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Posted by Ororeef @ 23:58 on January 16, 2022  

Big Pharma are all DRUG DEALERS …THe only difference between Mexicos drug dealers and  Big Pharma is ..the Mexico dealer  s dont force you with Mandates to take their drugs  …

Goldielocks, I finally got time to listen to Dane Wigington and Geoengineering.org

Posted by silverngold @ 21:03 on January 16, 2022  

Dane Wigington’s knowledge has really broadened to seeing and understanding that geoengineering is just one part of this whole planned extinction event. IMO anybody who does not recognize what is happening to our world by now …just does not want to acknowledge or believe it is happening. Anyway, I can’t say that I enjoyed hearing his confirmation of what I have been seeing now for awhile on many fronts…. but I have a lot of respect for Dane and his intelligence. I would rather he had said what I have been seeing is/was all bullshit, and I was just a conspiracy nut. LOL!! Oh well!! I guess we really are in the end times!! All The Best from Silverngold

@ goldielocks Thank you!

Posted by old-timer @ 21:01 on January 16, 2022  

Thanks so much for that video/link.  I did not know of the site nor the person, but I’ve bookmarked.

Glad to see his examination,  and very glad to hear that there are legislators who are trying to do something about

WAC-200-100-040, which are the regs that wold permit folks being put away for no vax.

That’s just come on my radar in the past week or so, and has made me apprehensive, but glad to see that I am once again, late to the party, and that there is already ac crowd forming to fight this.

Clif High sent this to State Gov’t., and he mentions punishments under devolution tribunals.



US government plans to force all new vehicles to have a “kill switch”

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:47 on January 16, 2022  

If the US government gets its way, it will require car manufacturers to install kill switches in all new vehicles (cars, trucks, and SUVs) from 2026. The kill switch will have a backdoor that can be accessed by law enforcement.

See the text of the bill here.

But, as House Representative Bob Barr noted in an article last year, legislation can change unexpectedly to work against law-abiding citizens.

The kill switch will not only remotely shut down a vehicle but the technology will also “passively monitor the performance of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.”

US government plans to force all new vehicles to have a “kill switch”


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:18 on January 16, 2022  

The first part he gives the run down on the sociopaths narcissists and psychopaths who have organized globally and the last part talks about what’s going on and there are quotes from all over by weather science things are coming sooner than people think. I’m going to have to listen to that part again. That they are a train wreck both economically and environmentally and a bad mixture.

Old timer 15:26

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:13 on January 16, 2022  

Washington internment camps
I found this and was tracked to a hotel who could use the money with travel being what it is now especially to lock down states.
They were using it for illegals on on our dime who tested positive and housing them.
Beside their constant conspiracy to try to create a serfdom claiming themselves ruler instead of servant of the people they will also constantly find away to generate money for themselves in any disaster be weather or pandemic.

They will also hire non qualified people to do their dirty work.
During hurricane Sandy people were waiting years to get their houses restored or their money. They were systematically cheated or denied by people who didn’t even go there.
The insurance companies were making bank getting paid from our government more than they were paying the people the money was intended to go.
They squeezed as much money as they could put of it.
The so called insurance handlers on the phone victims were talking to were actually phone solicitors so to speak hired from the general public. That’s why they couldn’t get anywhere with them.
When there work history was checked they came from Staples, assistant drivers, cashiers et all. Zero insurance experience or college education.
I bet they did the same during the housing crash.
Meanwhile they were charging 40-100 hr for the insurance handlers then paying these non skilled laborers 17 hr for giving the insured the rum around and keeping the rest.
In the meantime the gov was also putting pressure on them not to pay the full amounts they worded as overplayed.
They not only spend money they don’t intend to pay back they don’t pay back money their paid to pay back.
Everyone was making money except the ones it was supposed to go to and no one held accountable.
One scam after another was going on with our tax dollars.
Then what they did do they couldn’t do right.
Like now with Covid not enough assessable testing, antibodies and hiding or blocking real treatments. They not only cheated their customers they profited off the hardships they caused.
This is feed back in Washington on the small hotel they called the internment camp.

@ silverngold @ 14:15 on January 16, 2022

Posted by old-timer @ 15:26 on January 16, 2022  

I came here to post that Greg Hunter/Catherine Austin Fitts link, but, you beat me to it!

Good interview, thanks for putting it up.

Here in WA, Gov Inslee has already built the detainment camps, is now seeking legislation to do un-vaxxed people roundups.

People still totally masked, restaurants/bars require vax passport, TV is constant Public Service Announcement/advertising for vaccine/booster.

Scary times.

goldielocks @ 14:32 Thanks Goldilocks, I’d say Dane Wigington, the guy shown on the cover of your video, is one of the most honest, accurate, and well informed on the subject of geoengineering, HAARP, climate change/weather modification, etc,

Posted by silverngold @ 15:05 on January 16, 2022  

I’ll watch it a little later today when I have more time. Right now I’m trying to get through my “honey-do” list before my “Honey” returns. I know my priorities!  ;o) !!!

Love it!

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:55 on January 16, 2022  

Rogue Street Art Appears in D.C. That Mocks the Biden-Fauci Covid Regime

Rogue Street Art Appears in D.C. That Mocks the Biden-Fauci Covid Regime

Sng climate change or man made

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:32 on January 16, 2022  

Or close as I could get so far on Geo engineering Harrp can’t be too far away.
It’s hard to grasp all at once less your familiar with weather which I’m not but this doesn’t look good.
He gives a fast run down world wide, states, city’s , country’s of how their causing weather changes including ice melts that could take out naval stations, from heat waves to winter storms.

USA Watchdog….and if you would prefer not to know what this BS is all about, you had best not read/watch this. (IMO)

Posted by silverngold @ 14:15 on January 16, 2022  


Headed for a Digital Concentration Camp – Catherine Austin Fitts


Posted by silverngold @ 12:57 on January 16, 2022  

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:31 on January 16, 2022  


Posted by goldielocks @ 3:00 on January 16, 2022  

It went through here and the schools despite the mask mandate on the kids.
My grandson recuperated really fast but it took a few days with me to finally get free of that fatigue. Have to keep in mind though to keep up the ivermectin because that replication going on no matter how you feel, like a silent killer.
I was listening to one doctor from the Flccc who says he doesn’t bother with X rays and does cat scans which is good but then said he measures how much of the lungs affected. The more of the lungs are affected the less of a chance for survival. He also uses it to know how aggressive he has to be but at a certain point it can be bad news. He said they can start that inflammatory process even two weeks out which I’m not sure if he meant the second week after getting it which is normal or second week after the first two. I was a bit sick when watching it.
Regular places just do a protocol that doesn’t work.
Luckily if it’s omicron one data from Calif showed no one was put on a vent but one did die.
This might be a good thing if it doesn’t kill and make more of the population naturally immune.
Omicron for some reason which I can guess why did seem to have some breakthrough with people who already got it or believed they did.
If the medical wasn’t bared fro
actually treating it, from pre treatments to the hospital it wouldn’t be as bad and not as many hospitalized.

New Record Covid in Hawaii

Posted by Maya @ 0:48 on January 16, 2022  

5977 cases reported today.  New record high.  790 cases here on the Big Island alone.  Hospitals are full and operating under emergency conditions.  Staff shortages everywhere, and FEMA is supplying more nurses and technicians.   Not as many deaths with the Omicron variant, but many sick people.

And still the stupid tourists come in hordes.  Everyone wants to return to ‘normal’ and are sloppy in their self protections.  Two households in the family have been compromised by a simple visitor.  I told the sisters ‘TRUST NO ONE”.  Now two houses are covid clusters.  Brother and I are hunkered down, protecting Papa at home and letting no one near.  Still waiting for Omicron to ‘peak’ here, but so far it still looks like we are on the uphill rise.

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