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Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:41 on September 21, 2014  

I’m looking for a reversal up in comex silver on Tuesday. The September longs may get squeezed.



Posted by goldielocks @ 22:36 on September 21, 2014  

I’m not even gonna try to chart how many years back we go but my little collectable’s are not selling now like I expected. Now waiting so see what premiums they put on the rest of the bullion. Those who buy Slab should see how much they can sell it for. I bet they will give you bullion price when it ” some year” rally’s or maybe even not.

luck might be a sub $10 handle on silver

Posted by eeos @ 22:18 on September 21, 2014  

open the floodgate boyz. lets see you run it negative next

If we’re lucky

Posted by Buygold @ 22:14 on September 21, 2014  

maybe tonight is one of those final washouts that leads to a nice reversal sometime tomorrow.

Would love to see all those September contracts stand for delivery this month.

Never know.

Update on bullion price

Posted by Aguila @ 22:14 on September 21, 2014  

the premium on spot and price per coin went up since I posted 5 minutes ago!  Looks like physical silver is about to become unavailable again, just like it always does when the centrally controlled government of ussa illegally demands and gets total market control of the price of anything.  I hope they don’t try to illegally force the price of beer down to less than the production price or we would have no beer!

just think if someone

Posted by eeos @ 22:13 on September 21, 2014  

Could off the red shield family…there would be enough money to eliminate all the debt in the world. where do they live again? If I were the POTUS I’d nuke em

Looks like buying time is coming back to our neighborhood. If you snooze you lose.

Posted by Aguila @ 21:58 on September 21, 2014  

How exciting to be able to BUY MORE !  I encourage all readers to back up the truck to the loading dock and buy as much Silver bullion as you can.  You will not be disappointed.


Disclaimer:  No disclaimer here, If you snooze you lose!


Silver down .45

Posted by newtogold @ 21:55 on September 21, 2014  

How low can she go? I wish I bought some puts.  But alas, no. Gold getting a bit of a spanking too.

Ororeef @ 16:02

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:56 on September 21, 2014  

Agreed on all that Ororeef. Re this part…..

“What is this nonsense that the US must remove dictators from the Mid East when they are the only stabilizing force in the area ? As long as Theocracy is the rule over there ,what is this nonsense about democracy .? They will never have separation of church and state and that is totally incompatible with democracy.”

I read once that TPTB has a motto…..”Out of chaos, comes ORDER”. THEIR order. Just like the patriot act here after 9/11. A bunch of new orders. More rules regulations less freedom etc.

The chaos they cause, or allow, is the handy excuse. Same with gun control. They let repeat offenders run loose, then they kill someone, and bingo, they create a new gun law. Another thing I notice long ago is…..

TPTB do NOT want to win any wars. They only want to fight them as long as possible. Or until after years of complaints and million demonstrate in the streets. They want to “milk” the job. Keep the “gravy train” going.

What every cancer patient needs to know

Posted by silverngold @ 20:38 on September 21, 2014  

This guy makes sense!! Please give him a few minutes. Thanks!!

Ororeef @ 16:02 on September 21, 2014 Why are we there?

Posted by silver rider @ 20:11 on September 21, 2014  

At first thought we were over there to keep cheap oil flowing to US.  Now I think we went over there to restrict the flow to promote artificial scarcity.  All that oil that they “discovered”  bakken, gull island, Brazilian, etc.  were known for decades.   The claim that it takes $80 barrel oil for be profitable is bunk.  Anything related to energy that is controlled by the biggies is a scam IMO.  We are over there to promote debt by any method.

Montgomery Burns

Posted by commish @ 20:00 on September 21, 2014  

jacob-rothschild-mr-burns-simpsonsTo enlarge click photo

Comex silver

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 19:58 on September 21, 2014  

Silver futures has dropped $1.80 and cash is still the same. Some dealers are buying only. Where are all the sellers?


i was really hoping a little arbitrage in China would help the game. Maybe it will take a few days.



exactly about Armstrong

Posted by eeos @ 19:24 on September 21, 2014  

he’s just another shill that wants to make money off of people. yes he’s been lucky sometimes. I’d be far more inclined to listen to someone like the Aden sisters any day before I listen to Martin. I don’t believe in his BS number system either. it might be novel, and he might have nailed it in the past, if this doesn’t guarantee Jack Schmitt into the future

Re: pgr 2.45 posting at 16:54 making it convenient to listen to Armstrong’s

Posted by Equisetum @ 19:05 on September 21, 2014  

interview yesterday with Michael Campbell. May I suggest you not take time out of a pleasant, relaxing Sunday afternoon for such a listen. Enjoy life instead. I did listen to the Armstrong interview when it was broadcast live on Saturday morning, and as a result of listening to it my portfolio and investment approach will not be changed when the markets open on Monday morning.

I think the postings by ment17 at 18:19 and by Auandag at 17:57 have it right. Have faith in whatever form of PM vehicles you have accumulated in your portfolio over the past months and years. Stay with it. My idea is to read Armstrong for a diversion but stick with your conviction in favor of the PM stocks and the gold and silver physical you have chosen.

Now I am going to enjoy what remains of this peaceful Sunday afternoon in the Puget Sound – Georgia Strait Basin. Happy PM investing, all. Equiz.

nations and buyers

Posted by ment17 @ 18:19 on September 21, 2014  

in Russia , India , China   are not buying gold because they are waiting on Armstrong lol


capitol flows from  201 AD   will be the real reason LOL


I have it on pretty good information ( a little bird) that the Hong Kong bourse will not trade in physical until Armstrong give’s the go ahead…As Armstrong said only the real traders are looking at his computer models to buy gold .. He has a lock on the gold price .. and waits to unleash the hoard of physical buyers when it is time ..and for  $400  please…

he has no gold to sell just his computer models ,,

he blasts the gold people because they give projections….. to sell gold .. Armstrong gives projections  to sell  paper reports …..

Armstrong may well be right .. but he  has something to sell .. and it is big dough ..to buy  his reports

R.E. Armstrong

Posted by Auandag @ 17:57 on September 21, 2014  

So how often has he changed his tune? Oh yeah his computer told him. What about Sinclair? Who has more experience in the PM,s than him. And what about the huge debt and the unlimited paper smash downs. I live my life like my portfolio is zero! I will wait to see how it all pans out! Meanwhile life goes on.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:55 on September 21, 2014  


Googled and found this. Goldrunner was right and I agreed with him at the time. Short term Armstrong not always accurate but long term he’s better esp with the Market he called that right on and has through history. Goldrunner used to post here. Hi Goldrunner if your out there.


Posted by ment17 @ 17:34 on September 21, 2014  

is he the only voice in town about gold .that can be correct ..his computers are for the real investors

long  cold winter ahead ..if that be the case ..



Posted by goldielocks @ 17:33 on September 21, 2014  

He said something of a low in 2011 followed by high in 2015 follower by 4.3 about correction but since it wasn’t the low it was high that takes us from the high if think it was Aug 2011 plus his 4.3 correction number will take us to end of 2015 to early 2016. Memory helps too lol that just going by what I read.

goldielocks @ 17:06

Posted by pgr2.45 @ 17:13 on September 21, 2014  

Fersure I don’t know what to make of it all.

I’ve just started keeping notes of things I hear so that I can look back two years from now and laugh at them.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:10 on September 21, 2014  

lol don’t drink and do that you could pass out, faint of heart or not. I live in Calif the mountains high and winding everywhere no big deal as long as no light come on anyways.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:06 on September 21, 2014  

Years ago Martin was looking for a low in gold around May June  2011 but instead went to a high which inverted everything I’m sure.  Since he said something of a high them correction would then lead to a low 4.3 I think years later. If inverted from that high and assuming that time frame ( Aug high I think)  that would lead is to a low end of 15 or early 2016.


Posted by treefrog @ 17:01 on September 21, 2014  

gila campsites.  (camping, not rv-ing)

gila hotsprings campground is hard to beat.  five bucks a nite (per camper) includes soaking priveleges in three gravel-bottom pools


temps around 105 farenheit.  wide, flat flagstone steps, chainsaw-hewn seating for cooling off.  riverside campsites with picnic tables.  #4 is hard to beat.from silver city, nm, take nm state road 15 north.  after you pass the gila river bridge, the turnoff to the campground is a couple miles on the right.  route 15 is mountainous and twisty.  not for the faint of heart.  an hour and a half or so.  shoot me an email.  you’ll find it in the banana post.

ipso facto @ 16:27

Posted by pgr2.45 @ 17:01 on September 21, 2014  

Yes, I got good edumication today and some homework to do tonight:)

After listening to Armstrong though, I better just keep on like I have been – little buys here and there, keeping lots of dry powder in case of further down down down.

Last week somebody tweeted: “when you think you’ve found a good bargain, try to get it for 30% less”. (paraphrased)

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