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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:44 on January 23, 2022  

Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 1/23/22 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS January 23, 2022
Much talk about the games and if it will be safe to send American athletes to China.
They want to make them download a app.

Life Liberty levin

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:41 on January 23, 2022  

Life Liberty Levin on Democrats current attempt to vomit voter fraud using lies as a excuse. They know their numbers are dropping everyday.

morgan freeman for surgeon general !!!

Posted by treefrog @ 22:04 on January 23, 2022  



Posted by goldielocks @ 21:51 on January 23, 2022  

Well as long as your breathings okay and not the reason for fatigue but maybe get a doctor apt and some blood work and make sure including a year for clotting
One of my friends friends had to make me laugh speaking of food. A picture of Jeffrey Dahmer saying if the food runs out well still have each other.


Posted by amals @ 21:40 on January 23, 2022  

Thanks for continued input.  Yes, I have been up and around as much as possible, and trying to stay active and not lie down more than necessary. Even at its worst, I was up more of the day than lying down.  Just do that if I hit an exhaustion wall, and then only so long as I need to.

As to the cause, it’s all come about during this just-over two week period since Jan 6, and the fatigue really only since sleep deprivation mixed with covid.  So I’m pretty sure it’s mixed in there somewhere.  I guess if it lingered and lingered, it would necessitate looking for more.  But the onset was definitely recent.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:07 on January 23, 2022  

I know what you mean in that it kinda feels like a hollow feeling. I had something going on a upper respiratory before it his so was dealing with two things. Now the fires are back and when are they going to look into their fires. They just all started by themselves???
With tuna you need the albacore for the omega. I can’t really eat sardines. To me it would be like eating fish bait.
I remember Israeli once mentioned years ago one nutrient that helped the Holocaust survivors to recover malnutrition and kinda what if feels like was spirulina so maybe a good nutrient dense green powder in a health shake. Throw in bananas or strawberries or whatever makes it easier to take. Now I got to get the energy to go to the store. This ordering online is limited and we still need exercise too. It goes together. Maybe in the beginning to rest but you got to keep moving. Being sedentary weakens you. Your muscles your bones, everything. So a little at a time fine some kinda exercise.
Remember some times you could have something totally separate going on that needs treatment or medicine.
There’s two separate times I observed from elders those who did better and lived longer or lived better. One instance from the greatest generation back when that were independent minded. The sedentary lifestyle didn’t seem to start until after WW11. The second we’re bones from two women in a science class.
One was 70, her bones were spongy and weak. She led a sedentary life. The other was 90 her bones were strong and she didn’t retire from a physical job till 70.
Now this spike protein shot is going to prevent people from activity.

overton and goldie…

Posted by amals @ 19:49 on January 23, 2022  

Thanks for the replies. Yes to eating.  I have had to struggle to get anything down because even tho I was hungry, actually eating was not appetizing.  I have managed to get food down breakfast, lunch and dinner the whole time, albeit in considerably smaller portions than I usually eat. Bran flakes with raisins, sometimes whole, sometimes skim milk; bananas; bagels; muffins; had waffles today; ate a piece of chicken bacon or real bacon each day, too, for a little protein. Got some instant oatmeal packets today.  Maybe not the best, but something, and probably better for me than a muffin. Lunches of egg sandwiches, natural peanut butter and fruit spread; turkey or ham sandwiches; open-face grilled cheese.  Today I actually had tuna fish. It was the first day it was appetizing enough to eat. Have eaten mostly berry flavored Greek yogurt; don’t want the sugar, but I can’t eat plain yogurt. Dinners have been various soups with plain crackers; whole grain pasta with some kind of chicken or beef and a little vegetable in light broth-sauce. Things like that.  I am trying to minimize sugar at every turn.  Peanuts or cashews for snacks.  And, of course, have kept up with my vitamins, with a little more C and D3 than usual, but I didn’t want to do too much more than usual overall.  I’m hesitant to do mega doses without supervision.

Well I’ll Be Darned

Posted by commish @ 18:43 on January 23, 2022  

And remember Congress is exempt from any Covid mandates.

Alex Valdor @ 8:21

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:35 on January 23, 2022  

Great Cliff High piece!

According to Cliff things start falling apart in the next few months.


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:22 on January 23, 2022  

That’s right you need nutrition even if it’a a little at a time and nutrients not just fast food fixes that may just add a inflammatory factor. Scrambled eggs, whole not cut oats and from what I found foods rich in omega 3 too.
Your body had a army of fighters that now need to be fed. It’s not over yet. You don’t feed a gas tank sugar and water and expect it to run right. Recovery is still there including getting rid of the Mr Spikes disabled weapons floating around.
I think the flccc site could be improved with post Covid supplements. The main thing was getting you through which was a life saver in mass proportions and they’re hero’s that went up against corruption and a outright depopulation agenda but then people are lost to what to do next. It’s true though you lose your appetite but soon as you get enough nutrition to start feeling better it can help you start the recovery.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:22 on January 23, 2022  

That’s good advice from Samb because each individual is different and you have to be careful not to get bad advice.
I went through it too. Your body was being invaded by a fly by night lab created bat virus. It also initiates a inflammatory response and remember one of those responses is blood clots even if tiny can cloud your thoughts. Not saying that’s what it is but why you should get a check up.
Nutrition helps and I noticed after feeling better after having albacore tuna that has Omega 3 “ in my case it helped. It’s not only a ant inflammatory but anti clotting factors.
Plus we’re not 20 anymore and even some 20 ur olds needed a recovery stage.
Omega 3 won’t hurt most people anyway but also avoid junk food high sugar and try to eat mostly high nutrient foods your body needs to recover from all that energy spent fighting off the virus.

THis cycles guy Eric Hadik covers the metals after Ross Clark

Posted by overton @ 17:20 on January 23, 2022  

This Week in Money – HoweStreet

amals ivermectin is tuff on the gut but you still need nutrition

Posted by overton @ 16:57 on January 23, 2022  

to get the energy back.  Even if you don’t like yogurt get some activia because it definitely helps to get back on a regular eating schedule.   I wouldn’t go longer than 5 days and the folks I know that recovered said they didn’t have much of an appetite but you have eat something and the yogurt helps.

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:54 on January 23, 2022  

“Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you.”
Benjamin Franklin

A crack in the narrative

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:17 on January 23, 2022  

New Hampshire is poised to become the first state in the United States to make Ivermectin available as an over the counter medication and sanction it as a protected treatment for COVID-19, under a bill before the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee.

While similar bills proposed in three other states have been ill received, the primary sponsor of the New Hampshire bill told The Epoch Times she expects a slightly amended version to garner enough votes from the Republican majority committee to send it for approval to the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

The House has already shown support for other COVID-related bills including statewide bans against both government and private-imposed mandates related to the virus.


Samb…thanks again.

Posted by amals @ 15:06 on January 23, 2022  

Amals @11:52

Posted by Samb @ 14:16 on January 23, 2022  

Well, I have’nt seen Ivermection recommended for longer then 5 days so, if it was me I would lay off for a while.  You fought off a debilitating infection so some fatigue is probably normal. If the fatigue persists then doctors have many different blood tests to isolate and then treat the specific viral causes. Could even be iron defficiency or the covid  may have reactivated a latent non related virus. Use your best judgement,  Godspeed.

Report: American Quality of Life Declines Over Past Decade

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:09 on January 23, 2022  

This story makes sense, except “past decade” is inaccurate, because the USA living standards were increasing from after the war and peaked during the 1960s, with a 1970 top for a lot of subjects. Trump was right about all the other countries taking advantage of us. He was frank or blunt, not afraid to expose and tell the truth and inform the public how they have been getting screwed. Its been a FIVE decade decline.


The Social Progress Index,
which considers itself “the most comprehensive measure of a country’s
social and environmental performance independent of economic factors,”
determined that out of 163 countries, only the United States, Brazil and Hungary
had slid backward over the past decade. And though the declines were
small, the U.S. saw the largest reduction in terms of overall score.

“Most countries tend to move forward,” says Michael Green, chief
executive officer of the Social Progress Imperative, which puts out the
index. “To move backwards is a remarkably bad thing to do. … The fact
that the U.S. is in the negative space is deeply worrying.”

“The decline of the United States over the last decade in this index –
more than any country in the world – is a reminder that we Americans
face structural problems that predate President (Donald) Trump and that
festered under leaders of both parties,” opinion columnist Nicholas
Kristof wrote for The New York Times. “Trump is a symptom of this larger malaise, and also a cause of its acceleration.”


Comment re last sentence. Trump is not a cause of acceleration of falling living standards. If anything, things in the USA should finally start getting better after his changes. Especially for fixing the old one sided lopsided US totally leftest Supreme court. His input is probably going to fix the decades old one-sided lopsided US Congress soon too. And the tariffs on China are still intact.

Samb@ 11:02

Posted by amals @ 11:52 on January 23, 2022  

Thank you very much.  I have been using the paste at a little less than double my preventative amount, which is as you describe. I’m doing five notches instead of three. I am on day four in a row.  I expect to continue at least tomorrow.  My main symptom is fatigue, which is noticeably better since my first dose of ivermectin.  The post referenced below yours describes an almost miraculous change overnight from my first dose.  The problem is I did not continue getting better; yesterday was a bit of a step back, but nowhere near as bad as before. So I’m still wondering how many days past five I should continue, especially my higher dose.  But I see your info about higher dose not a problem.  The thing is, my symptoms are few and mild, but they have not gone away completely.  My temperature has been between normal and 99.1.  It was 98.6 a few minutes ago. I don’t want overkill, but I don’t want to stop if my body still needs help. The odd thing is that fatigue was not a bad symptom during my initial bout of Jan 6-11.  It came on days later in the middle of bad insomnia that of course created extreme fatigue as well.  Maybe a combination effect.  The thing is, though, that I’m still battling the fatigue after having has several decent (albeit drug-induced) nights sleep.

Amals @9:27

Posted by Samb @ 11:02 on January 23, 2022  

There is a difference of opinion among practicing front line doctors worldwide that use Ivermection.  Some say use it for 5 consecutive days while others say use it on days 1, 3 and 7.

The dosage with the horse paste is @ .02 mg/per kg of body weight. However, that is the prophalactic dosage used weekly for prevention of contracting the virus in the first place. The dosage for when you are now sick with obvious symptoms is a range from .04 mg/kg to .06.

There were some patients in Bangladesh that didn’t respond well with the .02 but, recovered quickly with the higher dosages. Doctors in India and then the USA then tried these higher dosages and found their patients recovered faster. There are no safety issues with these higher dosages…in fact they are now standard practice.  Ivermection  is far safer then both Asperin and Tylenal. Hope this of help.

From my Ivermectin questions @19:57 1/22

Posted by amals @ 9:27 on January 23, 2022  

treefrog, thank you.  goldie, any thoughts?  Anyone else about how many days in a row to take it?  How many is too many?  I’ve done five before and am on day four now.  Please see post in heading.  TIA.

EEOS / BuyGold – good points , BG

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:31 on January 23, 2022  

Any damage to the zinc (anodic) coating will accelerate corrosion of the steel beneath , local to the point of damage . Back in the day of galvanized buckets , any scratch through to the steel created a failure mechanism .

But , take my suggestions as old school – I’ve been retired for over a quarter century .

For Clif High / Greg Hunter fans :

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:21 on January 23, 2022  

Vax Die-Off for Next Three Years – Clif High


Posted by Buygold @ 8:13 on January 23, 2022  

“I would like to know why not use hot galvanized dipped steel instead?”

Two reasons:

1) Weight

2) Aluminum wears better in extreme weather, hot dipped is more prone to rust over time. In addition, the hot dipped would have to be dipped after fabrication to protect the edges, which would be an extra process – more handling, etc.

If PUTIN changed places with BIDEN

Posted by Ororeef @ 7:15 on January 23, 2022  

the US would be better off,at least he  wouldent be SELLING us OUT and trying to get us into a WAR to distract us from his incompetency The US is a better Country,but its leader is worse .

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