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passing away …

Posted by ment17 @ 23:11 on December 7, 2014  

David Rockefeller is dead. David Rockefeller, born on June 12, 1915 in New York, was an American business man. He died on December 4, 2014 at the age of 99.

Me Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:24 on December 7, 2014  

I expected to see WWII movies on TV too but didn’t see any so far but kinda busy although though that was kinda strange. On vets day you can do free searches on ancestors in military. I looked up my grandfathers brothers too and found a older brother was in both WW1 and WW11. He never talked about it, I would of never knew. So on vets day check with Ancestory maybe you’ll find things you didn’t know.

Was busy putting up Christmas decorations finally. The two year old neighbor did NOT like my Halloween talking witches and other that were motion activated people so now gotta make things happy this time.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:11 on December 7, 2014  

The ocean is important to protect and wonder what’s going on with all the marine biologists. Can say like most I don’t know what’s going on as it isn’t acknowledged or really denied just side track talk.

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:05 on December 7, 2014  

To you lucky troopers that stayed married so long. I bet your younger years gave them a few headaches, well don’t remind her. They did a survery on marriage with younger couples in the 80s of who’s happiest. Married men came first but who knows if all were honest,  single women second, single men third, married women last. Woman laughed or related to that one. What got a lot of woman though those years esp if and when the kids were young was memories of their single years. When they actually did things went places.

There’s Something Fishy Going On In The Gold Market

Posted by silverngold @ 21:11 on December 7, 2014  

In January, the contrarian investor in me won out: I decided to buy into gold miners.

In March I talked about how increased activity in the gold market might mean the precious metal has turned a corner.

But today, I ask that you forget all about gold’s recent price action. That’s a story for another day.

For now, let’s focus on what really matters: what I think are potentially explosive actions in the physical gold market.



Chemtrails are Vapor Trails –

Posted by Deadeye @ 20:59 on December 7, 2014  

Nothing new! In the Battle of Britain  in 1940, the clear sky was completely covered with thousands of vapor trails from the almost constant dog fights at high altitude. The heights in altitude can vary with changing conditions of dew-point. My Lt Col neighbor has over 20,000 hours of making vapor trails all around the world and particularly multiple tours over Vietnam. We have been seeing the top side of vapor trails for 70 years, not just recently. Back to business of intense stacking using new oil money. Next I will hear complaints of $2.00 plus gasoline. A really cold winter could even see natural gas shortage from frozen wellheads and un-built over-regulated  pipelines. Deadeye

@Ororeef 18:53 re Dec 7th DAY of INFAMY

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:17 on December 7, 2014  

I noticed today, no mention of Japan bombing pearl harbor in the Gov’t mass media. It can’t be a coincidence. Maybe concern with the Japanese economy?

goldielocks @ 17:35 Ocean dieoff

Posted by silverngold @ 19:32 on December 7, 2014  

After some thought I think since the starfish die-off is primarily in the Pacific Ocean it is probably due to fukushima, especially since a part of the die-off is the mutations that are occuring in the starfish. As far as other small creature die-off in the oceans I seem to remember Dane Wigington said about half the oxygen in the world is produced by the plankton in the oceans, and about half the plankton has already been destroyed due to the geoengineering blocking the sun which is necessary for the plankton to survive.

Somebody please correct me if I have misunderstood what he said. Thanks!!    Silverngold

commish – indeed, the nightmare continues

Posted by Buygold @ 19:17 on December 7, 2014  

and continues and continues and continues….what a joke even though the USD is down a little. No manipulation here though.

 GOLD 12/07/2014 19:12 1191.30 1192.30



 SILVER 12/07/2014 19:08 16.25 16.35



Congrats to Ororeef and Redneckokie

Posted by newtogold @ 19:04 on December 7, 2014  

Consider yourselves blessed. It like winning a bazillion dollar lottery. Good partners for life are hard(nearly impossible) to find and it takes a lot of work and sacrifice on behalf of both parties.  As I mentioned to Titan, only with God’s interaction( and hard work on the couple’s part) can such a union survive. Congrats to both of you.

Usual Monday PM action in Asia

Posted by commish @ 18:59 on December 7, 2014  


Gold_Titan1 re: 21:05

Posted by newtogold @ 18:57 on December 7, 2014  

Great song by the Dixie chicks. Been there and done that and not going back again. Not all marriages are made in heaven. In fact,  I think most are made in hell. Hence, the  high divorce rate. Personally  think  only with God’s direction can one find a lasting relationship.


Dec 7

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:53 on December 7, 2014  

I keep reminding my wife that our wedding day was a DAY of INFAMY  as decscribed  by FDR  ! (Pearl Harbor DAY! ) hehe

Scruffy @ 18:16

Posted by silverngold @ 18:36 on December 7, 2014  

Thanks Scruffy, then I would consider that to be straight up good information and not associated with any current geoengineering agenda. Your insight is very much appreciated.             Silverngold


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:35 on December 7, 2014  

Don’t know if gold will help you much if you can’t breath or have nothing to eat and in heaven don’t think you’ll need it. Lol I’m wondering if the chemicals are affecting the small creatures in the ocean like the star fish dying off. A few years ago the were spraying heavy on the ocean now we have that going on or Fukashima but I’m sure they tested for that or say hope they did. It was asked if the ones on land are dying too and they said they are dying too because they use ocean water in their tanks.

goldielocks @ 16:59

Posted by silverngold @ 17:17 on December 7, 2014  

Good points. Thanks!! Some of that was covered in the video I posted. We are either approaching the point of no return or we have already passed it. Man is shitting in his own nest to the point he is literally destroying all that the earth provides to keep him (and all life) alive. This is insanity!! The extinction year they gave in the video if this lunacy continues is 2040. That’s just right around the corner and within the normal lifespan of most of our children and grandchildren.

My primary interest is in silver and gold but since Heaven is paved with the stuff and the earth may be becoming uninhabitable, people need to wake up and stop what is happening right before their eyes.  All The Best,                Silverngold


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:59 on December 7, 2014  

It’s true as one can argue there wasn’t that many planes yet but then none left these trails and those who lived by airports then didn’t see them either. Now people are starting to take videos of spraying from inside planes looking out the window. I few in a lot of planes many times by or behind the wing and never saw them. I’m guessing close up can’t say for sure contrails are not seen close up but chemtrails are.

My concern for the environment isn’t just land, life forms, and neurologists worried about the effects of elevated heavy metals in people but life itself. There is some say 50% to 80% average  70% of  oxygen is made by phytoplankton in the ocean that needs sunlight to survive and doesn’t just supports ocean life but it’s byproduct is the oxygen we breath. Between polluting the oceans including with radiation and shutting off the light we will be on that extinction list too. This process also contributes to the ozone layer that needs oxygen.

Scruffy @ 15:47

Posted by silverngold @ 16:45 on December 7, 2014  

Thanks for the information. That sounds reasonable to me. May I ask when you took the course you mention?? That knowledge might settle my mind as to whether the information in your course was disinformation or if clouds have always been this way and we were not privy to be able to see them in the past from above.

I sure don’t pretend to be an expert on any of this so the more discussion the better. Same question though that I asked RNO. Did you watch the video I posted?? If so what was your opinion of it??

Thanks Again…..        Silverngold

redneckokie1 @ 13:58

Posted by silverngold @ 16:21 on December 7, 2014  

You may very well be right about finding pictures of cloud types, however all those pictures are taken AFTER the chemtrail agenda began in earnest. So all that proves is what is being said in the video I posted. All efforts are being made to hide the fact that we are being sprayed, even to the point of putting chemtrails into kids cartoons so they are accepted as “normal”.  As I mentioned weeks ago to eeos, I have never been a proponent of the theory of mixing the toxic metals with fuel, although I have read of this many times. In that particular post I showed pictures of dozens of setups of tanks and spray nozzles mounted in and filling the cargo area of large jet aircraft.

From childhood I have been a lover of nature. I remember even doing a research paper in high school on various cloud types but at that time I never recall finding a picture that even vaguely looked like what is shown in the Newfoundland/Labrador picture I posted. Of course all pictures were taken from the earth in those days so it’s not possible to compare apples to apples.

One of my childhood dreams was to become a pilot, so every time a plane flew over I was observing it. I lived in Los Angeles during the era of jets breaking the sound barrier but I never recall any jets making condensation trails . Yes, they flew over at various altitudes and I could see the dirty smudge the engines made on takeoffs and landings, but at no altitude did I ever see what they are now trying to make everyone believe is nothing but a lingering condensation trail that never goes away. The sky’s were blue and the jets left no trails over a very few seconds if at all.

The clincher to me was when the air and water sample tests started coming in from all over the world showing aluminum, barium, and strontium, as well as other less consistent metals coming from the sky or the water source where in the past there was none. Then, just by coincidence, those were the three metals that were suggested to be sprayed for the geoengineering program that supposedly had not started yet but was being considered to combat global warming.

So, on a world wide scale, basically before the 1990’s there was virtually no such thing as these lingering condensation trails, but now there is almost no such thing as blue sky since the sky is always filled with those trails, and in every part of the earth.

This is a subject that can become exhaustive in its immensity. I don’t care where you go on this earth, but suddenly the three metals I mentioned are in the samples taken from the sky, the rain, or the surface water, but in the past they did not exist. Why??

The video I posted was very detailed in its accuracy and proofs of what Dane Wigington said. I am wondering what your comments are after watching the video? Or did you watch it??

All The Best,                   Silverngold

Ororeef @ 13:20 on December 7, 2014 married 57 years today !

Posted by Auandag @ 16:00 on December 7, 2014  

Congrats-I’m working on 45 yrs- i pray I go before her- I would be lost without my wife!


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 14:06 on December 7, 2014  

congratulations. I’ve only been married 45 years to my original wife. I think she keeps me around because no one else will tolerate my idiosyncrasies .

i have a high school classmate who has been married four times go the same woman. He still can boast that he is married to his original wife. Every time he remarried, it was on the original wedding date. The last time he got married, we got him a set of dueling pistols. Divorces are just too messy.



Posted by redneckokie1 @ 13:58 on December 7, 2014  

do a search on cloud types and you will see all the clouds in your satellite photo. Clouds look very different from above.

My son has spent many hours in USAF cargo plane inner structures and now in KC135’s. He has never heard of any foreign materials in military fuel. I think I can agree with Eeos on this one. If something is in the fuel that shouldn’t be there, too many folks are in a position to find evidence.

i believe our time would be far better spent on the little Fukashima problem. Tissue from fish and sea mammals show shocking levels of cesium in the Pacific.

i told my wife not to buy any seafood or food imported from Asia. The government really doesn’t care if some sleazeball is poisoning us or stealing our financial future.

i would highly recommend you get ready for the political pissing contest in January. The liar in chief still thinks he is in charge but his chain is about to get jerked, HARD!


Ororeef @ 13:20 WOW, 57 years!! Congratulations!!

Posted by silverngold @ 13:46 on December 7, 2014  

If I add all three of mine together…..one divorce, one was killed in an accident, and my present great marriage, it would still only add up to 42 years. LOL!!!

Good for you Ororeef!! Your wife must be a saint to put up with you for so many years. LOL!!!

All The Best,           Silverngold

Tempus Fugit

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:20 on December 7, 2014  

married 57 years today !

Newfoundland and Labrador satellite photo

Posted by silverngold @ 12:41 on December 7, 2014  

Can anyone look at this picture and honestly say this looks like natural cloud cover?? Really??

Newfoundland and Labrador From the Archives:


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