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Fast food protesters to be hit with massive job losses when Obama grants amnesty in November

Posted by newtogold @ 23:10 on September 6, 2014  


Jim Dines on Campbell show Sept 6/14 starts at 09:07

Posted by pgr2.45 @ 22:30 on September 6, 2014  

> still a stock market bull since March 02/09
> markets rise to anticipate economic up-turns
> this bull market is a desperate income buying panic
> history books will tell about income seeking junk bond buyers
> it is not too late to enter the market
> still on China sell signal because most of their infrastructure has been built
> the entire commodity world is feeling China’s withdrawal of buying
> commodity producers are in the dog house
> now predicting a real estate crash in China
> watching closely for a buy signal on mining stocks but no signal yet
> the new bull market right now is in social media
> we’re in a group rotation bull market chasing yield – for the moment
> still likes 3-D printing; thinks SSYS and ONVO will be blue chip
> http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/SSYS:US
> http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/ONVO:US
> just 12 weeks ’till Christmas – risk of shivering in the dark
> this is where uranium comes in
> still very bullish uranium and waiting for next buy signal
> stopped out of precious metals at the top
> inflation is not higher prices – it’s the increase of money supply
> the whole world is now in deflation which started with Japan
> when you try to cure deflation by printing more money, you get hyper inflation
> that’s when gold and silver will shine again
> long term target for gold is $3k to $5k
> and silver way over $100
> world of hyper inflation is not something to look forward to

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For the straight goods, go to:


CKNW audio vault

Thanks for playing the straight man

Posted by commish @ 19:15 on September 6, 2014  


commish @ 18:06 LOL!!!

Posted by silverngold @ 18:59 on September 6, 2014  

It’s a bit nutty, kinda like I’ve been told my charts are, but IMO conventional charting is the same as putting a ring in a bulls nose so he can be led around safely. My charting is based on many years of mistakes until (so far) they just plain work in the long run. I don’t use much in the way of conventional charting  because I know it is being painted to deceive the investor. That said, there has to be a plan in place so that the PM’s will follow the rail and not get thrown off the track, and that’s is what my charts do………until they don’t. LOL!!!  Silverngold

Samb @ 12:55

Posted by silverngold @ 18:45 on September 6, 2014  

As we have seen, all things are possible with PM’s so you may well be right. Just remember all the old cliches, like it’s darkest before the dawn, up is down, bad is good, lie is truth, wrong is right, war is peace, etc. My conclusions are based on my charts which say any lower and they are violated for the first time in many years. That would mean to me there is a new boss running the show, and if that’s the case then all bets are off. However, I do not think there is a new guy behind the curtain. I do think whoever is responsible for the manipulation has things well under control,and I think it is time for PM’s to go up, regardless of the fact that most guru’s are very disenchanted with PM’s and expecting them to crater even more in the next few months. One thing is for sure IMO, and that is we will know very soon. Not wishing you any bad luck on your puts but please use caution and keep your finger on the trigger. All the best.  Silverngold

silverngold @11:37 – About no one drinking the coffee

Posted by commish @ 18:06 on September 6, 2014  

It’s pretty crazy

Posted by commish @ 17:35 on September 6, 2014  

10603668_10202643511274315_3061248171429197885_n  Your have the main stream media.  Then the alternate media. You got to untangle what the two tell you to get some kind of…what the hell is going on.


Posted by LurkerSince95 @ 16:15 on September 6, 2014  

lets see : Pope is anti-christ; UFO’s are real ;  chemtrails are not real; Yellowstone volcano will destroy new york city; gold to the moon; (or is that gold is on the moon?) What is TRUTH ? who is an honest man ? who can you believe ?


To FARMBOY: hey good buddy– i just fell and got a broken rib; golf game is shot for 6 weeks……. that’s what MD says.  But google  COMFREY OINTMENT  (BONE KNITTING HERB) ; HYALURONIC ACID PILLS ;

MSM (MYTHALSOLFoniummethane   sp?);    and of course EMU OIL  and a good massage therapist.

Will be back with notes

Posted by ment17 @ 15:35 on September 6, 2014  

pgr2.45 good show lol

look forward to dines outline and notes

ment17 @ 14:12 re jimmy dines

Posted by pgr2.45 @ 15:09 on September 6, 2014  

good idea … then we have a record of what he has to say.

If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d start a news letter keeping track fo all guru’s predictions … see how well they do. Easily worth $250 for the entertainment value.

Will be back with notes.

Mr.GoldBug @ 14:08 on September 6, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 14:15 on September 6, 2014  

goldbug yep they did go up..lol what was the time frame for your goldstocks copy and paste……. going up look


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:12 on September 6, 2014  


They are at risk of losing their forests ” homes” by corrupt and mass deforestation not only contributes to run off and flash floods but displaces it’s indigenous people into poverty ridden victims into cities like a tsunami as well as threatening plant species and perhaps the next cure for something as well as threatening the homes of wildlife.  We need the ecosystem to balance and cleans the earth and many energy logging company’s are destroying that. Even fast food companies are or have cut down forests to raise cattle.

pgr2.45 @ 13:54 on September 6, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 14:12 on September 6, 2014  

say pgr.. how about giving the board a brief run down of what jimmy dines had to say..

muchcious gracious

Remember When…????

Posted by Mr.GoldBug @ 14:08 on September 6, 2014  

Gold Mining Stocks Actually used to go up?whengoldstocks used to go up 

for later today … get the popcorn, extra butter (almost 2 hours)

Posted by pgr2.45 @ 13:54 on September 6, 2014  

If you’re like me, you’ve heard most of this before, in bits and pieces on some talk show, interrupted by ten minutes of commercials; but this is a very good talk with lots of slides.

Walter Veith – A New World Order / Total Onslaught



In case anyone is interested … Jimmy Dines (some call him James) was on Campbell’s show this morning. Should be available on moneytalks.net later, or cknw.com archives (9 a.m. Saturday).

Silverngold @ 11:57

Posted by Samb @ 12:55 on September 6, 2014  

I am in Puts and staying with them. Six weeks ago I said that the very best that I could see for $gold was $1260.  Its apparent to me now that we are going much lower. Forget Seasonality ….the month of September will be miserable for $gold. Look at the NEM chart…see that gap…SCARY.

Next time you gripe about Canada’s taxman, thank your lucky stars you’re not American

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:33 on September 6, 2014  


Floridagold @ 8:23

Posted by silverngold @ 11:57 on September 6, 2014  

Looks like nobody’s gonna drink that coffee so it’s cold for sure by now. Better warm it up and maybe somebody will grab it.

Well my PO for gold was $1260 and it went down to $1258 before bouncing all the way back to $1269.30 on Friday, so I think gold’s low is in for this takedown. Now if silver will just cooperate and go a little lower to around $18.90 I’ll be real happy. Mind you, it doesn’t have to and is probably close enough to call it its low, but I’ll leave the door open for silver to go a little lower sometime this month. Only time will tell.  Silverngold

Amazon Indian Warriors Beat and Strip Illegal Loggers in Battle for Jungle’s Future

Posted by silverngold @ 6:39 on September 6, 2014  


Lots of pictures, and what needs done with all our crooked politicians and other world destroyers!

Let’s get’er done and get some sanity back into the world!! Silverngold


Posted by goldielocks @ 3:41 on September 6, 2014  

PS Intensity of the sun. Were all feeling it. Off topic, maybe something beyond is telling you something, someone ” being” watching.  Maybe change, your choice, destiny? In the meantime wear a hat too. Oh and think vitamins.of that don’t help think med sensitivity or eye doctor.

Silverngold-here more about mercury in vaccines

Posted by newtogold @ 1:24 on September 6, 2014  



Posted by goldielocks @ 1:14 on September 6, 2014  

Yes looks like their stepping it up and there is conflict coming from the four corners if the earth right now. As far as manipulation Martin also put out a piece today on that too and explained in detail what a headache it gave him once about Warren B and silver manipulation. It’s long but a good read http://armstrongeconomics.com/2014/09/05/are-markets-manipulated-all-the-time/

EEOS LOL @11:30 Too funny. Maybe Putins mimicking  his empty chair routine.

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