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Moggy @ 16:27 Thanks!!

Posted by silverngold @ 22:27 on February 28, 2015  

It sounds like March will be a very stormy month for Washington DC and America. I appreciate your explanations. Without them I’d be totally lost. I think I’ll stay home at my higher elevation rather than head for the coast. Please keep them coming my friend…..Silverngold

Moggy @ 16:27 on February 28, 2015

Posted by ment17 @ 22:11 on February 28, 2015  

moggy I study you post and wonder if even last weeks horoscope was on target I am sure something must have happened of note

what were some of the events that were foreshadow by last weeks run-up..

maybe this age thing slows the mind

but would you somehow go back and give the old man a briefing of what was posted and what were some of the events it for told or the horoscope said things to the trained eye but what happened in the world beside a million things that can happen non-specfic to the readings



Posted by ipso facto @ 21:38 on February 28, 2015  

I think the best thing about living at Tahoe was that you could put your pack on, walk out of your house and a mile later be in true wilderness. A great escape for teenagers! I got tired of the snow eventually and that’s why I left. I was talking to a friend that still lives there and the snow this year is sparse to none. Pretty much the same thing in the S. Cascades. Not looking good for irrigation purposes later on.


silverngold @ 17:16

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:31 on February 28, 2015  

That statement must have been going viral all through the Middle East. Re the Arab Spring. Its a common situation in many countries, where the local gov’t is a puppet of some other country and does things the locals don’t like. Note Batista of Cuba, Mubarak of Egypt, Sha of Iran, Gaddafi of Libya etc etc. Some day in the future we may even see an American Spring if things get bad.

ipso facto @ 17:51

Posted by silverngold @ 19:27 on February 28, 2015  

Too many good memories to recount but yes, Tahoe was a wonderful boyhood experience. Unfortunately I finished High School at Washington High in Los Angeles. The day I graduated I caught a Greyhound bus outta there and headed north. I still have a sister living in Incline Village NV. Yes, a small world that is getting smaller!!

BTW, over the years I just kinda kept heading north until I ended up in Alaska. Been to Alaska’s most northern community which is Barrow, and that was far enough north for me. That’s when I headed south to BC and made a total lifestyle change, and what a wonderful life it has been since then. Now if we could just get gold pointed in the right direction (NORTH) it would be icing on the cake of  an already wonderful and adventurous life.  All The Best……


Edit: But I’ve lived closer to you too. Lived in Redmond and worked in Seattle, with close friends in Bremerton/Silverdale area. ;o)

They Gave A Homeless Man A Pizza What He Did With It Broke Me Down

Posted by silverngold @ 18:39 on February 28, 2015  

I shed a few Silverngold tears when I see love and compassion in todays world. Please watch!! Thanks!


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:29 on February 28, 2015  

Maybe give children getting vaccines more omega.

If you’re freaked out by mercury in seafood, we have some good news. A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the nutrients in certain fish like DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, may help protect the brain from the potential neuro-toxic effects of mercury.

To reach this conclusion, researchers followed more than 1,500 mothers and their children on the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean, where fish consumption can be 10 times greater than in the U.S. First, researchers measured the mothers’ levels of mercury and omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy. Then, after the moms gave birth, researchers tested their children’s communication skills, behavior, and motor skills at 20 months. What they found: Mercury exposure did not correspond with lower test scores, but higher omega-3 levels did lead to better test scores.

MORE: 6 Surprising Things That Can Lower Your IQ

Consumption of certain fish seems to be positive overall because the benefits of the omega-3s outweigh the adverse effects of the mercury, says study author Edwin van Wijngaarden, PhD. How’s this possible? Mercury damages cells through oxidation and inflammation, while omega-3s are anti-inflammatory, countering the effect, says van Wijngaarden.

While there’s not enough information to say for certain that this effect will extend to adults, van Wijngaarden notes that eating fish provides cardiovascular and cognitive benefits for adults because of the protective effect of omega-3 and other nutrients such as selenium. So one could hypothesize, he says, that we would find similar associations with these nutrients and their interaction with mercury.

To pick the safest seafood, choose options low in mercury and high in omega-3s such as salmon, anchovies, trout, and certain canned light tunas. Avoid or limit your intake of the highest mercury fish: shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. If you love canned tuna, look for brands like Wild Planet that source younger (i.e., lower mercury) fish and cook them just once, in the can, to preserve omega-3s—two practices that are uncommon for conventional brands.

silverngold @ 14:46

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:51 on February 28, 2015  

I went to high school at Incline Village 69-73 and worked at the Cal-Neva Lodge and Crystal Bay Club. Beautiful place to live and grow up. Small world. 🙂

Truth In Media: Origin of ISIS

Posted by silverngold @ 17:34 on February 28, 2015  


Our Right And Responsibility….Please pass it on and on and on and……

Posted by silverngold @ 17:16 on February 28, 2015  

Our Right & Responsibility..


Posted by Moggy @ 16:27 on February 28, 2015  

New Moon March 2015 USA

DATA:  March 20, 2015 @ 5:37 A.M. Washington, D.C.

The March New Moon is a Solar Eclipse that falls into the 1st house of the people and the general state of the union on the last degree – a critical degree – of the sign of sorrows, Pisces.  In this chart, Pisces is an intercepted sign (a sign is intercepted when it doesn’t rule any house cusp, but sits in the middle of a house.  An intercepted planet means interference and something/someone hemmed-in…in this case, it is the people who will find themselves hemmed-in in the months to come).  In addition, major problems will arise relating to water and polluted waterways.

Pisces expresses the principles of confinement, bondage, sensitivity and chaos.  Its ruler, Neptune, rules the sea, drugs, oil, gases, chemicals, and fluids.  Of a Water-sign eclipse, astrologer Celeste Teal states:  “A Water-sign eclipse may signify increased mortality among common people, wide-spread unrest, treasonous acts, drug-related problems, excessive rain, tidal waves, accidents by sea, or the destruction of fowl and fish and things living near the water.”

Aquarius Rises, ruler Uranus in Aries conjoined Mars in the 2nd house of the nation’s financial state, Uranus being in close square to 11th house Pluto in Capricorn.  The people are unpredictable now and may feel the need to assert their independence and refuse to cooperate in situations wherein too much freedom is being taken away.

Mars/Uranus square Pluto promises a period of intense power struggles attended by violent attack.  The congress is knee-deep into weather modification  and corporate welfare…the Mars/Uranus combo in the 2nd house of the nation’s purchasing power and financial condition suggesting the most grievous ugliness at its roots.

A retrograde Jupiter in Leo in the 6th house of military and the nation’s food supply is the Apex of a Yod – the Finger of God – that forms an inconjunct with Pluto in Capricorn in the 11th house and Mercury in Pisces in the 1st house.  Inconjuncts involving Jupiter at the Apex can prove quite disorganizing and impractical.  Expect poor judgment or over-reach to be exercised with regard to the military, service workers, and the nation’s food supply.

The trine of Uranus in Aries to Jupiter will help to counteract the previous negative expectations and in a seemingly providential twist of fate (trine = blessings), the armed forces may be presented with greater opportunities to take part in a larger social pattern of ideal development.  A turning point is a grand possibility to the dismal activities of our government in its efforts to destroy America and would be helped along by the power of prayer.


When a nation is filled with strife, then do patriots flourish.

Lao Tzu






WAAAAY off topic the year Silverngold and family moved to Lake Tahoe

Posted by silverngold @ 14:46 on February 28, 2015  

Some of you may find it interesting. My Dad was a State Park Ranger and in the 4 years we spent there is when I became a nature lover. The most wonderful time of my youth. Lots to see if you scroll waaaay down…….Silverngold


Gold Train – Wanka

Posted by Maya @ 14:32 on February 28, 2015  


For the man who brought the railroad all the way to Key West… Henry Flagler’s private railcar on the Florida East Coast railroad.  On display at the museum in Palm Beach, Florida.



When MEDICINE becomes MURDER: America’s vaccine narrative now mirrors Nazi eugenics propaganda

Posted by silverngold @ 14:12 on February 28, 2015  

The Health Ranger doesn’t pull any punches and is on a mission to expose what is happening here and around the world. Better read unless you would prefer not to know what is planned for your future. Believe me when I say it ain’t…………..Silverngold

Nazi Euthanasia United States Immunization.

(NaturalNews) With each passing day as vaccine fanaticism spreads like a virus of the mind across the mainstream media, America is marching down the path of genocide and heinous human rights violations in the name of “SCIENCE!”

The very arguments used by today’s vaccine pushers to claim that the government should force everyone to be vaccinated against their will closely resemble the eugenics justifications of Nazi Germany.

The collection of Nazi propaganda posters you see below has been translated by Natural News in order to show the parallels between Nazi crimes against humanity and today’s fanatical vaccine mandate schemes that are based on very similar moral justification and distorted logic.

Today, people like Oregon State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward are marching America down the path of Nazi Germany, using the exact same arguments and attempted moral justifications that were once invoked by Adolf Hitler.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048735_vaccine_propaganda_Nazi_science_eugenics.html#ixzz3T4J6M0Ye

Silver Eagles deal

Posted by Maya @ 13:18 on February 28, 2015  

This is the time of year I usually pick up a tube or more of new Silver Eagles.  Right now APMEX is selling tubes of 2015 Eagles for only $2.39 over spot in a deal on eBay.   $380.99 for a tube of 20… free shipping.


Limited time offer… quantity limited… early birds get the worm… snooze, you lose.

Net Neutrality

Posted by commish @ 12:17 on February 28, 2015  

3f57e49a12 Like ObamaCare they pass this thing without releasing the rules and what this is all about. Another gift to us from the Star Chamber.

Wait. Didn’t Lindsay Graham say a nuke would go off near the coast of Georgia?

Posted by Buygold @ 10:07 on February 28, 2015  

Savannah| A couple of tourists from Canada made a surprising discovery while scuba diving  in Wassaw Sound, a small bay  located on the shores of Georgia. Jason Sutter and Christina Murray were admiring the marine life of the area when they stumbled upon a Mark 15 thermonuclear bomb that had been lost by the United States Air Force more than 50 years ago



macroman3 @ 3:58 Yes, some things are questionable and prejudiced….

Posted by silverngold @ 9:44 on February 28, 2015  

…..and some things have the ring of truth that can’t be denied. IMO that was one of them. Pretty hard to wake people up when they have their tummy full of their food stamp GMO groceries and drinking the cool-aide they are being fed watching “truth” from MSM on the tube!! Sure a lot of fun though when I can pull the plug on their little world and wake a few up.  All The Best…..Silverngold

MadMike @ 1:21….Yes, Farmboy’s leading the parade

Posted by silverngold @ 9:28 on February 28, 2015  

I recognized him when I saw his flippers.

MadMike @ 1:21……..Yes, the first morning coffee is always good. :o)

Posted by silverngold @ 9:22 on February 28, 2015  

Thanks!! On what I post. I try to post things that we are all affected by. If I think they are interesting, but IMO possibly doubtful, I try to remember to post them FWIW (For What It’s Worth). At least they get the light of day exposure they need so they can be debated, refuted, or accepted.

I’m in the south Okanagan; have been now for 17 years. Before that North Central BC for many years. Before that Alaska and the lower 48.  All The Best To You MadMike……………..    Silverngold

Even tho SnG post was at 18:14, thot I’d subtract 2

Posted by macroman3 @ 4:14 on February 28, 2015  

Well SnG, take a bow, you about outdid yourself at 18:14. Some of the stuff you post is a bit far out there even for me but I think “believers” was your best ever.

Posted by macroman3 @ 3:58 on February 28, 2015  

It explains my biggest tenement of Humanity’s Paradox that controls unsustainable exponential growth on Earth. The definition of HP is we must be continually destroying ourselves in order for Mother Earth to survive. Wrap yer noggin around that concept…

Religion has been the biggest limiter of population growth because each faction wants to kill off the other non believers. Even with all the hate, cancer, disease, Mother Nature is still losing the battle on sustainability.

Until one day…

Oh and at 19:47, can you do a picture of the 3000 dead on 911…

Posted by macroman3 @ 2:14 on February 28, 2015  

In Dick Cheney

SnG, 22:46, we know that dude in the lead John Deere…it Farmboy

Posted by macroman3 @ 2:11 on February 28, 2015  

Back when he wuz pulling everybody outta the ditch in last year’s Atlanta snow storm.


Posted by MadMike @ 1:21 on February 28, 2015  

Glad to hear you liked the coffee.

You have posted some thought-provoking articles tonight. Enjoyed them.

What part of BC are you in? I am in Calgary.

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