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Posted by puptent @ 23:06 on January 26, 2015  

what is your plan of excape

puptent 17:50 – The Great Escape

Posted by commish @ 21:18 on January 26, 2015  


eeos @ 16:22

Posted by Maya @ 20:34 on January 26, 2015  

Wow!  A trainyard full of bullets!  Yeah, the Chinese have reverse-engineered the French TGV and others and are now cornering the bullet train market worldwide.  The takeover will be complete when they start building them across the American continent, too

“that was a good trading day in the metal stocks if you ask me”

You must have been short gold.  🙂

I don’t like those mini downdrafts in silver tonight

Posted by eeos @ 20:14 on January 26, 2015  

I believe this is the footprint of the Cabal and testing how low they may push things in the coming days. notice it’s very rare that we ever have these quick spikes up that are instantly capped and pretend to not exist. never mini spikes up, only down.

eeos @ 18:31 Here’s what your chart has got me wondering

Posted by silverngold @ 19:08 on January 26, 2015  

Which is more important, time or price?? If time is more important, it was approximately 10 years, 1970-1980 for the last gold bull to run from $35 to its peak of about $850.

It was approximately 10 years, 2001-2011 for the present gold bull to run to its peak of $1923.

If time is more important, then perhaps the gold bull is over???????

On the other hand, if price is more important we still have a long ways to go…..and that is the way my charts read, that we still have a long ways to go.



Posted by eeos @ 18:31 on January 26, 2015  



super rich have get away plan

Posted by puptent @ 17:50 on January 26, 2015  


For Maya

Posted by eeos @ 16:22 on January 26, 2015  

that was a good trading day in the metal stocks if you ask me

China Rails


Monster offers in USO

Posted by Maddog @ 15:48 on January 26, 2015  

looks like the Scum are gameing Oil via USO.

PS Ipso agreed re PM shares Ok action here.

drb2 @ 14:07

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:38 on January 26, 2015  

CME is part of the rig no doubt. I wouldn’t trust a word they say.

Gotta like the action in the PM shares in the face of down gold today!

Chess liking SLW

Posted by eeos @ 15:05 on January 26, 2015  


There’s More To The Gold Rally Than European Market Fears

Posted by eeos @ 14:52 on January 26, 2015  

Gold was down 1.72 percent at the end of 2014, but things are looking up for the yellow metal. This week I returned from presenting at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, where sentiment for gold was through the roof.

And with good reason. Even though gold was down last year, it still ranked as thesecond-best-performing currency, following the U.S. dollar. The metal has risen about 10 percent year-to-date, and on Tuesday, for the first time since mid-August, it broke through the $1,300 mark.

Are you excited yet?

Our two gold funds, the Gold and Precious Metals Fund (USERX) and World Precious Minerals Fund (UNWPX), have responded positively to the rally. Both have jumped above their 50-day moving averages, a key trend indicator many investors use to decide when to allocate assets. Read more

Add Another To The List

Posted by silverngold @ 14:51 on January 26, 2015  

“Cheerful” Dutch Financier Becomes 4th ABN Amro Banker Suicide

Chris van Eeghen

by Tyler Durden(s), ZeroHedge

Following the deaths of 36 bankers last year, 2015 has got off to an inauspicious start with the reported suicide of Chris Van Eeghen – the 4th ABN Amro banker suicide in the last few yearsAs Quotenet reports, the death of Van Eghen  – the head of ABN’s corporate finance and capital markets -“startled” friends and colleagues as the 42-year-old “had a great reputation” at work, came from an “illustrious family,” and enjoyed national fame briefly as the boyfriend of a famous actress/model. As one colleague noted, “he was always cheerful, good mood, and apparently he had everything your heart desired. He never sat in the pit, never was down, so I was extremely surprised. I can not understand.”

As Niburu details, friends and colleagues were startled by the news that Chris van Eeghen had committed suicide.

He worked in Amsterdam for ABN / AMRO in the position of “head of syndicate and corporate finance markets.”

Again, there is again a familiar pattern, namely that there is no indication that Van Eeghen had plans to take his life.

Ostensibly a successful banker, coming from what was described as an illustrious family. Chris was also a familiar sight in Amsterdam’s nightlife scene and enjoyed national fame as possible new boyfriend of Tatjana Simic (a famous Croatian-Dutch model, singer, actress).

“I have never expected. It was an incredibly nice cute guy, “said a neighbor from Amsterdam. In banking circles he had a good reputation.

Most believe that the suicide is not related to his work at the bank,
but a former colleague had noticed that on his Facebook recently changed
its job title to “former.”

Chris leaves behind a son – who had recently been cleared of cancer.

*  *  *

This is the 4th ABN Amro suicide in recent years…

– See more at: http://thedailycoin.org/?p=16735#sthash.lnSyU9aQ.CMsJkWzu.dpuf

another sign of the rig

Posted by eeos @ 14:42 on January 26, 2015  

Silver is negative today and SLW is positive….like clock work

Ispo – RE: your CME trading post at 9:53

Posted by drb2 @ 14:07 on January 26, 2015  


I asked the author of that article to please clarify the dates as I felt it was worded poorly.

RE: “…..CME, owner of the largest futures exchange, said in September that trading may begin in the fourth quarter of 2014. …..The Shanghai Gold Exchange started bullion trading in the city’s free-trade zone on Sept. 18 while Singapore Exchange Ltd. began a wholesale kilobar contract on Oct. 13 …..”


I just received his reply to my email.

“the contract was delayed and started trading today. hope this helps. best regards”


With all the PM positive news, maybe it is just a coincidence that PMs get smacked on CME’s first day of trading…. But I doubt it

Scruffy 8:59

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:52 on January 26, 2015  

Well Israel is its own country now so if Mr O decides to go on ignore then maybe they’ll just make plans without the empty chair presidency here. I look at it this way. If your wife was home alone and a madam was trying to break in and you were away and the cops weren’t around would you expect her to wait or use that guns she’s holding if he’s getting in?


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:39 on January 26, 2015  

With speculation Greece will leave Euro and youth getting fed up with Elites money is moving away and into stocks and dollar right now. Youth worldwide has already been predicted to get tired of and rise up against mismanagement. Despite both US and Europe controversial claims their in control economies continue to have a widening gap between them and the elite. Small businesses are now considered rich for tax reasons hitting them the hardest.  People are getting fed up and patience wearing thin or gone. Swiss already bailed or would of been taken down with them causing pegs to Swiss business deals to inflated debt. As things begin to implode I’m guessing only guessing this will be the last year to get in at these lower prices but who the heck knows anymore.

Cordycep. Got some at the health food store.

Posted by commish @ 11:57 on January 26, 2015  


coming to Amerika soon with communist Obomber

Posted by eeos @ 10:48 on January 26, 2015  

In a series following our print article on conflicting approaches to free speech after the terrorist attacks in Paris on January 7th, our correspondents offer more in-depth analysis of the threats to freedom of expression around the world. We start with Thailand.


ALTHOUGH lèse-majesté laws remain on the books in many constitutional monarchies, prosecutions are rare. Thailand is an exception: it enforces them far more assiduously than any other country since Japan canned rules protecting its emperor after the second world war. Anyone who “defames, insults or threatens” the King, his heir, the Queen or a regent risks between three and 15 years in jail. For decades, the number of cases averaged around ten a year, but since 2004, they have soared to several hundred each year, as friction between Thailand’s populist governments and its traditional ruling establishment has erupted into conflict.

èse-majesté complaints are a common way of harassing political rivals. A surge of new cases followed last May’s military coup. Anyone can report an offence, and it is not only speech that breaks the rules. In 2011 a 61-year-old received a 20-year sentence for sending four offensive text messages; he denied the charges and died in prison the following year. People who fail to stand for the royal anthem, still played before most film screenings, or deface banknotes, which bear the King’s image, have fallen foul of the law. In December complaints of lèse-majesté were made against a woman who wore black clothes on the eve of the King’s birthday. In 2008 a series of charges against the BBC included the complaint that its website had allowed the King’s image to appear below that of a politician.

Read more

Timmins Gold Reports Record Production of 121,573 AuEq Ozs in 2014 and 25,304 AuEq Ozs For the Fourth Quarter of 2014

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:24 on January 26, 2015  


Swiped from IKN

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on January 26, 2015  

Greek symbols

Market players know all about certain Greek symbols such as alpha, beta, gamma and delta. Today they need to add another to the list. Less than an hour ago Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Greece. Once done, he left the building and walked straight to the Greek WW2 memorial site, the Kaisariani rifle range, the spot where Nazis executed 200 Greeks on 1 May 1944. In his first official act he laid flowers* on the memorial.

You get it, people? Geddit? Sinking in yet? Good.

CME starts gold futures in Hong Kong

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:53 on January 26, 2015  

CME Group Inc. started physically delivered kilobar gold futures in Hong Kong as it joins a slew of other exchanges vying to establish new price benchmarks in the biggest consuming region.

The contract listed on the Comex is tied directly to the price of bullion of 99.99 percent purity in Hong Kong and will be physically delivered to vaults in the special administrative region. CME, owner of the largest futures exchange, said in September that trading may begin in the fourth quarter of 2014.

The Shanghai Gold Exchange started bullion trading in the city’s free-trade zone on Sept. 18 while Singapore Exchange Ltd. began a wholesale kilobar contract on Oct. 13 as more of the world’s gold is processed and used in the region and the 95- year-old fixing benchmark in London gets overhauled. Almost two-thirds of gold jewelry, bars and coins were consumed in Asia in 2013, according to data from the World Gold Council.

“The success of the contract depends if it can get the liquidity,” said Victor Thianpiriya, an analyst at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. in Singapore. “Hong Kong is as close to China as you can get without being onshore, so it might appeal to those that don’t have a license to trade onshore. People like to trade the China-London price differential.”

Gold kilo futures for April delivery opened at $1,300.20 an ounce. Investors will be able to make and take deliveries of one-kilogram bars in Comex-approved vaults operated by Brink’s Inc. and Malca-Amit Far East Ltd. in Hong Kong, CME said in a Jan. 6 statement.


Comex gold

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 9:46 on January 26, 2015  

is still above key moving averages and is back down for a test of the breakout. Hopefully, this week will confirm the support and breakout. Be patient!


Hasn’t helped us

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:13 on January 26, 2015  

Syriza Forms Coalition Government With Anti-Bailout Independent Greeks: What Happens Next

Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 01/26/2015 06:49 -0500

There was some excitement in the capital markets overnight, when what was initially seen as an outright victory for Syriza, giving it an absolute, 151-seat majority in parliament – a fear that briefly pushed the EURUSD under 1.11 when the Euro PPT stepped in – ended up being a placing just shy of a majority with 149 seats. However, that same excitement fizzled several hours ago when the “radical left” party agreed to form a government with the “rightwing” group of the Independent Greeks in the aftermath of Syriza’s historic win which harnessed the public backlash against years of belt-tightening, job losses and hardship.

As the FT reports, Panos Kammenos, leader of the fiercely anti-bailout Independent Greeks, said as he left Syriza’s headquarters after a meeting with Alexis Tsipras, the prime minister-elect: “The country has a government. Independent Greeks will give a vote of confidence to Alexis Tsipras.” The deal would give Syriza a comfortable working majority in parliament but Mr Tsipras has yet to confirm anything as he continued coalition negotiations with other parties.

So in a parliament in which the nationalist Golden Dawn placed third, the new leadership will be comprised of a far left and a far right group, both united by the hatred of European bailouts and the stifling Greek economy, both of which they are eager to blame on Germany and the Troika.

more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-26/syriza-forms-coalition-government-anti-bailout-independent-greeks-what-happens-next

Good morning Oasis

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:05 on January 26, 2015  

Kirkland Lake Gold Appoints Eric Sprott as Chairman of the Board


Crocodile Gold Achieves Record Operating Cash Flow For The Year Ended December 31, 2014


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