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Ororeef @ 21:30

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:56 on September 24, 2014  

re your…
“They( the Fed) stole the savings of the retired with zero interest rates ..how do they recover at age 65 + .They stole the equity from the houses with their mortgage liar loans crash .Who’s next on the list ? How do we export with a strong Dollar? Who is going to buy our surplus food with a strong Dollar ,Not Europe ! They wont imports GMO food, What poor country will import US food !”

All the bad things you described, happened all because the US consumers were SUCKERS, buying more imports (hiring foreigners) than they export, (trade deficit) for forty years.

And another thing of stupidity, we export good important stuff like food and fuel, increasing foreign demand makes those things cost more. Less outside demand? Cheaper food and fuel for Americans.

Then look at the stupid worthless stuff we IMPORT. Probably double the dollars of what we export….Can openers, coffee mugs, kitchen utensils, toys, and host of thousands of other things we can make ourselves.

The time to start fighting the US decline was 40 years ago. There was only one way….Resist buying anything imported. And that approach or info should have gone viral 40 years ago.

This can’t end Well

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:38 on September 24, 2014  

this wii not end well

Makings of a Conundrum

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:30 on September 24, 2014  

Its been my recollection that a Country’s Stock Market usually follows  its Currency

Well  if the Dollar being Forced up by Euro being forced down to save the Euro ”begs the Question Is a Stock Crash part of the DEAL ..Is  the FED  trying to sanitize the crash with a rising Dollar as one may mitigate the Damage of the other !

They( theFed) stole the savings of the retired with zero interest rates ..how do they recover at age 65 + .They stole the equity from the houses with their mortgage liar loans crash .Who’s next on the list ? How do we export with a strong Dollar? Who is going to buy our surplus food with a strong Dollar ,Not Europe ! They wont imports GMO food,!What poor country will import US food !

Really ! What a way to run a Country ! This cant end well!

and worrisome

Posted by Buygold @ 21:01 on September 24, 2014  

“Now for the dog of all dogs – SILVER – and I had to go back and forget the technicals and delve into the fundamentals. I’ll probably get screamed at but with all of the experts out there talking about the supply of physical silver being “tight”, I asked a friend of mine who is a mining engineer for a large base metals producer about silver and what he said was this: “We have tens of millions of ounces of silver in our dumps because when we are mining all of our lead, zinc, and copper, it would be too expensive to run it (the silver) through the circuit.” Well, maybe the depressed copper price is forcing some of these silver credits into the market so these miners can make their number. Maybe the silver royalty guys haven’t sewn up all that ancilliary silver that is bi-product. Here’s my point: Silver should NOT be crashing – JPM or NO JPM – unless there is a source of supply other than “paper”. It sure looked cheap in June with seasonality coming in at two or three standard deviations from the norm but it has been a disgustingly bad trade. Luckily, I used the October $20 and $18 calls as my leveraged “proxy” for silver and my exposure was at least “contained”. Whatever the case may be, it’s no wonder that Sprottie left the party for PL/PA (platinum/palladium) where the rigging is somewhat contained. I have found it far easier to trade the miners so from here on out, you’ll never see a silver comment from me EVER again. There are no “fundamentals” for ANYTHNG these days that I can use as a basis for trade analysis and the one commodity that defies all “published” data is silver. Having said all this, I took some qualudes and bought 100 SLV May $50 calls today. Then I read Hunter F. Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail” for the seventh time. Then I kicked my dog. Timing is everything.”

and more worrisome…

“Dear Bill,
For a number of years I have worked under the assumption that Russia and China are in the hard money camp given their desire to topple and eventually replace the dollar. Whilst I think this is still their ultimate intention, it’s becoming increasingly clear they are not going to flick the reset switch until they have to. Speculation that the head of the Bank of China may be replaced by a more aggressive inflationist supports this conclusion which probably means that the current fiat regime will continue for longer than would otherwise be the case.

The Western gold and silver paper markets will still default at some point and this will force the reset but we shouldn’t assume that either Russia or China are seeking a reset as an objective in itself. The decline in Chinese inventories nonetheless bears watching because if there was any likelihood of a Shanghai default the Chinese would surely pull the trigger on the COMEX because they wouldn’t want the reputational damage of one of their exchanges being the first to fail.
Best regards

Oh, make that 55 times in a row and 102 of 106. Normal market action.

Posted by Buygold @ 20:52 on September 24, 2014  

“Clearly, the weather vane remains in the same direction that is been pointing for some time. It is like a reign of terror which never ends. Oversold conditions have meant nothing, etc. All the matters AT THE MOMENT is The Gold Cartel’s agenda. The proof in the pudding of that is that silver has opened lower something like 54 times in row in the Access Market. There are many ways to analyze the precious metals markets, via various techniques, but there is NO OTHER WAY to explain the forced silver market action except to acknowledge a malignant force is at work. No other market in all of history could have done something 54 times in a row.”

hold those phiz purchases

Posted by eeos @ 19:48 on September 24, 2014  

people I follow and like on Twitter are calling for the dollar the hit 88 fast. I’ll patiently wait and hope it doesn’t run away from me

ISIS – Brought back to life

Posted by commish @ 18:23 on September 24, 2014  

Scruffy 7:35

Posted by MadMike @ 17:58 on September 24, 2014  

Not just for Farmboy, I bookmarked it too. Many thanks.

Damn, going hungry again tonight, phishing ain’t what it used to be.

Posted by macroman3 @ 17:56 on September 24, 2014  

Maybe have to take up noodling

edit, whoops, looks like goldi already took up noodling in her 17:52


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:52 on September 24, 2014  

Yep and worse than that finding one in the toilet after you used it.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:47 on September 24, 2014  

Any info about Manson is usually more than people want to know.

Yep gotta watch those roaches dropping their Pods about. They even eat their own young so when people ask why they don’t think about the future well there you go.  This environment thing is a joke. Heard China Canada and another didn’t show up. While their talking about global warming they can do nothing about Fukashima is spewing it’s radiation upon the ocean waters for years now. One of their failed green choices they can’t even figure out what to do about. So what’s goona kill us first global warming or them?

Goldielocks 15:37

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:44 on September 24, 2014  

Whats worse than finding a worm in your apple …?

Finding half a worm…hehe

goldielocks @ 17:24 Goldie, That Might Be More Information Than I Care To Know…

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:28 on September 24, 2014  

however, it does open up another possibility why Obama has no birth certificate. (grin)


Now get back to sterilizing all those politicians and banksters so they cant breed.




Posted by goldielocks @ 17:24 on September 24, 2014  

Manson was one guy who slipped through the cracks and that was unfortunate for many. The guy is gonzo. I heard from a nurse that saw him he pulls his pubic hairs out and makes bugs out of them and does a artistic job and sells them. So if you see some if these politicians made out of pubic hair that’s probably Manson.

Hey goldie, any truth to the goulish Halloween party down yer way…

Posted by macroman3 @ 16:48 on September 24, 2014  

Is Cali-Fete be heading for Death Valley? Manson will be paroled in time to be MC?

From Murph tonight

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:48 on September 24, 2014  

Can gold and silver really fail when stocks and bonds fall?

Posted on 24 September 2014

If the Fed holds its course this autumn then a day of reckoning is coming both for stocks and bonds. For stocks basically the money will run out, the QE lifeline is cut. For bonds higher interest rates are toxic

In such circumstances can the precious metals really fail to rally as safe haven options? This is not 2008-9 when interest rates fell through the floor and boosted bonds to the immediate detriment of gold and silver.

Toxic interest rates

What is left for investors when their known universe of stocks, bonds and let us not forget real estate take a pasting? It’s always been the same in any money bubble in history: gold and silver are the only winners as the money that the central banks can not print.

The giant, debt-fuelled investment bubble pumped up since the global financial crisis by the central banks is like any other bubble in history. It will have to be purged from the system.

The foolish thing to imagine is that the central bankers will be in charge during this unwinding process. They can try to help banks here and there but the lesson of history is that when the markets take over then the central bankers are exposed as manipulative charlatans with no real power.

It is not really going to be any different this time is it? The problem for the naysayers is that central banks always look more and more omnipotent until they suddenly are not. The consensus is utterly convinced these guys can walk on water until they fall in and drown.

Good timing

Gold and silver holders have the right asset at the right time eventually. Holding US treasuries or stocks that are both in huge valuation bubbles right now will be seen to be sheer lunacy with the benefit of hindsight.

Never before will so much be lost by so many in this correction. Holding the antithesis of these assets makes excellence good sense and indeed many rich investors around the world are stocking up on precious metals, not least of whom are the central banks who of course know exactly what is coming.

Remember too that the US dollar will quickly reverse when its bond market crashes.

From Murph tonight

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:40 on September 24, 2014  

13:08 Chicago Fed President Evans maintains dovish position on monetary policy
Evans is “very uncomfortable with calls to raise the policy rate sooner than later” and continues to believe the Fed should err on the side of patience in reducing monetary accomodation
Once rates do increase, Evans believes the increases should be shallow in order to maintain the economy’s momentum
The economy is still underperforming both in terms of unemployment and inflation, according to Evans
Evans said the FOMC should have a great deal of confidence that they won’t be forced to backtrack on their moves and face another period at the zero low bound.
Evans has previously argued that the first tightening in policy should not come until the second half of 2015 or even early 2016.
Evans is an alternate FOMC member in 2014; will be a voting member in 2015
Prepared comments were made in a speech delivered today at the Peterson Institute’s Conference on Labor Market Slack, Washington, D.C.

Draghi says ECB will keep loose policy ‘for long time’: Reuters cited comments from ECB President Mario Draghi, who reiterated that the central bank will maintain its loose monetary policy for as long as it takes to push Eurozone inflation closer to the 2% level. He added that while ECB is determined to do whatever it takes to stimulate growth, it is essential that member countries also push through with reforms. He stressed that the risk of countries, such as France, doing too little is greater than the risk of doing too much.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:37 on September 24, 2014  

What’s worse than a cockroach? A pregnant one. So don’t let them keep laying those eggs all over the place and expanding their territory.


Posted by Buygold @ 15:33 on September 24, 2014  

indeed, why not down $20 today?

I’m telling ya, there’s going to be a pm rally that shocks everyone pretty soon.

Even the crooks will take advantage of it. Why not?

BOJ buying hell out of Nickei

Posted by Maddog @ 15:28 on September 24, 2014  



The BoJ now holds 1.5% of the entire Japanese equity market cap (or roughly JPY 480 trillion worth)


Words fail me……I bet if we could look at the PPT’s books they probably own 500 % of the US mkt !!!!!!!!

Buygold-Nightmare indeed! but why isn’t gold down 15-25-50 bucks??????? with all these O-so-gold-negative factors in play today? Encore une fois-Je vous pose cette question!?

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:15 on September 24, 2014  

I gotta think  some kind of bottom or bounce could be nigh…at the least, an oversold bounce…


Plunge Protection Team Scrambling

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:05 on September 24, 2014  

Dow up 161 points. They aren’t buying just Bonds to keep rates low to support retail and real estate. They’re doing something for stocks too.

Stocks bonds and real estate are the modern “MONEY” in this system. They are protecting or maintaining the value of the artificial “MONEY.”

They can’t have the fake MONEY lose value. It would be a net contraction in MONEY supply. People would feel poorer. And not spend.


The nightmare of the goldbug

Posted by Buygold @ 14:57 on September 24, 2014  

Oil up, Nat gas up, copper up, gasoline up, SM way up

Gold and silver down.

The nightmare continues, but I suspect for not much longer. Course I’m nuts. 🙂

ment, Farmboy

Posted by Buygold @ 14:47 on September 24, 2014  

ment – the USD does have a half life, just wondering if it has a long life left. You are really negative today, I remember when you used to ridicule anyone who was negative on pm’s or pm stocks. Talking about your mother-in-law getting rich and stuff. Straighten up son, you’re losing your edge – snip.

A happy mother-in-law is a happy life, snip lol

Farmboy – don’t get all happy, Goldie was just sayin’ sometimes they protect their frogs…she wasn’t referring to “specific frogs”toon2n

Mentor PS

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:44 on September 24, 2014  

The problem of global influences or managers is, they want to help the US consumer, and private small business tax payers get better, but at the same time…They don’t want to take any business activity and prosperity back from where they gave it to.

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