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a good question

Posted by drb2 @ 23:38 on September 1, 2014  

Why Won’t the Miners Fight Back? | SilverDoctors.com



my answer is:

1)  management does not care.  they are on salary

2) Board of Directors is stuffed with bankers


Auandag @ 22:18 I Dont Know What The Hell YOUR Agenda Is….

Posted by Farmboy @ 22:31 on September 1, 2014  

I have seen first hand, up close and personal, enough of this waste of life. The Terror, the destruction. I have watched, and interdicted as much as I could. My mind and heart grows weary. Congratulations on your post. But, what the hell am I suppose to do now? I am old, and have grown so weary of this thing called ‘war’. You have a better plan, please pass it on. IF not, my eyes no longer wish to hear, nor my eyes to see. You want to pay for me an airplane ticket to go help these folks, well….I figure I have a few good shots left in me.


To tell me, inform me, of the horrors of war, and those losing their lives….I say spare me, and my conscience. I confessed the other day, that I wished I had killed more when I had the chance. I did cut a few some slack. And am sorry for doing so.




Course, you can talk it to ‘death’ from the comfort of your couch.

Its Just Collateral Damage

Posted by Auandag @ 22:18 on September 1, 2014  

Maybe my post tonight doesn’t appear at first glance to have a whole lot of relevance to what the esteemed JW had to say in todays interview.
But then again maybe it has a whole lot to do with where the US economy and its diplomatic standing in the world is heading and why.


I will take the liberty of quoting a paragraph from the writer of this post by Brad Cabana.
“This woman’s eyes have haunted me since 4:00 p.m. Ukraine time, June 2, 2014. Her name was Inna Kukuruza. She was a wife, a mother, and a citizen of Luhansk city. On that day, June 2, 2014, she made a fatal mistake walking past the City’s Administration building after work. She, and many others, had her life ended in a hail of unguided rockets fired by a lone Ukraine air force jet. However, unlike the rest of those dead around her, she did not die immediately. She lay there for seconds, all filmed by the ever present phone cameras, and asked to speak with her daughter. Then she died. What the picture above doesn’t show is her mangled legs, or her missing foot. She bled to death. My heart broke for her at that moment.”
We all need to know that this tragic death is a direct result of Washington meddling in the affairs of a sovereign country on Russia’s border. Inna is just one one thousands of innocent victims in these vicious games that the US plays all over the world.
This was particularly poignant for me to witness this photo and to remember that I too have a beautiful daughter of similar age who is the mother of two gorgeous granddaughters. If she was unfortunate enough to live in the Ukraine this could just as easily have been her wanting to speak to her wee daughters before she passed away.
As gory and tragic as this photo is, we as educated ‘informed’ westerners, need to see the havoc that the Obama regime wrecks indiscriminately on innocent people’s lives all over the world.

aurum @ 21:29 Have Thought of You…

Posted by Farmboy @ 22:15 on September 1, 2014  

Spent my early teenage years in both a recording studio, and a small record making plant. Was trying to locate a piece of plastic they once used to make a ‘vinyl record. Can remember the ‘plates’ used to make those vinyl records. Thought I still had one of those 4 x 6 inch piece of black plastic discs that they used to make a record. Have not been able to find one. I am sorry. Memories of that earlier times was a hot plant, over a hundred degrees in summer. A fella named ‘Tater’ pressing out those records, and I would take them off the press and throw a paper sleeve on them and run them through the heat shrink wrap machine to seal them in the album. I remember many a burn from the ‘sealing wires’. I remember the heat from the oven in August.


Still one of my faves of music. Digital is just too clean to suit me. I miss the needle in the groove, the crackles, hiss, and sounds of vinyl. I enjoy our posts of the ‘old days’. When the recording studio was a two inch tape with 24 tracks. I miss the smell of oil, and an olf hot record plant. Times where better back then, it seems.


Like your sunset. Kinda of has a gold lining don’t you think. Best to you, Barney and Mrs Aurum this evening, Farmboy


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:10 on September 1, 2014  

I agree about ETFs pulling money from the stocks and do they actually buy them? Good considerations. It’s the day traders was just referring to the constant attacks ment has for them that has little to do with large amounts if money going in and out of trades. Not that many day traders compared to target traders or seasonal traders and not in the same category. As far as institutional they have already been caught to a degree and are NOT new traders.

Round and Round She Goes

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:31 on September 1, 2014  

Ban on buying Russian bonds eyed as EU envoys meet

By Jan Strupczewski and Martin Santa

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Europeans could be barred from buying new Russian government bonds under a package of extra sanctions over Moscow’s military

role in Ukraine that European Union ambassadors were to start discussing on Monday, three EU sources said.

EU leaders decided at a summit on Saturday that the direct engagement of Russian troops in the war in eastern and southern Ukraine – still denied by Moscow – called for a stepping up of sanctions imposed so far unless Russia pulled its soldiers back.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who led the drive for a tougher EU response, said on Monday that Moscow’s behavior in Ukraine must not go unanswered, even if sanctions hurt the German economy, heavily dependent on imported Russian gas.

“I have said that (sanctions) can have an impact, also for German companies,” Merkel told a news conference in Berlin.

“But I have to say there is also an impact when you are allowed to move borders in Europe and attack other countries with your troops,” she said. “Accepting Russia’s behavior is not an option. And therefore it was necessary to prepare further sanctions.”

The leaders asked the executive European Commission to prepare further measures within a week, building on steps taken at the end of July, which targeted the energy, banking and defense sectors.

more http://news.yahoo.com/ban-buying-russian-bonds-eyed-eu-envoys-meet-121528257.html

“I’m hearing that a ban on buying Russian government bonds could be in the next package,” an EU official familiar with the preparations said.


Posted by aurum @ 21:29 on September 1, 2014  

I understand your feelings but I hope you reconsider.  I especially would miss you.

Barney and I watched sunset tonight and this was how it looked.

Sorry to use the competition but cannot upload my jpg’s here as always results in an error message.



001 edit. aurum you should have no problem posting pics. see sidebar under ‘menu’  for grin’s picture posting pointers. best wj

silverngold @ 21:05, Thank You Sir, As You Know, It Aint Always About Seeing….

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:19 on September 1, 2014  

its about ‘experiencing’.  Few see it, even fewer can appreciate it. I aint casting dispersion, just mentioning….if you don’t see., experience it, reveal in the majesty of it all…..you might be missing something. I am willing to share my experience this evening, was a most beautiful reminder. A reason to just sit and pause and reflect. Too many are too busy to notice.


Course, I am probably better ‘Blessed/’ than most men. One of my jobs yesterday was making cotton candy. There is something magical to hand a cotton candy to a little girl or boy, to see the wonder of it all in their eyes. And even better, to see their parents ‘steal’ a portion of that which brings back memori3es of years long ago passed. When innocence was King, and the taste of life and sugar so pure.


I was Blessed of all men. I handed out smiles. I looked into the heavens, and seen it through the eyes of wonderment. The eyes of a child.


Cant imagine, life any better than that.


Best, Farmboy

Farmboy…..Beautiful Sunset!!

Posted by silverngold @ 21:05 on September 1, 2014  

I’ve never seen anything man has created that even comes close to what God creates every day. I spent my entire life watching the sunrise, day after day, while most people have never seen one.

Thanks for sharing that beautiful sunset. :o) Silverngold

Buygold @ 20:50

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:04 on September 1, 2014  

That’s the spirit man! Buy those bonds they’ll always be worth something. A solid 4% when the inflation rate goes to 20% … and then someday I’m sure way before the 50 years are up you can start your fire with them or use them to wipe your bum! 🙂

grin @ 20:32

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:59 on September 1, 2014  

Don’t be a crazy man grin. You’re one of our pals and it would be a real bummer to see you go. Think on it and reconsider.

Your friend, ipso

So Grin…What Ya Think….??

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:58 on September 1, 2014  

Yesterday I worked about 14 hours to help a friend out. It was hot, in the mid nineties. (Welcome to the South), and get this, I have no idea what I will get paid. Well, if you need a picture of stupid, just show a pic of ole Farmboy. Yep, my friend almost lost his foot a week or so ago, so I stepped in to help him out. Lord, if I anit stupid. Worked  my arse off. But….at days end, I got to see some Labor Day fireworks. Even took a few pics. This one kinda said it all to me. That I am just passing through. That after the ‘Great Farmboy’ (grin) there will be another to rise and take my place. That if I have lived all my life, just for me, seeking fame and fortune just for me….well, I guess I might have missed the mark.


As the blue fades, thereis a bright light shooting upward to take my place. The ‘Circle of Life’ in a visual form. Perhaps in a chart form. Live, Love, & Laugh…..and that is the ‘chart’ I hope we all leave behind. And this, I bid your evening adieu. Going to miss you.


On The Way

Well Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 20:50 on September 1, 2014  

Whaddya mean? I’m all over those Spanish bonds! Are you kidding me? A solid 4% return? I’m in baby! All in! 🙂


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:48 on September 1, 2014  

I hope you realize my response was in jest and really not sure where your coming from. I agree that buy hold doesn’t work out well for them  except for maybe some core holdings buy and hold isn’t a smart trading pattern unless you have maybe 50 years to wait and get lucky with your picks. Critiquing or trying to dictate to other  traders be day trader TA Futures or shorts won’t change anything for them.

So Long My Friend Grin,

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:42 on September 1, 2014  

Happy Trails, It has been great sharing the trail with you. May your charts guide you to that Golden Pot you seek.


Still……take a few minutes wont you, and enjoy this day. A cheers to your hard work and efforts. This life, its all each of us will every know.


Always Best, Farmboy


ps) you ever seen a chart, a life, as beautiful as a sunset?

Did Ya Miss it? Life…?

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:37 on September 1, 2014  

We talk a lot bout riches and fortunes around here. Oh, how we all hope to someday be ‘Rich’. Well, I aint got two cents to rub together, but tonight I AM Rich.  This is the view from the warehouse ( yes…a warehouse) where I am living at the present. And I tell you, I am Rich. You could not, buy this kind of view, this peace, this feeling of the heart if you had Buffets riches.


Don’t ever confuse, Riches with Wealth.  Two things entirely different. Riches can be easily gained. Wealth, …..how many of you can paint such a sunset. From a warehouse door. My view this evening, may you all be so Blessed.  Chart this !!





Farmboy @ 20:08 on

Posted by grin @ 20:32 on September 1, 2014  

So long to all of you, best of luck.

Posted by MadMike @ 20:21 on September 1, 2014  


grin @ 19:59 Hold On ! First you took issue with Frostie, and now Goldie.

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:08 on September 1, 2014  

I am sorry your charts, plans, and life aint turning out like you want. But back off. Hey, here is an idea…..maybe you were wrong.


Damn, if that don’t stick in your craw. Course, in the long run, you might be proven right. Its your game son, play it as you see it. But don’t come down on my friends, and don’t come down on others that might think a little different than you do.


I think you might enjoy the place we left. Seems charting is all they do. Good luck. I am sure its all in the charts and signs. Best of luck, Farmboy.

Floridagold @ 19:40 That is the world which we now live in.

Posted by silverngold @ 20:07 on September 1, 2014  

Can’t argue with that, but we can each make an individual choice, and once I understood the purpose of ETF’s a few years ago I have never again used them as an investment vehicle. I know I cannot make a difference but it is against my principles to intentionally harm others for personal gain, and IMO that is what others are doing, once they understand the purpose of ETF’s, if they persist in buying and selling them.  Silverngold

goldielocks @ 18:01

Posted by grin @ 19:59 on September 1, 2014  

You can blame your (or my) stupidity on any one you like but get real and you/I may stand a friggen chance. Regardless of who’s fault it is you and/I will always be there holding the bag. Think about it and stop being so gdam dense .



Floridagold @ 19:40 A Man Has Got To Believe In Something…

Posted by Farmboy @ 19:54 on September 1, 2014  

sure as the day appears, to be followed by a sunset, a man has got to believe in something. I aint smart enough to say who has the best ‘Belief”, I do think a man will come along to form his own opinion.


Now some say a chart is the answer, the King’s Law. Some say, it is in an ounce. Let us each pick and choose our own.


And keep an open mind. For I have found as soon as I think I have it all figured out, a sure proof solution. Life has a way of changing the answers. In the mean time. I figure it best to count ounces in my hand. Probably too simple an answer, but that is what I’m going with. Others may make fortunes crossing these  Trader Killing Fields’, but a few ounces will suffice in the end for me.


Best, Farmboy, who thinks if you aint enjoying the richness of this life while it lasts, know what the true gold is…well here is a pictorial for those still on the sideline.  Took this last night at a small town Labor Day Celeabration. We just passing through, to soon be replaced by the next one.  Our lives will fade, in glory, but will be replaced by the next rising star. The former blue burst replaced by the new upcoming one. Such has been since the Beginning. Leave a smile, a burst of hope in our wake. Figure, its the best shot we got. Next?


On The Way

Important Day in History Today

Posted by commish @ 19:44 on September 1, 2014  

75 years ago September 1, 1939  Germany crossed over the border of Poland and the start of WW II.


goldielocks @ 18:01 “It was the day traders fault”

Posted by silverngold @ 19:32 on September 1, 2014  

Just had this conversation with a friend about what is at fault for the markets not performing as they once did.

I don’t think it has much to do with how long a person holds a position, whether it’s for an hour, a day, a week, a month or a lifetime. What I have always seen as the real culprit is the ETF’s. Nobody wants to admit it because it is so easy to buy and sell an ETF which tracks a certain sector, but as I’ve harped on before, the ETF’s are owned by the big banks and institutions who are NOT the investors friend. All they do is TRACK the sector or index they represent. What do you think they do with all the billions or trillions that investors put into them?? They have no obligation to BUY anything in the sector they represent. Do you think they just sit on those billions or trillions? Not likely!! What they do is use the ETF investors money to control the markets. It does not matter if the ETF tracks gold for example. The ETF can use that money to buy and sell the DOW or the S&P or anything else if they wish, or use that money to short the sector they represent. ETF’s are just a convenient way to rig the markets in whatever way the banks and institutions want the markets rigged.

Now if an ETF did not exist, all the money that goes into them would be spent on the actual sector stocks each investor wanted to buy or sell. Any attempt at rigging would be overcome because all the billions or trillions would be buying or selling individual stocks so it would be impossible for the riggers to control the markets, and so the markets would fluctuate to natural overbought or oversold conditions.
All ETF’s are  derivatives, and derivatives are an unregulated market, free to do as they please. So I disagree that day traders are to blame, but I totally believe ETF’s and their owners and those who use the ETF’s as  investment tools ARE to blame.
THAT WHICH IS SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN!!  But it’s hard to make people SEE this!! LOL!!! Who said “it is easier to fool people than to make them believe they’ve been fooled”. Boy is that true!! LOL!! All The Best. Silverngold

WANKA’S 14:35…

Posted by amals @ 18:58 on September 1, 2014  

Any pilots/aeronautical engineers around?  Is that possible with such a large jet at such low altitude?  Awe-inspiring.

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