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a little over eight inches of rain here today…

Posted by treefrog @ 23:42 on December 23, 2014  

…another band of t-storms out by pensacola and headed this way.  it looks even bigger than today’s storm.


…and another one behind that.


in this kind of weather, it’s good to be a frog.


ribbitt!  ribbitt!  kneedeep!  i’m dreaming of a wet christmas!


Posted by Moggy @ 22:48 on December 23, 2014  

Santa has a flat

Are things looking up(?) for the PM investor.

Posted by silverngold @ 21:38 on December 23, 2014  

Well, at least things can’t get much worse. Wonder why Maya hasn’t posted this beauty?? Maybe while we’re waiting for our train to come in we can rent out a few of these deluxe units to help maintain our lavish lifestyle??

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 19:03 on December 23, 2014  

For MacroMan3… lost on the Tehachapi loop


When the grocery store shelves are empty, this amazing Food Rising invention will keep you well fed and nourished

Posted by newtogold @ 17:31 on December 23, 2014  

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048071_Food_Rising_grow_systems_security.html#ixzz3MlLoUNKF

Amazing Grace

Posted by joe12pack @ 17:29 on December 23, 2014  


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:09 on December 23, 2014  

It’s people like her that will cause a attack on freedom of speech next. I think she is promoting anti American propaganda. Another reason industrial country’s should restrict immigration.

Vaccines Made From Cancer Tumors Coming To An Arm Near You

Posted by joe12pack @ 16:54 on December 23, 2014  

Is this the same kid, only 2 years later?? Just asking!!

Posted by silverngold @ 15:37 on December 23, 2014  

gun ad kids

I can think of a great sequel to the anti-gun video

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:21 on December 23, 2014  

Same kid , same mother , middle of the night . Both awaken to the sound of a window being smashed .

Cut to lower floor , and three goons armed with machetes crawling in .

Back upstairs – mother jumps out of bed and pulls open the drawer , frantically searching for the missing gun , screaming “Where is it ? Where is it ? ”

Fade to black in a scene where the perps are returning downstairs , blood everywhere , leaving two bodies in the hall , high-fiving , and carrying away enough loot for a weeklong binge of drugs .

Final scene , two coffins side by side , with another mother at the service telling her child ” The police arrived too late to help them .”

Portugeezer @14:48 – Apology excepted

Posted by commish @ 15:15 on December 23, 2014  

cow Mooo

Smart Meters-Something else to Worry About!

Posted by Auandag @ 15:13 on December 23, 2014  

I never realized what a health hazard these things are, never mind the invasion of privacy!


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:07 on December 23, 2014  

Just saw one of her videos ” made time.” Your so right she may have some mental issues and I just posted in comments on it. Hey teach can you take this I don’t feel safe. This person is a agitator and either has total ignorance to the law or total disregard and what teacher would set themselves up for a gun theft rap. That if someone could delete it cuz ” I don’t feel safe with this promotion of children stealing lethal weapons ” in so many words lol  In reality how many people keep their gun in a drawer anymore anyways. Or least hope to think they don’t. Really out there maybe a desperate attention getting for herself and hope it doesn’t work for her that it’s just banned. They can ban cigarette advertisements they can ban felony advertisements.

Macro, don’t know if any roads south are not to occupied anymore. Mass immigration.

Happy Hour in 4hrs ……. I will be finished work until monday !!

Posted by winedoc @ 14:59 on December 23, 2014  

Merry Christmas,   Everyone ……….  and a Happy New Year  !!!

Dow 18000


Gold under $1200

Silver under $16

I plan to buy a Sterling Silver platter in Halifax, and  since silver has been beat down so low, I’m looking forward  to  a nice purchase price.

Onward Pilgrims





Posted by goldielocks @ 13:52 on December 23, 2014  

Short on time. What are you saying? That this woman is advocating children take the guns away from their parents and bring them to school? So they can have them taken by another kid or the wrong person? To tell them so steal from their parents? Putting children in harms way?  And she thinks that’s gong to solve the problem while creating more problems encluding kids possibly getting killed and if not killed expelled? Well one thing for sure some people should not be allowed around lethal weapons and she’s one of them. What do they advocate in their country where guns already illegal? Taking all knives out of the home? Maybe she’s working for Al Queda?

Todays phoney-baloney GDP report

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:49 on December 23, 2014  

Here Is The Reason For The “Surge” In Q3 GDP

Tyler Durden on 12/23/2014 11:45 -0500

Obamacare Personal Consumption

Back in June, when we were looking at the final Q1 GDP print, we discovered something very surprising: after the BEA had first reported that absent for Obamacare, Q1 GDP would have been negative in its first Q1 GDP report, subsequent GDP prints imploded as a result of what is now believed to be the polar vortex. But the real surprise was that the Obamacare boost was, in the final print, revised massively lower to actually reduce GDP!

This is how the unprecedented trimming of Obamacare’s contribution to GDP looked like back then.

Of course, even back then we knew what this means: payback is coming, and all the BEA is looking for is the right quarter in which to insert the “GDP boost”. This is what we said verbatim:

Don’t worry thought: this is actually great news! Because the brilliant propaganda minds at the Dept of Commerce figured out something banks also realized with the stub “kitchen sink” quarter in November 2008. Namely, since Q1 is a total loss in GDP terms, let’s just remove Obamacare spending as a contributor to Q1 GDP and just shove it in Q2.

In short, two-thirds of the “boost” to final Q3 personal consumption came from, drumroll, the same Obamacare which initially was supposed to boost Q1 GDP until the “polar vortex” crashed the number so badly, the BEA decided to pull it completely and leave this “growth dry powder” for another quarter. That quarter was Q3.

http://www.zerohedge.comSource: Q3 GDP report: second revision, Q3 GDP report: final revision


Richard 640 23:14 Dec. 22

Posted by North @ 13:42 on December 23, 2014  

Thank you for your response, Richard. I appreciate it a lot. 🙂

Jnug reverse split

Posted by North @ 13:33 on December 23, 2014  

These reverse splits in these market vehicles of mass destruction can be brutal to a portfolio.

PARAMOUNT GOLD AND SILVER CORP. SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Rigrodsky & Long, P.A. Announces Investigation Of Buyout

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:22 on December 23, 2014  


Flashing their IQ as they destroy planet earth??

Posted by silverngold @ 12:38 on December 23, 2014  

No words necessary!!


edit: I’m not a prude but pic needed deletion. wj

Ukraine takes historic step toward NATO

Posted by Maddog @ 12:22 on December 23, 2014  


One for ten reverse share move in JNUG overnight

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:57 on December 23, 2014  

Some brokerages may not properly display today’s delta . Mine doesn’t .


Sincic – another case of trying to impose their immigrant culture on the rest of us

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:46 on December 23, 2014  

That YouTube idiocy reminds me of a case which came up a few years ago when Hindu immigrants to a Toronto suburb actually had a bylaw passed forbidding outdoor barbecue , because the odor of cooking meat offended them . The resulting uproar forced a rapid retraction of the bylaw ( which should never have passed in the first place ) .

As I stated yesterday , my wife and I are naturalized citizens of the USA . We came to embrace the fundamental principles of the Constitution and Bill of Rights . Those who come to ‘fundamentally change’ America are at their core , anarchists , in my view .

African Gold Group, Inc. Announces Filing of Preliminary Economic Assessment and Year-End Progress Report

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:04 on December 23, 2014  


WANKA @ 10:40

Posted by silverngold @ 10:51 on December 23, 2014  

Isn’t she the same person said to be a substitute teacher that was tragically “killed” in the Sandy Hook Hoax?? Can’t swear to it but there was one who sure looks like her that was said to be from Canada……and now this is continuing the same false flag gun confiscation agenda.    Silverngold

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