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Elvira Nabiullina

Posted by commish @ 21:09 on December 18, 2014  

images President of the Central Bank of Russia.  According to Max Keiser… Is a Tiger.

Max Keiser explains what’s going on.

Posted by commish @ 20:48 on December 18, 2014  


Sorry for the length but Brandon Smith is very good. Don’t know about Russia and China though.

Posted by Buygold @ 20:13 on December 18, 2014  

IMF Now Ready To Slam The Door On The U.S. And The Dollar

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 06:29 Brandon Smith

As I write this, the news is saturated with stories of a hostage situation possibly involving Islamic militants in Sydney, Australia. Like many, I am concerned about the shockwave such an event will create through our sociopolitical structures. However, while most of the world will be distracted by the outcome of this crisis (for good or bad) for at least the week, I find I must concern myself with a far more important and dangerous situation.

Up to 40 people may be held by a supposed extremist in Sydney, but the entire world is currently being held hostage economically by international banks. This is the crisis no one in the mainstream is talking about, so alternative analysts must.

As I predicted last month in “We Have Just Witnessed The Last Gasp Of The Global Economy,” severe volatility is now returning to global markets after the pre-game 10 percent drop in equities in October hinted at what was to come.

We expected such destabilization after the wrap-up of the Fed taper, and the markets have not disappointed so far. My position has always been that the taper of QE3 made very little sense in terms of maintaining the manipulated illusion of economic health — unless, of course, the Federal Reserve was implementing the taper in preparation for a renewed financial catastrophe. That is to say, the central bankers have established the lie of American fiscal recovery and then separated themselves from blame for the implosion they KNOW is coming. If the markets were to collapse while stimulus is officially active, the tragedy would be forever a millstone on the necks of the banksters. And we can’t have that now, can we?

This is not to say that individual central banks and even currencies are not expendable in the grand scheme of things. In fact, the long-term goal of globalists has been to consolidate all currency systems and central banks under the outward control of the International Monetary Fund and the Bank Of International Settlements, as I outlined in “The Economic Endgame Explained.”

That particular article was only a summary of a dangerous trend I have been concerned about for years; namely the strategy by international financiers to create a dollar-collapse scenario that will be blamed on prepositioned scapegoats. I have no idea what form these scapegoats will take – there are simply too many possible triggers for fiscal calamity. What I do know, though, is the goal of the endgame: to remove the dollar’s world reserve status and to pressure the American people into conforming or even begging for centralized administration of our economy by the IMF.

The delusion perpetuated in the mainstream is that the IMF is a U.S.-dominated institution. I have outlined on many occasions why this is false. The IMF like all central banks is dominated by the international corporate banking cartel. Central banks are merely front organizations for globalists, and I am often reminded of the following quote from elitist insider Carroll Quigley when I hear people suggest that central banks are somehow independent from one another or that the Federal Reserve is itself the singular “source” of the world’s economic ills:

It must not be felt that these heads of the world’s chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather, they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up and were perfectly capable of throwing them down.

The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers (also called “international” or “merchant” bankers) who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks.

No one can now argue against this reality after we have witnessed hard evidence of Goldman Sachs dictating Federal Reserve policy, as outlined here.

And, most recently, we now know that international bankers control political legislation as well, as Congress passed with little resistance a bill that negates the Frank-Dodd restrictions on derivatives and places the U.S. taxpayers and account holders on the hook for more than $303 trillion in toxic debt instruments. The bill is, for all intents and purposes, a “bail-in” measure in disguise. And it was pushed through with the direct influence of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

The Federal Reserve, the U.S. government and the dollar are as expendable to the elites as any other economic or political appendage. And it can be replaced at will with yet another illusory structure if this furthers their goal of total centralization. This has been done for centuries, and I fail to see why anyone would assume that globalists would change their tactics now to preserve the dollar system. They call it the “New World Order,” but it is really the same old-world monetary order out of chaos that has always been exploited. Enter the IMF’s old/new world vision.

While the investment universe has been mesmerized by the deterioration of the Russian Ruble and oil prices, the IMF has been a busy little bee hive…

In articles over the past year, I have warned that the plan to dethrone the dollar and replace it with the special drawing rights basket currency system would be accelerated after it became clear that the U.S. Congress would refuse to pass the IMF reforms of 2010 proclaiming “inclusiveness” for developing economies, including the BRICS nations. The latest spending bill removed any mention of IMF reforms. The IMF, under Christine Lagarde, has insisted that if the U.S. did not approve its part of the reforms, the IMF would be forced to pursue a “Plan B” scenario. The details on this “plan B” have not been forthcoming, until now.

The Financial Times reported on the IMF shift away from the U.S. by asserting the authority to remove the veto power America has always enjoyed over the institution. This action is a stark reminder to mainstream talking heads and to those who believe the U.S. is the core economic danger to the world that the IMF is NOT an extension of American policy. If anything, the IMF and the U.S. are extensions of international banking power, just as the BRICS are nothing more than puppets for the same self-serving financial oligarchy clamoring for the same IMF-controlled paradigm, as Vladimir Putin openly admitted:

“In the BRICS case we see a whole set of coinciding strategic interests. First of all, this is the common intention to reform the international monetary and financial system. In the present form it is unjust to the BRICS countries and to new economies in general. We should take a more active part in the IMF and the World Bank’s decision-making system. The international monetary system itself depends a lot on the US dollar, or, to be precise, on the monetary and financial policy of the US authorities. The BRICS countries want to change this…”

And of course the Chinese have pronounced their fealty to the IMF global currency concept:

The world economic crisis shows the “inherent vulnerabilities and systemic risks in the existing international monetary system,” Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan said in an essay released Monday by the bank. He recommended creating a currency made up of a basket of global currencies and controlled by the International Monetary Fund and said it would help “to achieve the objective of safeguarding global economic and financial stability.”

The BRICS are not the only nations demanding the U.S. lose its supposed “influence” over the IMF. Germany, the core economic pillar of the EU, called for America to relinquish its veto power back in 2010 just as the reforms measure was announced.

The IMF decision to possibly eliminate U.S. veto power and, thus, influence over IMF decisions may come as early as the first quarter of next year. This is the great “economic reset” that Largarde has been promoting ad nauseam in multiple interviews and speeches over the past six months. All of these measures are culminating in what I believe will be a more official announcement of a dump of the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency.

Along with the imminent loss of veto power, I have also written on the concerns of the coming SDR conference in 2015. This conference is held only once every five years. My suspicion has been that the IMF plans to announce the inclusion of the Chinese yuan in the SDR basket and that this will coincide with a steady dollar dump around the globe. Multiple major economies have already dropped the dollar in bilateral trade with China, and engineered tensions between the U.S. and the East have exacerbated the issue.

The timing of the SDR conference has now been announced, and the meeting looks to be set for October of 2015. Interestingly, this linked article from Bloomberg notes that China has a “real shot” at SDR inclusion and official “reserve status” next year, but warns that the U.S. “may use its veto power” to stop China’s membership. I have to laugh at the absurdity of it all, because there are many people in the world of economic study who still believe the developments of globalization and fiscal distress are all “random.” I suppose that if it is all random, then it is a rather convenient coincidence that the U.S. just happens to be on the verge of losing veto power in the IMF just before they are about to bring the BRICS into the SDR fold and supplant the dollar.

This is it, folks; this is the endgame right in front of our faces. The year of 2014 is the new 2007, with all the negative potential but 100 times more explosive going into 2015. Our nation has wallowed in slowly degrading financial conditions for years, hidden by fake economic statistics and manipulated stock prices. All of it has been a prelude to a much more frenetic and shocking event. I believe that we will see continued market chaos from now on, with a steep declining trend intermixed with brief but inadequate “dead cat” stock bounces. I expect a hailstorm of geopolitical crises over the next year to provide cover for the shift away from the dollar.

Ultimately, the death of the dollar will be hailed in the mainstream as a “good and necessary thing.” They will call it “karma.” They will call it “progress.” They will even call it “decentralization” and a success for the free market. But it will not feel like a positive development for the American public, who will suffer greatly as the dollar crumbles. Only those educated in the underpinnings of shadow banking will understand the whole thing is a charade designed to hide the complete centralization of sovereign economic governance into the hands of the globalists, using the IMF and BIS as “fiscal heroes,” saving the world from a state of economic destruction the elites themselves secretly created.



Maddog, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 18:20 on December 18, 2014  

Maddog – yeah that’s pretty much my take on things too. Gold kept in check, pm shares allowed to move higher within the range we’ve been in for awhile – HUI 150-180, as long as the SM is up, it’s all good for the Cartel.

I do think Ipso has a point about tax loss selling, it may be coming to an end shortly and I also believe we could be in for a nice rally into the new year for the shares – as long as gold and silver are stable. If we rally in the metals, then we could rally hard in the shares.

Things in our sector are just so ridiculously oversold, they are due to bounce.

I don’t buy that the Russians are selling their gold on the open market, to China maybe, but never to London or D.C. Unless Putin is a NWO tool, I doubt he’s selling any gold. I still think Monday is a day to watch to see if the new CME rules were put in for a reason, or mean nothing.

Buygold @ 16:09

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:25 on December 18, 2014  

For sure the strength in the SM is helping the PM shares. I don’t mind as long as we’re going up!

Maybe tax loss selling in the PM shares is over? Good riddance!


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:20 on December 18, 2014  

I was thinking the same thing about the destination of that Russian gold if indeed it was sold. No way in hell that it gets sold in London or NY. For sure it would go to China and no one would hear about it for a very long time.

So now we’re shipping weapons to Ukraine … step by step. I just hope no one steps too far!

Another perfect day on Fall st

Posted by Maddog @ 16:10 on December 18, 2014  

Sure the PM’s got a bid, but so what, against what happened in the SM, no-one will ever know.

Dollar well bid, Oil on it’s arse and Rates no-where……party on Dude, we rule the World.

Buygold…..on days like tdy the PM’s are allowed to rally ……a bit.

S&P plus 4 points after hrs !!!!!!!

R640, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 16:09 on December 18, 2014  

Hard to know if the shares were just dragged higher by the massive rally in the SM or not. Seems the SM is trading as if QE4 is on the way and rates will never rise again and it’s probably right.

Pretty decent volume in the shares, we could have a decent Q1.



JNUG looked DOA but today is powerful-up 22%–Don’t PM stocks sometimes lead the futures in big turn moves?? HUI up 8.47 pts or 5.5%-impressive

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:57 on December 18, 2014  

the divergence of the past 2 days between PM stocks/ETFs and comex futures is

almost always resolved with gold futs dropping…I kinda think that won’t happen this time…gold has had a “rescue” bid for the past 2 months or so-hence the triple bottom in the 1130-40 area…the FED statement yesterday was extremely gold bullish–but the bad guys came in an “algoed” gold down and the $ index up-the $ index pump was covered on Zero Hedge….the statement yesterday was just another addition to the bullish macro picture for gold–recognition time for gold as the currency of last resort and last bastion of undervaluation is now accepted by the entire financial community-it is no longer just the  dialogue  of the goldbug contingent-does that mean $5000 gold next month–highly doubtful…but….

I think it does mean there is a solid bid under gold-and as such, I just don’t see gold suddenly becoming a liquidating market…do you?


Can I trademark, edit…copyright, UkraineCorzined? UC? You see.

Posted by macroman3 @ 15:41 on December 18, 2014  

The only way Putin sold any gold is through the treasonous private CBR taking orders from western TPTB

Posted by macroman3 @ 15:36 on December 18, 2014  

That in it self is reason for Putin to nationalize the CBR so the gold isn’t UkraineCorzined.

Putin is smart, still taking uncle buck for oil and gas instead of insisting on PM for payment, unlike simpletons as myself crying for gold backing.

He then surrepitiously purchases gold on the DL, not spooking the gold market lows and US$ highs.

Confucius say smart Ruskie follow Chinese path.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:28 on December 18, 2014  

re Russia

Two points the MSM is never told what happens in the CB gold Mkt until weeks or months later, if at all, anyone who does talk is blacklisted for life……Do we ever hear of Russian buying…not until reserves are announced etc.

Second China has made it clear it will stand by Russia and we all know China want’s every ounce out there, so there would be no need to sell in the mkt and give Obummer the satisfaction of knowing.

This is more disinformation from a desperate West, who’s only strength is gameing the mkts.

Now PM’s should rally on this news,( but of course it won’t be “allowed to” ) as Obummer has signed the Lethal Aid bill for Ukraine…..expect Russian tanks etc in Eastern Ukraine v soon, as Vlad now has is excuse to invade properly.


IPSo-gold coming back a bit-up 3.80-as I said my bet is that gold futs catch up with PM stocks

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:27 on December 18, 2014  

Buygold and Richard640

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:19 on December 18, 2014  

The story does sound more like speculation than anything else. If it’s true I suppose it would be an added bonus to the cretins if they are purposely driving down the oil price. For sure the gold would be snapped up in an instant.

I like the way the PM shares are behaving …

IPSO–I doubt Putin’s selling-Russia has plenty of cash/resources-besides it would never stay on the mkt longer

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:08 on December 18, 2014  

than a minute cause China or india would snap it up–u “seen” the China buy today?  As Seville has shown–country buying has little effect…


Posted by Buygold @ 15:04 on December 18, 2014  

Interesting. Sounds like SocGen is speculating. If it is true it would be a shame, but if it was a known fact I believe it would be splattered all over CNBS and pm’s would really be getting hammered.

Time will tell, but if true it would probably indicate that Putin is in no more control of his banksters than Obama.

Russia Has Begun Selling Its Gold, According To SocGen

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:48 on December 18, 2014  


Not so good, wonder how much is true?

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:02 on December 18, 2014  

The Latest Russian Fighter Jet Blows America’s Away

Outgunned by the Su-30 family of aircraft and suffering critical design flaws, the American F-35 is staring down the barrel of obsolescence – and punching a gaping hole in western air defences.


but maddog

Posted by eeos @ 13:56 on December 18, 2014  

You can hide art, cars and jewels. Houses are taxed into eternity and there aint no way to hide it from the man. That’s why I’ve always avoided it. What a game

For all you Yanks !!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 13:42 on December 18, 2014  

I know you all will appreciate this definition.

The best description of Obamacare so far:

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said:

“We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it.”

A physician called into a radio show and said:

“That’s the definition of a stool sample.”

Food for manipulation thought

Posted by Maddog @ 13:32 on December 18, 2014  

Four areas have seen fantastic price rises over the last few years, tks to QE. Houses in certain parts of the World, mainly London and New York, fine art, high quality gems and classic cars.

What they all share, apart from being tangible, is no futures mkts or ETF’s, whereas every tangible that does has been screwed down, most notably of course everything PM. !!!!!!!

I also think that the divergence the past 2 days in PM stocks and Crimex futures will be resolved bullishly-with futures catching up-DYOD–eom

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:18 on December 18, 2014  

Sovereign buying of gold tonnage is usually something I ignore-cause it’s been going on for years as gold declined-but

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:17 on December 18, 2014  

somehow I think this  is worth noting today–on KITCO

MKS: 39 Tonnes Of Gold Reportedly Bought During Chinese Trading Day

Thursday December 18, 2014 10:42 AM

Gold futures are off their highs and relatively unchanged for the day. As of 10:41 a.m EST, Comex February gold was trading at $1,194.2 an ounce, down about 50 cents, on the day. Analysts from MSK (Switzerland) SA, note that gold’s rally started overnight during the Asian trading session as there was strong demand for physical gold seen in China. They add there were reports that 39 tonnes of gold was bought during the session. However, the rally was not sustainable. “As we are accustomed to seeing recently, interest dropped off during the Chinese break before USD $1,200 was breached in the afternoon session,” they say. The analysts add that silver also pushed higher on the back of renewed gold demand from China.

Guess Janet let them know. Printing press is ON.

Posted by commish @ 13:09 on December 18, 2014  

2banking_gnome_and_inflation_godde_2-1a17bb57a“i did not have sex with this mermaid”

Ultimately we win

Posted by eeos @ 13:07 on December 18, 2014  

they can do whatever they please in a short term sense. Keep stacking at smack downs, these clowns are going to hang themselves by their own rope.

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