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treefrog – Thanks for posting that summary

Posted by commish @ 23:54 on September 26, 2014  

963f7dce3aon what is going on in the Middle East.

i can see clearly now

Posted by treefrog @ 22:32 on September 26, 2014  


WANKA @ 10:32 Flagler’s Private RR car

Posted by Maya @ 21:34 on September 26, 2014  

I searched too, but I cannot find any interior pix of Flagler’s #90 private car.  It is owned by the Indiana Transportation Museum, of all strange places.  So far I have not been able to connect to the museum website at  www.itm.org.  The photographer that took that exterior shot, Casey Thomason, works as the Corp. rail photographer for Norfolk Southern also.  I’m hoping he took the interior tour and will post photos later.  That is a real historical gem!

Edit:  AHA!  Video of the car ‘in action’ with a few interior shots of the Opulence!


thanks farmboy

Posted by eeos @ 19:23 on September 26, 2014  

I like to try to be a jeweler of junk when it comes to producing architectural solutions.

And what a rip wanka…I don’t know why I didn’t join those guys years ago that buy junk silver



Posted by Buygold @ 18:17 on September 26, 2014  

As for the USD, it’s always brightest before sunset?toon1p

No other paper in the west is worth holding so the USD is the best of the crap? That is until the Saudi’s say they’ll take something other than USD’s for oil. Houston, we then have a problem. Course, as long as we’re attacking Syria and Assad, then the Saudi’s will probably be happy?

No way the USD goes to 50 against all the other garbage currencies of the west. That being said, 11 weeks in a row should be enough for a little pullback right? Maybe not.

Truth is, if the BRICS don’t do something to unseat the USD as reserve currency them pm’s are probably just garbage. Sad to say but it appears the crooks are winning again.

Willie and Organ say the collapse happens before the end of the year. I give them 100-1 odds.


I can’t think of any catalyst that will make gold go up

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:11 on September 26, 2014  

Today we had a “killer” [phoney?] GDP final revision of 4.6%–yet another–of many lately–strong gains in the $–strong stocks—the strong GDP means the taper program [death to gold] as rates will rise to a big, luscious 1/2 of one percent…So, again I pose this question= WITH ALL THE O-SO-GOLD-BEARISH for gold factors in play-[and O-so-bullish for U.S. paper assets]–why was gold down only 1.90 at 5:15 today and silver up 19–where is the dnside mo-mo?

ACCORDINGLY, I executed the following trade after the close today=

Sort By:
JNUG – 04:06
Bought 2000s @ $13.19 – Total: $26,387.00


Posted by Richard640 @ 17:59 on September 26, 2014  

Submitted by Phoenix Capital Research on 09/26/2014 10:05 -0400

“Buy stocks! It’s a great opportunity! They present great value.”

This is the non-stop mantra espoused on financial media. It’s simply astounding given that

1) Everyone with a modicum of sense knows stocks are in a bubble
2) Financial media viewership is plunging to multi-decade lows (you think they’d consider changing the content?)

Here are a few thoughts no one in the mainstream financial media seems to address.

First of all, corporate insiders are dumping shares at a pace not seen since 2000.

That’s correct. The folks who know more about their companies and future growth prospects than anyone in the world are unloading their shares as quickly as possible.

Investment legends are doing the same. Warren Buffett, perhaps the single biggest fan of stocks in the last 100 years is currently sitting on over $50 billion in cash. Buffett’s partner Charlie Munger recently commented that he has not bought a single stock in his personal portfolio in over two years.

Aside from Buffett and Munger, Carl Icahn, Stanley Druckenmiller and numerous other investment legends have warned of a potential market catastrophe. George Soros has even taken out a record size bet on the market collapsing.

Beyond the legends, institutional investors have been net sellers of stocks for most of 2014. The same goes for hedge funds. Do you think they’d be doing this if they thought stocks were offering a lot of opportunities and value today?

Market volume is collapsing to a dwindle and fewer and fewer companies area participating in the rally. Both of these are clear signs of a top forming. Nearly half of the stocks on the NASDAQ are down over 20% from their recent peaks.

Global growth is slowing down sharply. The only non-manipulated economic data point out of China (electricity consumption) shows GDP growth there is HALF of the official 7.5%. In Europe, Italy is back in recession for the third time since 2008. Germany’s economy contracted in the second quarter of 2014 and will likely be in recession before the first quarter of 2015. France has registered zero growth for six months now. And the US is showing anemic growth if any.


So we have corporate insiders selling the farm, investment legends warning of a collapse, institutional investors selling stocks, and global growth slowing rapidly.

And now is the time to buy stocks?     No, now is the time to prepare.—PHOENIX CAPITAL



From Murph tonight

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:49 on September 26, 2014  

TD: Rick, Warren Buffett is known for having said that a bull market is like sex in that it feels the best right before it ends. I asked you back in January, your thoughts on the general equities market. I’d like to ask again: When you look at the strength of the S&P 500, reaching all-time highs —what are your thoughts?

The activity of the commercials is gold bullish-been this way for a # of wks now-some folks on this forum say COT stats are irrelevant-so far they are right

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:32 on September 26, 2014  

[commercials “IS” supposed to be the smart money]


*The large specs decreased their long positions by 2,934 contracts and decreased their shorts by 844 contracts.

*The commercials increased their longs by 2,428 contracts and reduced their shorts by 4,364 contracts.

*The small specs decreased their longs by 2,035 contracts and increased their shorts by 2,667 contracts.

Normally, this would be a bullish report. However, the small specs are the winners so far.


*The large specs increased their long positions by 367 contracts and increased their shorts by 7,936 contracts.

*The commercials increased their longs by 3,135 contracts and reduced their shorts by 8,789 contracts.

*The small specs decreased their longs by 4,278 contracts and reduced their shorts by 657 contracts.

No surprises in either of the changes in the commercial positions.

Usdx on the move up again.

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 16:53 on September 26, 2014  

Grain and pm seem to be trying to hold firm here. Wheat may actually have put in a short term bottom. Cattle limit up today while box beef continues to slide further. Pig crop report out today states some herd expansion. Monday may be a wild day in the meat complex. Animals are coming to slaughter so fat they can hardly walk.



A f D on the march in Germany

Posted by Maddog @ 16:06 on September 26, 2014  

The EU and Zero are on borrowed time, the people have had enough and now as this article shows Germany has a real political alternative, made up of very serious  Hard Money” people.

I have a German  mate who has gone from very pro the EU, to pro the AfD….that is a journey many are beginning in Germany.



Floridagold @ 13:29 Dont See What All The Fuss Is About…

Posted by Farmboy @ 15:05 on September 26, 2014  

could take that lil ole ‘lovely and talented’ sweetheart in my sleep. She doesn’t even have horns. Least, I don’t think she has any. Look on the bright side, she could have fangs and be wrapped around my neck like those bankster squid things. 🙂

Warrior Witch


Posted by Maddog @ 15:01 on September 26, 2014  

Matt Taibbi when he was at Rolling Stone, he looks to have a new venture



That link might be worth sending to Bill Murphy, if anyone has his e-mail. maybe they will publish some of GATA’s stuff !!!!!!

R640 – concur

Posted by Buygold @ 14:41 on September 26, 2014  

We’re lucky it’s not a lot worse today.

CNBS reported that the USD is up 11 weeks in a row. The last time that happened was 1971 when the US went off the gold standard.

Go figure.ffab157f

Hard to see gold taking off with these huge dollar gains of late…for day traders, the hope today would be

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:31 on September 26, 2014  

stocks selling off before the close-but that’s looking unlikey–cause the “virtuous circle” [jerk] is still in effect for Gladstone Gander America….

SO WHY IS SILVER UP AND GOLD DOWN ONLY .5% if things are so gold bearish.

Maddog–who’s the writer who called then a vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity?

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:28 on September 26, 2014  

old socialists sometimes do wise up

Posted by treefrog @ 13:51 on September 26, 2014  


Slowly more and more info comes out about how Godamn Sucks controls everything.

Posted by Maddog @ 13:29 on September 26, 2014  

Via Zerohedge

Secret Recordings about how Goldman controls the NY Fed……



eeos BTW, Enjoyed Viewing Some of Your Work The Other Day

Posted by Farmboy @ 13:17 on September 26, 2014  

Meant to mention that to you but got busy doing something. Got a lot of talent there my friend.  Creativeness…think one can learn such a skill ? I think its a Gift. Good to see you putting it to such use.

eeos, Here’s An Idea ?

Posted by Farmboy @ 13:10 on September 26, 2014  

I am seeing more and more of those coin counting/vending machines. Where folks pour their coins and get a receipt, less the percentage the machine owner deducts. Finding them in grocery stores, convenience stores and the one at my bank most always has someone bringing in their bag or box of coins. Now besides the ‘fee’ for using the machine, I am guessing one could find quite a bit of those 90% coins thrown in the bunch.  Think of it as owning a silver mine without all the hole digging. 🙂



Dollar Gold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:09 on September 26, 2014  

Dollar making new highs, but Gold NOT making new lows, so far.

Gold might even be bottoming.

For TPTB to push the dollar way up like that, so fast, it has to be a big policy change, reasons not yet in the news.


Posted by eeos @ 12:23 on September 26, 2014  

I’d like to run one of those ads where we are asking for people’s silver coins and junk silver. and then when they call just tell them yea sure I’ll meet you. Look at thier goods…. and then just explain to them, well with silver prices so low. …we’re going to have to offer you a few dollars below spot because this is a risky investment for me. you want the cash or not? And the scam is exposed on how it really works

Just waiting for a call

Posted by commish @ 12:21 on September 26, 2014  

maytag-manfrom the Fat Lady.

This Is An Advertisement

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:08 on September 26, 2014  

Golly, the way they just keep pounding the PM’s I am thinking of starting up a business and I wanted all you folks to know just in case I can be of service.  Farmboy’s Recycling and Junk Removal Service. Figure at this rate, in another month or two some folks will be willng to pay me to back up my truck and haul off their gold and silver. No sense taking up valuable space in their homes storing the Barbaric Relics. Let me help you clear out that unused space. I will also be glad to take any aluminum or copper off your hands. Reasonable fees and 24 hour service guaranteed.


Always looking for ways to be of service, Farmboy

PIMCO’s Bill Gross to join Janus Capital at end of the month

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:59 on September 26, 2014  


Snip: “Bill Gross, who co-founded and led the giant fund manager Pimco for more than four decades, is leaving the company to join Janus Capital.

Investors have been pulling money out of Pimco’s Total Return Fund, the world’s biggest bond fund, for more than a year over worries about Gross’ ability to continue to deliver big returns. Investors have also been rattled by reports of a regulatory probe into the way Pimco has been valuing bonds in a smaller fund and by management turmoil at the company. In January, Gross’s heir apparent, Mohamed El-Erian, abruptly resigned.




Comment: The more one gets a peek under the hood of these markets, you have to wonder how much longer Richard’s 640 pie crust will last. Plenty of ‘tremors’ signaling something is about to blow.  Got Gold?

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