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Posted by silverngold @ 23:20 on September 19, 2014  


Maddog @ 09:29 on 9/18

Posted by amals @ 22:46 on September 19, 2014  

Spot on and succinct.  I think you’re on to something there.  The Chinese play a different game with a very different time frame.

Farmboy @ 09:26

Posted by amals @ 22:34 on September 19, 2014  

Lol.  I knew that.  You’ve got history and a lot of experience at your disposal.

What the heck

Posted by deer79 @ 22:26 on September 19, 2014  

happened to Silver today? I don’t buy reported stories that cash was being raised by funds to buy the Alibaba IPO. These last five plus years have been nothing but a huge nightmare. I guess I’m just trying to understand, so, I can rationalize in my mind how I’ve lost six digits of my hard earned money. This whole trip is so mind boggling and it only seems to get more insane. Sorry to rant. 

Buygold @ 21:05

Posted by Augirl @ 21:52 on September 19, 2014  


Lets see, if I use all my fingers and toes, I counted that as four hundy .. And Ment said I could throw in one hot dog too .

Yep , that Frogman surely likes to fling crayons at me.

But just wait, one of these days I’m gonna fling some back and fix his cookies but good !

Hamilton and the manipulation game

Posted by ment17 @ 21:05 on September 19, 2014  

from Adam

Thanks to the Fed’s brazen debt monetizations and

Cheap Gold Stocks’ Upleg Intact
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence

manipulations of interest rates..

so the interest rate can be manipulated ,, but gold oh no .  not according the the new chart mavens ..

the gold is working fine just look at the results of our charts ,…lol






Posted by Buygold @ 21:05 on September 19, 2014  

Now if ment would throw in a couple hundy and Wanka would throw in a hundy, then I might be persuaded to throw in the last hundy to hear what Armstrong has to say! Those two old crusters are rich! Rich I tell ya! 🙂

Good to see you posting despite all the aggravation you put up with from the frogman. 🙂

Things that make you go Hmm….this is good news I think

Posted by Buygold @ 20:58 on September 19, 2014  

The Silver Paradox In One Chart

Tyler Durden's picture

As gold and silver prices tumble to multi-year lows, an odd thing is happening in the ‘paper’ precious metals ETF markets. Demand remains high for silver ETF exposure as ‘someone’ is aggressively unwinding gold ETF positions.. and yet the prices for both are falling rapidly. It appears the retail investor is taking advantage of the lower prices in silver to accumulate additional exposure as Credit Suisse notes, “the perception is that silver will do well, and should outperform gold as the economic recovery strengthens,” adding that “belief in silver’s dual properties, as a financial asset and also as an industrial metal, appears to remain strong.”


ETF demand remains high for silver… as gold ETF demand tumbles…


And yet Silver prices are languishing just as much as gold prices…




And longer-term…

Charts: Bloomberg

Bloomberg suggests,

Buyers of silver are less swayed by price movements, because unlike gold, the metal is a “buy and hold and forget about it kind of investment,” said Kendall, the third-most accurate precious-metals forecaster tracked by Bloomberg in the eight quarters ended June 30.  


“It’s not so actively managed by the retail crowd. It’s tucked away as a retirement store of value or hedge against disaster.”

*  *  *

As GoldCore noted earlier,

At the Denver Gold Summit, yesterday, Keith Neumeyer, president and CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp pointed out that after all the talk by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) of greater  transparency for  the new LBMA Silver Price and wider market participation in the auction, nothing much has changed:


“Any time you have a small group of people fixing a price, it’s prone to manipulation,” he said. “There’s no change from how it was done before to the way it’s done now – it’s just a different group of players and now they do it on a computer.”


To that we would add that the “group of players” is still not all that different since only one player has changed. The old Silver Fixing process had three participants, HSBC, ScotiaMocatta and Deutsche Bank. When Deutsche Bank announced in April that it was pulling out of the Silver Fixing, it precipitated the move by the LBMA to create the new Silver Price.


Then, when the new auction was launched on August 15, HSBC and ScotiaMocatta reappeared as participants, bringing Mitsui on board in place of Deutsche Bank. So it’s still the same old usual suspects continuing to fix the silver price each day in London, and there is still little or no transparency about the auction beyond a few netted out buy and sell volume figures.


It remains to be seen when if ever the LBMA Silver Price auction will allow in a wider range of direct participants such as mining companies and refiners.

In the meantime, the retail silver investor, as indicated by the silver ETF flows, appears to be taking advantage of the lower price environment to accumulate additional metal. This is also true in the silver coin and bar market.



au girl

Posted by ment17 @ 20:43 on September 19, 2014  

hot dog though

marty and one hot dog to another .. lol


take care


ment17 @ 18:36

Posted by Augirl @ 19:30 on September 19, 2014  



Well I don’t like to be a kill joy and all, but rest assured Ment, he’s not going to the moon on my 400 bucks.

I would probably spring for a hot dog though.  lol

Augirl @ 18:26 on September 19, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 18:36 on September 19, 2014  

the slight odor could be manure lol

Armstrong is heading for the moon in his expectations  for millions ..

and he wants to use these computer models to create a Armstrong IPO .  he is hiring staff.. a CEO to run the place ..

I believe if he does do an IPO  it will be the market top ..

augirl spring for the 400 and you will be the go to  person for the turn on gold here at the oasis .

and for 400 what could go wrong with his gold model on the way to 5000..




I guess we know the feeling

Posted by commish @ 18:28 on September 19, 2014  

ment 17/ buygold

Posted by Augirl @ 18:26 on September 19, 2014  


Hey, if you guys aren’t gonna shell out $400 for his gold outlook ,

I guess that mean you’re not gonna shell out millions for his fancy international think tank time share slots.

Ment, could that hard to pin point odor be manure?


“First Fully Functioning Artificial Intelligence System Correlating the Entire World Economy 7 days a week, 24 hours per day”

The cost is prohibited for most firms to even undertake no less governments. The equipment and programming alone is more than $100 million. For this reason, we are opening up our system for advanced time share to monitor the world economy and all financial markets. Your entire portfolio can be monitored right down to individual shares and economic statistics. You cannot even buy the necessary equipment for $100 million making this the most advanced project covering the world economy as a whole.

Time Share slots will be available at $5 million up to $100 million annually depending upon the size and international scope of the portfolio. Our actual annual cost just in energy to run such a system is in excess of $6 million.  Those selected institutions interested in such a comprehensive system that does not rely upon human opinion, should contact: ”




Posted by ipso facto @ 18:21 on September 19, 2014  


Buygold @ 17:04 on September 19, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 17:39 on September 19, 2014  

right on….I am with you … Sinclair is an open and honest advocate for gold  in my opinion..


his TRX  should be in production for gold very soon.. that is why his TRX  has been performing well lately .


Armstrong give’s off an odor that is hard to pin point.

He can take a person in a flight of fancy hundreds or years into the past to shadow the markets of today …

But you know that 400 bucks to get the full gold story and turning points will be a popular buy for the gold crew.. How many will purchase .. I do hope someone in the gold camp.. finds this answer of the turning and spills the beans on a gold blog.

Buy Gold just click on his 400 dollar report it takes a person straight to paypal for a quick buy.

The 2014 International Metals Outlook $400.00


cheers ..

ment17 always  a 17

Sinclair – I’m with him. How about you ment now 17? As for Armstrong? Eff him!

Posted by Buygold @ 17:04 on September 19, 2014  

My Dear Extended Family,

Today is a day that should be memorized. Alibaba is the star with a huge market debut making this company worth more than some of the banks that brought it to market.

Long term equity cycles have turned down as the equity market races to new highs almost daily. The US dollar is trading into decades old overhead resistance with long term dollar cycles due to turn down in the fourth quarter of this year.

Gold, whose long term cycles have turned up, is plumbing previous lows and trading into major support. This is a classic example of “Popular Delusions, and the Madness of the Crowd.”

This is a period of time when major market changes have a high probability of happening. This is a time to control yourself, returning to fundamentals and gaining what guidance can be given by history. This is a time not to listen to your emotions. This is a time when geopolitical developments have the ability to impact markets significantly, certainly in the dollar/euro cross rate.

Cycles are probabilities, but not absolutes. Only when price direction confirms the direction of cycles can long term trends be considered to have turned.

That point in time is the next major event more important than Alibaba. There is another $10 billion dollars in new deals coming next week. That is a bubble if there ever was one.

I am fully committed to gold, and remain so.



Posted by goldielocks @ 17:02 on September 19, 2014  

Sounds like the owner of alibaba is like a cinderfella story from rags to riches. He was making something like 30 dollars a month I heard.

Armstrong posted that Apple coming out with a inscription that NSA snoops can’t read and even can they if they try to force their hand. They are sending these companies to doom competitively. Good for them beside where in the constitution does it say they have to let them? Where is the call for treason from these snoops?


Posted by ment17 @ 16:51 on September 19, 2014  


Best performers I can find / drb2

Posted by Buygold @ 16:50 on September 19, 2014  

EMXX – up 5%

Detour Gold up 1.65%

GFI – flat

I have no clue what is happening these days but I do think it will end badly and come out of nowhere.

SLV RSI now 15.47, I guess it could go to zero but I think a bounce is more likely.

GLD RSI 25.49

drb2 – options expiration, nothing makes sense, especially pm shares.

Not a great close for the SM, we shall see.ffab157f


Posted by ment17 @ 16:47 on September 19, 2014  

as a public service ,,

The 2014 International Metals Outlook $400.00


Buy this report…(and report it here on oasis we thank you ).. then Armstrong can do an IPO on his economic model to attract capitol for his business .. He wants to make the work go on in the bowels of a corporation that will outlive his life .

providing the best of the best in financial world reporting .   ..

what’s not to like .. Armstrong will take his pile off the table .. and retire to an isle far from the reaches of the fangs of the downtrodden , away from the searching eyes of the watchers . natives putting in his mouth grapes and fruit .. eating fish and rocking in the hammock of content.

ment bow’s  to the Armstrong …

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma

Posted by commish @ 16:26 on September 19, 2014  

jackmaAPphoto-e1410996148524-1940x1090What is he half man or half monkey?

Happy Hour: Nipozzano

Posted by winedoc @ 16:21 on September 19, 2014  

Time to crack something open …….





Silver is a like a  crazy girlfriend ……..

When she’s good,  she’s good …. when she’s bad, she’s bad.  Can’t stop loving her though 🙂  Even if she is in a “coma”


Evening Friends


Farmboy @ 15:55 on September 19, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 16:14 on September 19, 2014  

sure all this is a ride on the wild side .

the pace of financial  engineering goes on madly  .. The players are  in a coma .. the banks are reaping billions in underwriting fees.. the hoard of get  rich come out of closets and basements to throw the dough in the direction of the levitating market ..

Housing has hit a brick wall.. Yet the hype  with a ready team of players manning the shovels and hoes march off to the new land in the hunt  for riches .. (sounds familiar to the popular delusions of the John Law era ..

gold was hidden in manure wagons .smiley. as the real wealth of the era ..

here we have the rabble forgetting the past,  they  take heaping gobs of poo, to throw at the market lol with their charts of performance  chase other sectors to grab a bit of the lucre.. the markets are  giddy ..bubbling with the excitement .. do you think margin is being used ????

will this all end badly   .. probably .. when … that’s a million dollar question ..

so we  watch and wait ..


Martial law

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:14 on September 19, 2014  

How many here have enough supplies to stay in their homes especially the young with children. Are they going to drop food packages to them? I doubt it. So what will they expect them to do starve?

who is it that is buying here?

Posted by drb2 @ 16:13 on September 19, 2014  

Gold Corp traded 8.5M shares today.  almost 2x ave volume.  price down $64.  big trades at end of market.

Obviously someone had to buy what was being sold

Anyone know how can the buyers be identified?  and why would they, or anybody, be so stupid to buy a gold stock?

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