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Normally I would segue into Cover of the Rolling Stone…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:59 on December 2, 2014  

Instead a song about carparts…

I wouldn’t expect the good doc to have insomnia 2 nights in a row (there’s a prescription for that) , but just in case…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:57 on December 2, 2014  


5 Complete Lies About America’s New $18 Trillion Debt Level

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:42 on December 2, 2014  

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/02/2014 16:31 -0500

We are well over 100%. The real deficit – taking away all the bookeeping tricks they employ – in 2012 per John Williams was 6.6 trillion, so annual spending exceeds 10 trillion FOR ONE YEAR. Counting all the promised entitlements you get to 70-80 trillion in actual debt.

It’s going to be a crash of Biblical proportions.

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Tue, 12/02/2014 – 17:09 | 5510452Greenskeeper_Carl

ya, we are passed the point of no return, thats for sure. If we were forced to account for liabilities like SS/medicare the way a publically traded company has to account for their current and future retirees pensions, we are well over 100 T in debt. And the real yearly deficit is far larger. depending on who you ask, our unfunded liabilities are between 70- 200 trillion dollars, which it really doesnt matter which figure is correct, we are f-ed either way. and each year, while we may “only” add a little less than a trillion each year to the ‘debt’, we are adding between 4-6 trillion each year onto our true(unfunded liabilities) debt


Ororeef @ 21:52

Posted by silverngold @ 22:25 on December 2, 2014  

Aha, and thanks for the info. I am basically PC challenged so had no idea how to rid my PC of them. I’ll try your suggestions and see if I can eliminate the scripts. Thank you for the help.    Silverngold

Could the Russian economic collapse spark a global rush to buy physical gold and silver by other nations and sovereign wealth funds?

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:25 on December 2, 2014  

Could the Russian economic collapse spark a global rush to buy physical gold and silver by other nations and sovereign wealth funds? Eventually, a change in psychology for precious metals could affect our junior mining positions trading at pennies on the dollar to see explosive gains.

Many Central Banks around the world have a zero or negative interest policy. This expansion of fiat currency on the market has never occurred before yet investors are flocking to the US dollar in record proportions. However, smart investors are already positioning ahead of the masses. When the US dollar bubble pops and follows other currencies lower, then gold and silver may appear as the new safe haven. It is at this time where our junior miners which are trading at pennies could be trading for dollars.

When this financial event occurs it will be too late to buy. One has to prepare ahead of the storm. The sages ask who is wise? One who sees the future. It’s easy to recognize what’s happening now. Being able to see the developing storms ahead and acting upon it before it hits is the challenge. The rebound in precious metals could be one of a series of gaps higher. Right now look for a rally to begin when the recent downtrend in gold since July is broken to the upside at $1205.

For the past 70 years, Americans have lived in economic luxury like we have never seen before in human history. This has been due to huge increases in debt and borrowing. The Roman emperor’s would be jealous of the average American and Monday Night Football. More Americans care about the top Quarterback ratings rather than the debt level. Only a small minority of Americans and Swiss are concerned about the dangerous debt levels in Europe, Japan and the United States.



Posted by Maya @ 22:14 on December 2, 2014  

I’ve seen worse days, for sure.  But I cannot remember the last time a saw such a ‘flatline’ for G&S prices… barely a pulse there!  Did everybody stop trading?

silverngold @ 18:38

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:52 on December 2, 2014  

Down load “NO SCRIPT 2.6.9 ” and you can control what web Pages can send scripts to you  .I had same problem even on this web site  !    Google Browser is bad about it…I use firefox  and “add on ..No SCRIPT”

If sombody  dont like what you say they overload you with scripts ..similar to “denial of service ” hack ”  basicly overload your system….

scripts are memory HOGS adding more mem also helps ,but scripts will just keep adding more as much as your computer can handle until it has no memory left.

Baghdad, Iraqi Kurds strike far-reaching oil deal

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:25 on December 2, 2014  

The Iraqi government has agreed to share the country’s vast oil wealth with Kurdish regional authorities in a landmark deal that could repair long-broken relations and help unify the armed effort against ISIL insurgents in the country.

Under the deal struck on Tuesday, 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil from Kirkuk will be exported via a pipeline through Kurdish territory into Turkey, in addition to 250,000 bpd from Kurdish oil fields. The crude will be sold by Iraq’s state oil marketing organization (SOMO), representing a major compromise by the Kurds, who have long insisted the constitution entitles them to sell oil on their own terms.

In return, Baghdad will resume budget payments to the Kurdish regional government (KRG), which has faced a financial crisis ever since the federal government cut funding to them early this year. Baghdad will also disburse $1 billion toward salaries and equipment of the Kurdish peshmerga forces, who have proven more successful than the Iraqi army in fending off the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) offensive.

The agreement will help Iraq boost crude exports at a time when its budget has been severely strained by tumbling oil prices and the steep costs of its war against ISIL, which has seized swathes of northern and western Iraq.

The deal was seen as the biggest political victory yet for Iraq’s new prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, who replaced sectarian predecessor Nouri al-Maliki in September.

The accord was also cheered in Washington, which has worked tirelessly to stave off the collapse of the Iraqi state as ISIL consolidates control over Sunni minority lands. In a Twitter post, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq Brett McGurk called the deal an “important breakthrough.”

more http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2014/12/2/iraq-oil-deal.html

commish @ 19:41

Posted by silverngold @ 21:05 on December 2, 2014  

Thanks for the new url. I’ve screamed and yelled “FALSE FLAG HOAX” from the day after it supposedly happened, and then watched piecemeal the various sources that proved it was a hoax over and over again, but there are still people out there that believe their government could not be mixed up in anything so underhanded and dishonest. I hope all efforts are made to expose this fraud to the entire general public so they come to realize what a group of sleazebags they have elected to run America into the ground. This kind of activity is worse than treasonous IMO, and the actors, politicians, and people who were involved and are still making money on this gigantic lie perpetrated on America are also guilty of the same criminal acts as those who hired them.

If any of you still have doubts about this hoax please watch as conclusive proof after proof is presented that cannot be refuted or denied.  Here’s the site again.  http://www.mediasolidarity.com/watch_video.html


Harvey Organ has a new website up

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:17 on December 2, 2014  


silverngold @ 18:48

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:11 on December 2, 2014  

I hope it works out that way. If we get ignition a nice $60 or $70 pop would be A-OK with me. 😉

silverngold – I watched it last night.

Posted by commish @ 19:41 on December 2, 2014  

It’s like 2 1/2 hours. Now if people would use their heads for something more than a hat rack they can conclude that Sandy Hook was one hell of a staged event.

Vimeo and YouTube said this is too hot to handle. The producers have it up on their site intact.  http://www.mediasolidarity.com

ipso facto @ 13:59

Posted by silverngold @ 18:48 on December 2, 2014  

Your silver and gold charts are both very constructive flags. Thanks for sharing.    Silverngold

commish @ 15:47

Posted by silverngold @ 18:38 on December 2, 2014  

Probably only a coincidence but I was watching the video, about 25 minutes in when my computer began to load up with scripts that stopped the video and disabled my computer. When I was finally able to stop the scripts the video was dead. When I refreshed the video I got your message. I’ll assume the scripts running that stopped the video were just coincidence unless others report experiencing the same problem.       Silverngold

Scruffy @ 17:48

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:03 on December 2, 2014  

So much for breaking the crimex.

Very disappointing.

We Live in a Kingdom of Lies

Posted by commish @ 15:47 on December 2, 2014  

To much truth.  Video has been pulled by the powers that be.

Stupid large selling in GDX

Posted by Maddog @ 15:23 on December 2, 2014  

Money no object…just price capping.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:17 on December 2, 2014  

Gold just went over $1200 but I know what you’re saying. It’d be surprising if the market closes with gold over that number, nice round number.

There is hope you know, it’s just sort of … faint.

PS The bride will be found out on her wedding night! :mrgreen:


Posted by Maddog @ 14:59 on December 2, 2014  

yeah not bad at all……but they have Oil under the cosh big time and of course 1200 is a total no, no…plus they have levitated the SM on pure air, yet again !!!!!

It’s all just so obvious, even more than putting lipstick on a pig and tr ying to sell it as a mail order bride!!!!!

Why Do Our Brains Age? Scientists Reveal The Real Reason

Posted by eeos @ 14:10 on December 2, 2014  

How the brain ages is still largely an open question – in part because this organ is mostly insulated from direct contact with other systems in the body, including the blood and immune systems.

In research that was recently published in “Science,” Weizmann Institute researchers Prof. Michal Schwartz and Dr. Ido Amit  found evidence of a unique “signature” that may be the “missing link” between cognitive decline and aging. Their findings showed that the health of one’s immune system plays an important role in maintaining normal function in the brain, and preventing deteriorating cognition. The scientists believe that this discovery may lead, in the future, to treatments that can slow or reverse cognitive decline in older people.

Until a decade ago, scientific dogma held that the blood-brain barrier prevents the blood-borne immune cells from attacking and destroying brain tissue. Yet in a long series of studies, Schwartz’s group showed that the immune system actually plays an important role both in healing the brain after injury and in maintaining the brain’s normal functioning. They have found that this brain-immune interaction occurs across a barrier that is actually a unique interface within the brain’s territory. Read more

So we give some back

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:59 on December 2, 2014  

but we keep most of what we gained yesterday

Gold 5 day

Silver looks a little better than gold today

silver 5 day

Lunch Break

Posted by winedoc @ 11:48 on December 2, 2014  

USD breakout is impressive !!

PM’s not so great a buying opportunity for us Canucks

1 Oz  Gold Maple at Scotiabank is $1500 CDN plus incidentals

Oh ……  thats right  ……. they are sold out for the last two weeks 🙂

Kitco’s got plenty though …….


Bill Holter re: the oil price drop

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:32 on December 2, 2014  


Putting this all together I will ask some questions, however, there are no firm answers yet. Who is really behind this? Would the U.S. cut the legs out from under their own shale industry or is it more likely the Chinese wooed Saudi Arabia into aiding them in filling their reserves? If it is China rather than the U.S., what does this say about Saudi Arabia? Are they in the process of switching allegiances? Is this a case where they are abandoning the petrodollar? I obviously do not have the answer but I will ask another question or two. Is it possible China has swayed Saudi Arabia by promising to pay them with something real? Like gold? Could this even be possible? It is already rumored that Russia is trading oil for gold, maybe the Saudis have seen this and a light bulb went on for them?

Financially, yes I believe it is possible but not probable. Much more likely would be payment in yuan. Would Saudi Arabia accept the paper of another sovereign in the place of dollars? In my opinion they would …if they are able to see the writing on the wall. Has China let the Saudis in on their future plans for their currency? Maybe a gold backed yuan? A gold backed yuan which is backed by or one that is ratio pegged to gold? Does China have enough gold to do this? Let me say this, China very probably has as much gold (or much more) as the U.S. “claims to have.” Would this be enough gold? The answer of course depends entirely on what “price” they value or peg gold at. At “some price”, China can go to a 100% gold backed yuan, any country can …if they have gold and the international price is high enough.

This is much speculation on my part but it does make common sense. The U.S. may believe we can bankrupt Russia with low oil prices …and this is “our” plan, I don’t believe it is “the” plan. In fact, the argument can be made that not only does this hurt (destroy) our shale industry, crashing oil prices actually endangers our financial system. After six years of trying to reflate the system via outright monetization, would we really risk a wildfire of deflation? I don’t think so. I believe it is much more likely this is a Chinese/Saudi partnership play where they both “win” and the U.S. is left out in the cold. This would also be a terminal event for the U.S. petrodollar and a “polite” way for the Chinese to move center stage. If this is so, we will be watching the formation of a “new world order,” just not the one the Rockefellers had in mind!



Posted by goldielocks @ 11:13 on December 2, 2014  

The young told me a joke and example if how their watching everything. Edited CIA signed up for a Tweet account. Their first statement was,  This may or may not be their first tweet.” They can neither confirm or deny.”

Richard 10:33

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:08 on December 2, 2014  

Dollar last game in town but current political anti capital suicidal gov  is making a mockery of that, so in time. We have internal and moral  breakdown of the constitution with demos on the left wanting votes and on the right wanting cheap labor and wall streets just a false front to the problems it’s created to society which once was the driving force of creating prosperity. The young aren’t as blind as they think and are very keen on information highways which Obama wants to try to stop by selecting who can have sites including alternative media which threatens their propaganda. This won’t stop the young, you see how fast they can communicate and organize. They may seem quiet they are but not to each other. Their giving the old dogs that can’t learn new tricks enough time to hang themselves. Their about fed up with them. Will they drive gold to a underground currency I don’t know but do know these young will be in a better place physically to live in a barter system than these old dogs in gov. And at some point will be sending them off to those old folks homes.

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