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Posted by redneckokie1 @ 23:11 on December 27, 2014  

Its all for one (bankers and politicians) and every man for himself (us). We can only save ourselves (maybe).


redneckoakie1 – Oklahoma City

Posted by commish @ 22:26 on December 27, 2014  

Talk about a cover up.  And just think Hillary Clinton could be our next President. We can have this discussion but remember 95-98 per cent of the populous are status quo.  Haven’t a clue or care what is really going on.



Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:15 on December 27, 2014  

My last name happens to be Tate and I lived in Long Beach, California when the murders happened. Whoever wrote that article inserted a lot of used oats. If you want a real conspiracy, read the book by Jana Davis about the Oklahoma City bombing.

My ship was stationed in Long Beach and several of the crew members lived in the LA area and had family in law enforcement and the courthouse. Sharon Tate was the poster girl for the murders and all the rumors. Nobody sees Abigail Folger, the coffee heiress. It’s the same for all the others killed that night. Far too many holes and suggestions in that story.

Check out Karen Silkwood also.



Posted by commish @ 21:37 on December 27, 2014  

The author is trying to show that this was not a spontaneous event but one that was planned way in advanced.  Death to Pigs was written on the walls.  That theme seems to be coming around again. Wings on Pigs.  Michael Brown happened to be killed by police on August 9th (45 years to the day of the Tate Murders).  Ain’t that one strange coincidence.

@Richey re Armstrong trashes gold again

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:33 on December 27, 2014  

re part:
“However, there must be first severe economic pain before we get the change. What people do not grasp is the extent of bad loans outside the USA that amounts to massive capital destruction (deflation). ”

First of all the entire system has already gone thru a lot of pain for decades.
I think the guy is WRONG. The entire system imo is trying to right itself. In Reverse from decades of distorted values.

Oil and diesel fuel is supposed to be cheap like firewood. Not so expensive like these days. Gold is supposed to have a lot of buying power. These days it still does not have a lot of buying power.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:56 on December 27, 2014  

Manson is still in jail as so as some of the others. One died in jail even though she married a attorney and became a model prisoner one of the things she said to the very pregnant S. Tate was she had no pity for her and her sister reminded the parole board. They would of got the death penalty if it wasn’t stopped and all death sentences at that time were commuted to life. I know people who worked at one of the prisons he was at who work there before he was transferred to Cockrin ” know people there too”  spelling needed south of prior prison where also a infamous person was there can’t remember the name: one of the two brothers who killed their parents the father being a Hispanic comedy actor shot them with shot guns while they were sitting on the couch eating ice cream then blamed it on a invader.

Conspiracy Theories

Posted by commish @ 19:24 on December 27, 2014  

The government has been involved in these false flags longer that people realize.  August 9, 1969 45 years ago is one case that was never fully pondered.

One long read but worth it.  Especially for us older folks who remember the event.

The Tate Murders Were A False Flag



Posted by eeos @ 14:12 on December 27, 2014  

Armstrong is talking smack. anyone can make predictions. if you try to predict everything, sometimes you’re going to be right. just like a broken clock. I would never pay for a subscription to read this man’s fantasies. Moron. Truth is NO ONE knows. no one can predict it. too many forces at work here

Armstrong trashes gold again…so what else is new?

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:08 on December 27, 2014  

Gold For Closing 2014

Posted on December 24, 2014 by Martin Armstrong

GCNYNF-Y 12-23-2014

Well despite all the hate mail, accusations, threats, and bad-mouthing not to mention the silent-treatment, gold continues to reflect the real deflationary trend that has engulfed the entire world. The metals promoters keep trying to ignore reality causing many to lose their life-savings. They remain ignorant of the fact that the dollar has become the world currency by default and hence a mere increase in money supply does not transform into inflation when the demand is global. They continue to cling to old theories that no longer work while ignoring the fact that the markets have proven them wrong as they continue to try to blame anyone but themselves.

The dollar debt alone has reached nearly $6 trillion among emerging markets which contributed to soaking up dollars from QE1-3. The demand for dollars has sky-rocketed since 2007 assuming rates are low it was like a Boxing-Day sale at Harrods in London so issue dollar debt now and save a fortune. That works until the dollar rises. Dollars are thedefacto circulating global currency among so many nations. This of course will change. However, there must be first severe economic pain before we get the change. What people do not grasp is the extent of bad loans outside the USA that amounts to massive capital destruction (deflation). Increasing the supply of money remains far less that the destruction of money through de-leveraging the global economy and bad loans. Liquidity remains still about 50% below 2007 levels.

We achieved the “pop” in gold but there remains little follow-through. Gold is fading into the distant memories of so many investors that its luster is nearly gone outside the diehard believers. A year-end closing below 1227 will signal we will see new lows next year. A year-end closing BELOW 1155 will guarantee that drop below $1,000 is coming. The main support next year lies well below the market between $778-$618. We will provide an update to the metals report after the year-end closing.

For now, mid-January remains the target. However, a low will push the rally off, but that will be just another reaction. Nothing appears to change the forecast for the low to form on the benchmarks.


What no one wants to say about Ferguson!

Posted by silverngold @ 12:29 on December 27, 2014  

Deadheads? :-)

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:14 on December 27, 2014  



Posted by commish @ 11:38 on December 27, 2014  


Place your bets

Posted by commish @ 11:22 on December 27, 2014  

Gold finished last year at 1204.

So are we come next week going to finish above or below?


Buncha Deadheads….

Posted by Maya @ 10:55 on December 27, 2014  


Get Up!

Cannuckgold, I miss you from Posters Paradise days. This article and the comments following the article made me think of you.

Posted by Equisetum @ 0:40 on December 27, 2014  


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