grin)

Macroman, Good to see you holding down your side of the pond my friend. Listen, I better give you a heads up on something I did the other day. Seems the local florist has some rather creative arrangements. In a moment of temporary weakness (insanity) I sent ‘You know who’ some flowers. The florist asked me if I would like to put something on the little card. Said it wouldn’t cost extra. Like the hanger, it was free.  So I told the gal, yeah,….write this poem on that card please.

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Dairy Queen has double dipped cones,

Things are more fun in pairs of two. ”



She faithfully wrote the words of the poem and asked, ” And whose name should I write they are from? ” I told her, ” Macroman”

I doubt I get away with it, but just in case you get broomwhacked, its my fault.

And Buygold, it was not even you stirring the pot this time. Huh !?

maya, you having a sale on Goldtrain tickets? Seems those ETF’s have stolen all the wind out of the sails of my PM lifeboat.


Rest of you keep holding the fort. Will try to drop in more often. Will let you know of the next politically incorrect thing that I do. Shouldn’t be long before I get back with you. (grin) Got a question for the gang. Seems they have a ‘bring a Grandpa to lunch’ day at my granddaughter’s school. Do you think this would be a good idea??  Are 7 year olds allowed to start food fights if supervised by a Grandpa? I can hear the prayers from some of you now, ” Oh Lord, help that little girl, it aint her fault her Grandpa is Farmboy “

Quote from Turd

Posted by newtogold @ 11:44 on January 29, 2015  

Additionally, today is contract expiration for the Feb15 gold. This means that anyone still holding a Feb15 tomorrow on First Notice Day will have to provide 100% margin in their account in order to show intent and the ability to take delivery. As you know, the delivery process on the Comex is a complete sham and nearly every open contract gets closed out and then rolled into the next front, delivery month…in this case the April15.

ipso_facto @ 8:18 Regarding SGR. I had not only seen it: I felt it. Sometimes investing hurts.

Posted by Equisetum @ 11:19 on January 29, 2015  

Scum throwing hissy fit, as SM getting belted.

Posted by Maddog @ 10:54 on January 29, 2015  

Scum on full alert…..must not let SM take out the 16 Dec and 14/16 Jan lo’s…..only 12 and 6 pts away in S&P………

okay okay

Posted by eeos @ 10:40 on January 29, 2015  

Gold and Silver are getting slaughtered today because of the dollars strength…..pppfffff~!

Posted by Auandag @ 10:18 on January 29, 2015  




Cops Going After Kids Shoveling Snow – They Want Their Cut

Ok – believe it or not, this really shows how the new younger generation of police are anti-society and just insanely pro-government beyond common sense. With cities and municipalities dead broke, confiscating cash from people pretending it is somehow tainted without any proof under Civil Asset Forfeiture was bad enough. Now they are really going over the top. This is not an isolated incident. Towns in the North East are targeting teenagers who traditionally made money during winter shoveling snow.

The police even in Philadelphia are targeting kids as they are in New Jersey. Many towns demand a license with paperwork and fees of $50+ to be paid to shovel snow. These corrupt politicians are hungry for money and any possible piece of loose change they want to grab. Just how far will society allow this type of corruption go before they throw-the-bums-out?

From FATCA to targeting teenagers shoveling snow, these people are destroying everything that held society together. They look upon us as the great unwashed – just scum to be exploited. This is really going way too far.

Sandstorm Gold clinches ten royalty agreements on projects in W Africa and Nevada

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:49 on January 29, 2015  

TORONTO (miningweekly.com) – Precious metals streaming firm Sandstorm Gold has entered into no fewer than ten royalty agreements on properties in West Africa and the US.

TSX- and NYSE MKT-listed Sandstorm said this week that it expected the royalties to provide it with long-term exposure to a number of high-quality assets with a relatively small capital outlay.

“We now have 56 streams and royalties and we are focused on deploying our available capital of over $165-million into additional transactions that will grow our future production and cash flow,” president and CEO Nolan Watson pointed out.

more http://www.miningweekly.com/article/sandstorm-gold-clinches-ten-royalty-agreements-on-projects-in-w-africa-and-nevada-2015-01-28


Posted by eeos @ 9:40 on January 29, 2015  

this shite is so rigged it’s hopeless

Yeah commish

Posted by Buygold @ 8:43 on January 29, 2015  

and you have to love the fabricated jobless claim numbers this am. Down 65K to 265K – best since 2005

Gotta match the Fed lingo ya know


buygold @08:26 – How do I love the Cabal

Posted by commish @ 8:38 on January 29, 2015  


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