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US Dollar basing for huge move up

Posted by joe12pack @ 22:49 on January 11, 2015  

Mr Copper 17:12

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:42 on January 11, 2015  


Richard. ..chessnwine

Posted by eeos @ 21:37 on January 11, 2015  

Is a friend of my brother,  he’s a good trader that always finds ways to make money. He doesn’t trade with emotions. Trading is just business.

here at twitter

Viva. La revolucion

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:32 on January 11, 2015  

Tomorrow Sunday in the City of Terror:

The Three Little Pigs – Cameron, Merkel, Hollande – and other big supporters of the fanatics in Syria will participate in a march against fanaticism called Marche Républicaine from which they excluded Marine Le Pen who was willing to join them thereby excluding 25% of the population, in a desperate and shameful attempt to gain some % points for their pro-euro parties in the polls and the next elections.

They are gonna make us an offer we can’t refuse : STATUS QUO. Armstrong

France March, Viva la revolucion.
These leaders let them in then and were aware of the problems they were causing with advantageous prejudice and now want to lead the March? How phony. They probably think that will be enough. Where’s their deportation and arrest list? Guess if they can’t beat them join them or off with their head. Although this time might be radical Muslims doing it.

I never heard of this site-Market Chess”– but he went long JNUG

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:12 on January 11, 2015  



The main reason for my new JNUG long can be found on the GDXJ (the straight-up junior gold miner ETF) daily chart, below.

Note how the juniors ran higher this week to the upper Bollinger Band, rendering it overbought in the short-term (yellow arrows). But it is the circumstance under which the miners react to that overbought condition which is most interesting here.

Instead of rolling back over, as they have done for a good while now after sharp rallies, the juniors refused to give back most of the gains this week. Anecdotally, I saw many traders eager to short the miners, which has yet to prove fruitful.

Simply put, I am playing for the miners and metals to emerge this winter. Needless to say, these are fast-moving and risky instruments in a risky sector, still with much to prove. But as long as stop-losses are honored I believe the potential rewards can justify the risk.



Did You Ever Hear The Argument, We Can’t Raise Minimum Wage, It Will Kill Jobs?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:12 on January 11, 2015  

Well, in my area we have lots of closed up businesses.
Because the rents are too high. Why are the rents too high?
The property taxers are too high. Why are the property taxes so high? Because public employees get paid way too much, far far higher than minimum wages, in pay and benefits.

You will NEVER hear in the gov’t media….”We can’t give raises to school teachers, police, the highway dept, the librarian, because it will raise property taxes of businesses, raise rents, kill profits, close stores and will kill jobs.”

Another response to higher minimum wage….”Oh geez, a McDonalds meal will cost too much and nobody will buy them”. Well guess what? McDonalds is somewhat expensive these days around here because of the high rents.

The other day I inquired about a commercial property for sale. It had an Italian restaurant, a Chinese food thing, convenience store and an apartment upstairs. Two stores are VACANT. Gee, I wonder why? Property taxes $59,000.


P.S. Higher Minimum wages would raise all other wages to stay “in scale” and more people would be able to pay taxes and spend more money and keep the stores open.

Ororeef @ 16:33

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:50 on January 11, 2015  

The environmentalists don’t always get there way. The entire time it was built the little people were being ignored. Like a little dog barking like crazy inside a parked car as you walk by.

I doubt very very much that it was due to Cuomo’s knowledge, idea or demand to order that plant be built. That decision had to be a natural business decision, and investment decision, to save money and glean profits.

They THOUGHT they had to come up with a cheaper form of energy, until Oil crashed. A neighbor of mine told me his wife, because of last years high prices, “locked in” $3.80/gallon an oil heating contract with an oil delivery company. I recently paid $2.29.

NY Politics

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:33 on January 11, 2015  

the Gouvenor had to know the enviornmentalists would stop it ,he supports them,there all democrats .He enjoyed getting credit for the jobs created  by its construction.

Then got credit for jobs created for is demise and got reelected …Its no different then Government paying somebody to dig a hole and them paying somebody else to cover it up getting credit for the jobs created ,and getting re elected ……and then blame something else for the Higher TAXES needed to pay the Debt  !  Its all Political BULL ,there is no defence for  it !     He could have done something usefull with the ten billion ,he could have cut TAXES by 10 Billion and let them decide how to spend it !  They would have cut their debt and bought something usefull with the rest of the money,but NO   you cant do that ! Government knows how to spend it better ! dig holes then cover them up…

@ Wanka

Posted by Moggy @ 16:30 on January 11, 2015  

I don’t know what the heck is going on, I’ve gotten the video on that last site.  Last try:




Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:04 on January 11, 2015  

I disagree. That plant was going to be used, or they never would have built it. The environmental extremists demonstrations were being ignored constantly for years. It was ONLY after the oil price crashed that they scrapped it.

The Gov’t would NEVER NEVER admit they closed it because the price crashed. They would look like FOOLS not acknowledging or knowing that what goes up must come down. They let the Ted Kaczynski mob take the blame.

The Keystone Pipeline will probably be completed if oil goes back up. If oil goes lower and lower for years? They will abort it and let the idiots think they got it stopped.

Mr.Copper @ 15:44

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:55 on January 11, 2015  

It was your stupid Governor who permitted the Nuclear Plant ,built it for 5 billion and then let the environmentalists stop it from being commissioned because they didn’t have a evacuation plan for  LONG ISLAND  ,(like they didn’t know in advance that millions  lived there )”a ridiculous idea ,so your Governor then ordered it dismantled for another cost of 5 billion more ….Keep electing morons and you get what you deserve !

Oil prices had nothing to do with electing Morons.!

WE can,we can,we can

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:45 on January 11, 2015  

prosper if we stop the HIGH TAX bastards from taxing the Hydrogen car and Japan our long time friend will licence them to be manufactured here .

If we STOP the TAXES befoe they start we will have a no energy tax AUTO ,  and taxes are the highest part of Gas cost .

Shrink the Government spending cut off their tax money  and put people back to work !


YES they will cry..its the end of the World ……their World ! The free Loaders !

Ororeef @ 15:32 re Hydrogen FUEL ..this will BUST those high OIL prices

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:44 on January 11, 2015  

Now that Oil prices are so low, watch the market place have no need for Hydrogen FUEL. Unless they DROP the dollar very soon and make oil high again.

We had a brand new nuclear power plant ready to go on line because of the 1970s oil boom. $2 to $42 in 9 years. Crashed back to $7. After oil CRASHED, they scrapped the multi-billion power plant and the rate payers here are still paying off all the losses. The Governor of NY made all the bonds people and utilities were made whole at rate payers expense.

Ororeef @ 15:12 re Communist Adjustable Value Paper US Dollars

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:36 on January 11, 2015  

re part:
“WE need cheap ENERGY and plenty of it ! Other forms of Cheap Energy are also welcome !”

I think we need REAL GOLD MONEY instead. Without REAL MONEY? People automatically invest in commodities or HOUSES that are priced in paper dollars that lose value.

People investing in Oil, using it and real estate as money etc drive the prices too high hurting the consumers, until the excess speculation crashes the price. Note also what happened to real estate instead of people holding Gold.

With REAL MONEY, gold, that holds value, people would invest or hold THAT for life savings instead. And so what if the REAL GOLD MONEY GAINS value and gets driven too high in value? It won’t hurt consumers. Except maybe just jewelry manufacturers and jewelry buyers. Who cares about them??

Hydrogen FUEL ..this will BUST those high OIL prices B_____ds

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:32 on January 11, 2015  

MIRAINO OIL NEEDED    and nothing to exhaust but water vapor !

Dont let them TAX this baby and the US and JAPAN our long time Partner will PROSPER .


Posted by Ororeef @ 15:12 on January 11, 2015  

will be the Last Country to experiment with Communism …even the Powerful economy of the Greatest Nation cannot exist with it.!

Its failed everywhere !….Its time we BURIED it !     Obama is the Last failure of Communism,even with the US powerful economy and high taxes cannot cannot sustain a philophsy that rewards redistribution ,takes from producers and gives to the idle.

It failed everywhere ..its time to bury it….Oil Fracking was the straw that broke its back ….Communism  soaked up oil revenue and aided by high oil prices which were A TAX  on Producers  and gave away money to CUBA ,the MID EAST crazies even oil rich Venezuela collapses without the HIGH TAX  paid by CONSUMER  WESTERN NATIONS   that HIGH price OIL created and  supported  all these Communists ..

Russia cannot Fund its MID EAST mis adventures without HIGH oil Prices   !

Its all NOW been exposed !    The HIGH TAX on Producers by HiGH Prices  is a FRAUD on Freedom lovers  of the World.

Low OIL prices exposed them all and the Fraud  ! WE need cheap ENERGY  and plenty of it !   Other forms of Cheap Energy are also welcome !

The energy TAX has been exposed for the Fraud it caused and  all the Mid EAST  crazies that exist because of it !

CUT their money off and they will go back to being Camel Jockies instead of Funding sucide Bombers.

US oil independence BUSTED them and their HIGH TAXES that they redistributed to the crazies ….!

Loan Defaults

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:35 on January 11, 2015  

of Coarse Auto sales rose for a period .People were driving 10 year old cars and had no choice but to go into debt to get one .! That was not a sign of an economy rising !   In this country you must have a car just to buy groceries .Our Stupid spin Doctor administration  spins that as a good sign of improving economy !.It is not..they are simply making more debt available ….debt ,debt,debt ..Maybe they can spin themselves out of office !

Jobs would be a better solution,but with such a anti business,HIGH TAX Policy of all Democrats its not going to happin.

What they should do is BITE the BULLET and CUT ALL TAXES ,remove Government regulations and get out of the WAY !

Success will feed on itself and multiply revenue ..it cannot happin with Government spending ,its got to be private spending …They simply refuse to admit  that and employment numbers as a % of population will not grow without it.Government hiring does nothing for the economy since Government employees are a LIABILITY …they consume and pay    NO    TAXES to the real economy .They cant be tax payers when you also give them the money to pay the taxes DUH !

@ Wanka…oops!

Posted by Moggy @ 14:30 on January 11, 2015  

Try this for Willie:




Global Warming? Climate Change? Rain Forests?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:28 on January 11, 2015  

In my opinion?? Its all part of job creation scheme that started decades ago. They literally created zillions of jobs related to this baloney thru their media, the Propaganda Press. 🙂

Think about it. Modern manufacturing and production methods, ATM machines, self check-out etc has made zillions of people useless, unneeded. TPTB had to come up with OTHER artificial needs for people’s 40 hours of time, rather than figuring instead a scheme for shorter work weeks.

The climate and related environment regulation and enforcement industry is probably far bigger than the national space and defense industry.

HUI…..Impossible Dream???

Posted by silverngold @ 14:24 on January 11, 2015  

I don’t think so!! IMO HUI was created to influence the outcome of the precious metals stocks during the PM Bull. If that is the case then I believe this chart gives away their game plan. Everything is too perfect a fit to be by chance. Click the chart to enlarge.               Silverngold

sg HUI to 1000

Posted by treefrog @ 14:20 on January 11, 2015  


Might wanna check increasing sink holes

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:04 on January 11, 2015  

And underground drilling, not just increased shakes.There’s a lot more of it going on than people know and bigger than people know. Think a lot more care should be kept in mind.

Global warming

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:00 on January 11, 2015  

Other than people opinion best to look at evidence. Time given I found while some areas may be warming others including ice caps area are cooling and growing. That’s physical evidence says it’s not happening everywhere but as far as time allowed. Now what caused the evidence is another matter. What I do know is deforestation of the rain forest which ” they banksters and businesses caused” is having a impact on ecosystems including water and heating earth also perhaps wiping out the next cure for something. Because if the lax regulations over their due to possible gov racketeering ” profiting” they are getting away with it.

Judge Jeanine

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:59 on January 11, 2015  


She got my Vote,Next Pres candadate if she wants it !

@ Commish

Posted by Moggy @ 12:15 on January 11, 2015  

Cat inebriated

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