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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:42 on January 10, 2022  

CSX Officers on the move


Hawaii Covid Roaring record strong

Posted by Maya @ 23:40 on January 10, 2022  

Yesterday had 4500+ cases, today another 3875 cases.  Worker shortages everywhere.  InterIsland barge shipping now on an intermittent schedule with worker shortages among the mariners and dock workers.  Here at the end of a two-hop shipping chain we are seeing empty spots on store shelves.  Yesterday I could not find Bananas (!) in three local stores.  Hospitals are struggling with worker shortages also.  And still the stupid tourists come in hordes, thinking they are safe because they are vaxxed.

Glad I stocked up on ‘horse paste’ months ago.  I saw the throttled ‘shortage’ coming.  I’m hiding in the jungle, tending my garden.

ivm temp post

Posted by Aguila @ 23:13 on January 10, 2022  

Just squirt your 1.5 ml dose into some juice or even warm cider and you might not even taste it.
Do not inject.

Silver Rider

Posted by Aguila @ 22:44 on January 10, 2022  

Good to hear from you here!

I get mine from the local tractor supply easy peasy online.  Last bottle was about $38 or so, maybe 50 doses if you could use it all.  I had to order it online and they called when it was ready.  Also don’t forget the syringes, $3 for a 6 pack.  (Syringes zero to 5 ml size.)

Like Treefrog I use it for my dogs also as it is the primary ingredient for heartworm preventative at 1/10 the cost.

But remember: White feet, Don’t treat as white footed critters have a genetically caused “allergy” to ivermec’tn.

PS my doctor said the quality of what I got at tractor supply was superior to what he gets to treat humans as a MD.


Posted by silver rider @ 20:27 on January 10, 2022  

You used to be able to get IVM at our local Publix Pharmacy up until the last few weeks.   They now say they are out and will not reorder because the insurance companies will not pay for it.   My comment is what if you are willing to pay for it yourself and you have a prescription from a Dr?  They still wont order it for you.  I tell you the “medical” system is systematically killing people off.

This is the dosage for the liquid below:

Posted by silver rider @ 20:13 on January 10, 2022  

Give 0.9 ml/100 lbs of body weight.  For example if you are 180 Lbs you would mutiply 0.9  X 1.8 = 1.62.   You don’t have to be so precise.  Three times the normal dosage is safe.   Also give it orally via syringe not intramuscular.  You can still get this on Amazon for $113.75.  Cheap insurance if you ask me.


Posted by silverngold @ 18:21 on January 10, 2022  

Either get your multiple jabs or this is your new future. Most will not wake up until they are a part of the food chain IMO!! Max exposes it all!


Maddog, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 17:36 on January 10, 2022  

yeah Maddog, they pretty much had to bring the Naz all the way back today, even then all they could do was muster enough to flatline on the day. Maybe shorts contributed but there is still a ton of pent up selling. If we open a lot higher tomorrow and fail to hold, it could get ugly again.

Ipso – I really don’t know, whatever works to move us higher. I’m surprised Bitcoin didn’t catch a bid.

Managed to hold $1800

Posted by Buygold @ 16:51 on January 10, 2022  

Large caps did well, small caps will follow no doubt.

We did some heavy lifting against a stronger dollars, flat rates and a SM that was in trouble early on.

Good stuff.

BTW – picked up some BTG, 4.4% dividend looks pretty good down here.

Gold Watcher

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:47 on January 10, 2022  

Good for you having it on hand. The syringe for animals is just to make sure it goes to them directly given by mouth. Unless it was my dig she’d spit it out so have to put it in food.
Keeping up your immune system helps too. Not just preventing it but if you get it recovery.
I’m not wearing mask “ I have N95s I stopped using when exposed anymore hoping with a kinda feeling, not looking forward to it but if I get it so IF I survive I’ll be immune and won’t have to worry about it anymore.
I got gummy vitamins for the youngest grandson son cuz you have to search for the sugarless kind then if they like them. Luckily he liked the vita D so took that one everyday. It still didn’t stop him from getting it as their immune systems are immature anyways but believe it helped in his recovery. But with kids they’ll lay there and cook with a fever so you have wake them and make them drink and not just water and he started fighting that too but have to convince them. The less they drink the more often you have to make them drink. In his case he loves video games so I finally told him last night you’ll cook your brain, then when your playing video gamers you’ll be going dooey dooey and acted out the part. His mom tried the you’ll have to get needles and that didn’t work. That concerned him about frying his brain so he slowly took enough sips and and started drinking more often.
First thing this morning he had to check out his skills. While last night I was thinking about breaking out the ivermectin in kids dose if he didn’t feel better by today. His parents have to take it now.
He’s tired of the test swabs and can’t blame him there and can’t go back go school till he tests negative so he’ll miss a week of school and hoped they give him a work packet since he’s feeling better.
Keep a hold of that Flccc site maybe copy paste the protocol.

Buygold @ 13:20

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:37 on January 10, 2022  

Does a day have to start like crap for us to have a good gain? Enquiring minds want to know!

Gold Watcher @ 15:59

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:34 on January 10, 2022  

The horse paste comes in a big tube. I just squeezed the right dose (approximate) onto a spoon and ate it from there. Not too bad … a nice apple taste.

Good to keep on hand … if you need it you need it now!


Posted by Gold Watcher @ 15:59 on January 10, 2022  

I have ordered the apple flavored paste just to keep on hand. I was confused when they talked about a syringe. I didn’t know it was oral. My doc won’t hand out a prescription for the pills for humans. Says it’s dangerous. Well, if so, why do they have pills for humans? More BS.

Gold Watcher

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:38 on January 10, 2022  

No one can recommend it’s use only we’re you can get it and how it’s used.
If you have Covid now you need it now and usually delivery can take a week. If you want it on hand that’s a better choice when there’s no other.
Dr Kory talked about it in that video posted by SNG. Of course he can’t recommend it outside prescription or they’d go after his license and the vaxx cabal are they are trying to prevent people from treating it. That would take away their ore authorization of a untested substance if there was another option.
He did say because he didn’t blame them due to the fact they’re making it hard to get. And of course the US gets away with hiking up the price for pills that cost pennies.
One of my daughters friend got a message to me that it helped him immensely.
Horse paste is given orally to a horse based on weight. So you get a oral syringe with 1250 Lbs worth of medicine. Each notch on them is generally 50 Lbs. You can check by counting them.
You can go to the Flccc page and check on protocol for each stage be preventing, early treatments and there on. It’s not just the ivermectin.
With healthy kids minus the aspirin less you know for sure they DON’T have the flu where it can be dangerous, minus that kids dose vitamins and pushing liquids abd liquid nutrients and pedalyte you might have to slip in other liquids since they might stop eating like my grandson did yesterday help them recover better. He’s up playing video games today and now that he believes me is drinking better.

They’re looking for them coming in by Mexico and China

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:09 on January 10, 2022  

Shipments Containing Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine Seized by Customs Officials in Chicago


Maddog 14:05

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:00 on January 10, 2022  

Lol Glad someone watching them talk it back up. Oh the economies still strong they say despite the puppeteers behind the scenes using weak politicians taking a wrecking ball to it. And there creating jobs is a fallacy. They’re destroying jobs. There’s only current jobs maybe after they pushed people out of them with their vaxx mandates.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:05 on January 10, 2022  

Looks like the scum saw yr post and are engineering the mother of all recovery rallies…


Posted by Gold Watcher @ 13:47 on January 10, 2022  

I have been reading with interest the posts on Ivermectin. I think I read that the stuff to get is the apple flavored paste. Is that correct? Do you take it orally?  Is it ingestible?

Yeah Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 13:20 on January 10, 2022  

The action in the shares is pretty damn good all things considered.

I would absolutely love this to be a repeat of 2001-2002



Posted by ipso facto @ 13:06 on January 10, 2022  

SHOCK As Legendary Actor Bob Saget ‘Dies Suddenly’ 1 Month After Receiving COVID Booster Shot


At least the HUI has turned higher now even if few PM shares are participating

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:01 on January 10, 2022  

Interesting names on this list

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:49 on January 10, 2022  

Klaus Schwab’s Traitors — A More Complete List

Finally, the WEF has been running, since 1993, a program called “Global Leaders of Tomorrow”, rebranded, in 2004, as “Young Global Leaders”. This program aims at identifying, selecting and promoting future global leaders in both business and politics. Indeed, quite a few “Young Global Leaders” have later managed to become Presidents, Prime Ministers, or CEOs (see below)


Given the carnage in the Nasdaq and markets in general

Posted by Buygold @ 10:39 on January 10, 2022  

our pm’s are holding up pretty well. Usually we lead the way down.

Powell is in trouble methinks and this is looking a lot like the dot com bust in 2001


Just some trash alongside the road

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:37 on January 10, 2022  

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:55 on January 10, 2022  

Galantas Gold Provides Corporate Update and Production Guidance




Banyan Reports 72.5 M of 1.53 g/t Gold at Powerline Deposit, Aurmac Property, Yukon


Mawson Announces Significant Planning and Regulatory Decisions for the Rajapalot Gold-Cobalt Project, Finland


i-80 Gold CEO Increases Share Ownership to More than 5 Million Shares


Wallbridge Announces 2022 Exploration Program at Flagship Properties on Detour-Fenelon Gold Trend


Victoria Gold Amends Credit Facilities Including Reduced Interest Rates


Westhaven Gold Completes Initial Mineral Resource Estimate of 841,000 Indicated Ounces at 2.47 g/t Gold Equivalent and 277,000 Inferred Ounces at 0.94 g/t Gold Equivalent on the Shovelnose Gold Property


New Placer Dome Resumes Geophysical Survey at the Kinsley Mountain Gold Project and Drilling at the Bolo Gold-Silver Project in Nevada


Golden Star Obtains Final Order for Plan of Arrangement


Jaguar Mining Reports Fourth Quarter Production Results


Wolfden Reports Initial Mineral Resource Estimate for Nickel Island Deposit


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