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Silver rider

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:23 on January 22, 2022  

I’d say check with the doctor but I don’t know how much knowledge they have with vitamins.
I’ve given higher doses of zinc to wound patients as a regular order along with vita C for healing but for a limited time.
If it’s 15 mg zinc per 2 mg of copper and that’s okay with a doctor just do the math. If you take 30 mg zinc you’ll need 4 mg of copper. If you took 4 mg of copper you’ll need 30 mg zinc. Copper has benefits in itself though and has been used through time for ailments.
So whether you take together or not will depend on whether your taking the right amount of each together.
Remember the copper cups you probably don’t see anymore. I’ve used copper homeopathics before to stop muscle cramps. There not fast acting but you don’t want to take too much. Homeopaths dilute doses so safer.

Now we know who the real ASSHOLES ARE !

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:53 on January 22, 2022  

China Brings Back Anal Covid Swab Testing… Just in Time for Winter Olympics

Welcome to China!

Communist China was previously giving COVID anal swabs to adults and children.

The Chinese government also gave Biden Administration officials anal COVID swab tests upon arriving in China… ‘in error.’

China supposedly stopped the invasive swab testing after Japan, the US and other countries said the virus test was “undignified” and caused “psychological distress.”

TRENDING: MUST SEE: Laura Loomer Strikes Again! Confronts Shameless “Team McCarthy” At NRCC Retreat Over Support of Pro-Impeachment Republicans Like Liz Cheney

And now it’s back… just in time for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Sun reported:

CHINA has brought back its “undignified” anal Covid swabs just two weeks before the Beijing Winter Olympics begin.

The Communist regime claims the virus test — which involves inserting a 5cm long saline-soaked swab up a patient’s bum and rotating it — is more accurate than other on-the-spot virus tests.


amals, ivermectin

Posted by treefrog @ 22:46 on January 22, 2022  

i recently had a bout with something that may have been omicron.  i didn’t get tested.  i had fatigue, and general upper respiratory cold symptoms sneezing, sinus, sniffles, sore throat, minor coughing.  no fever, no loss of taste/smell.  omicron?  maybe.

at first onset of symptoms i began 35 mg./day ivermectin (i’m 320 lbs) 1% solution by mouth.  a slightly elevated dosage.  symptoms peaked third day.  i continued the 35mg. ivm for seven days, by which time the symptoms had faded to a very low level.  discontinued the ivm, no return of symptoms.  i did have one odd side effect from the ivm – flatulence, quite a bit of it.

i can see no benefit to me of being tested.  i either had it, or i didn’t.   testing might get me quarantined.  next regular checkup, maybe i’ll ask the doc to run an antibody scan.  for my practical purposes, i don’t really need to know.  curiosity killed the pussy.

This one is about money…

Posted by old-timer @ 22:06 on January 22, 2022  

Dave, of X22Report interviews Craig Hemke, of TF Metaks Report.

Topics are, the view forward, interest rates, metals prices, effects of Scamdemic on the economy.


yea you guys get it

Posted by eeos @ 21:38 on January 22, 2022  

Here’s another one I saw this week, predicting a squeeze in Aluminum coming b/c everyone used it for racking on solar panel installs. I would like to know why not use hot galvanized dipped steel instead? Seems it would save an ape ton in aluminum. https://www.sciencealert.com/solar-panel-boom-s-demand-for-aluminium-is-a-big-carbon-problem

Chinese are going for the gold in solar. Game over.

I just got a smart meter and my bill doubled. We have three time of use tiers now in CO. 17 cent a KW hour at top tier. That’s a royal rip-off. AK rates are 22 cents KW/Hr and that’s because there are VERY few people and tons of wire. Xcel is scamming Colorado and a PUC judge screwed us. This is what happens where CO has too many liberal voters that come from CA with all their fake funny money.

eeos @ 17:59

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:04 on January 22, 2022  

“NFT’s” Now that’s a solid investment! LOL

Buygold @ 15:13

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:59 on January 22, 2022  

What could be the bottom on BTC? I sure don’t know.

Hopefully some of those dollars coming out of it will go into PMs.

Ivermectin again…

Posted by amals @ 19:57 on January 22, 2022  

How many days in a row can you take it safely? FLCCC is not definite about that; says five or more for conditions with symptoms.  I had some symptoms Jan 6-11, took slightly elevated dose for five days.  Stopped because symptoms were mild and I had no fever.  Those symptoms have not recurred, but sinus condition developed at same time as terrible bout of insomnia Jan 11-20 or so.  Needed sleeping pills (seroquel) to stop that.

Along with the exhaustion and stress of not sleeping, I had incredible fatigue.  It was about Jan18 I tested positive, PCR test in the hospital.  Still my only real symptoms were the terrible fatigue (and not-too-bad sinus condition) And not very bad cough (mostly clearing throat from post-nasal drip from sinus??).  My sense is that it was both sleep deprivation and perhaps covid symptoms as well.  If that is correct, it implies to me that I had covid relapse from Jan 6-11 bout, or perhaps secondary infection during the interim Jan 11-20.  OR the test was false positive OR showing residual covid for some time after it’s gone.

In any case, the fatigue was terrible and I decided to take ivermectin again to battle what was now an obvious symptom of covid for which I did test positive. Today was day three of an upped dose of paste.  I’m taking the 250 lb. amount for my 160 or so lbs.  That is higher than my usual, but not the double-to-triple dose that FLCCC would suggest.

This is important:  The day after I took Ivermectin again, the fatigue virtually vanished.  I mean night and day difference. I had a very good day yesterday, feeling a lot better than I had since the beginning of all this.  Unfortunately, I was not as good today–some fatigue again–but noticeably not as bad as before.

And so the question:  How many days in a row to take Ivermectin in this installment? I’m thinking at least five, and probably more if symptoms aren’t completely gone in two more days.  I might have stopped too soon the first go round.

goldie/silver rider: Copper and zinc

Posted by amals @ 19:25 on January 22, 2022  

I was looking into that today as well; would like to understand it better.  I think I understood it to be 2mg copper to 15mg zinc. (?).  Also, take them together or separate?

Goldi – re:Copper/Zinc

Posted by silver rider @ 18:45 on January 22, 2022  

I too would like to know how to insure that you maintain the right levels of copper/zinc.   Too much zinc will deplete copper.   Too much copper will deplete zinc.

@eeos Re That Rain Dance Story

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:28 on January 22, 2022  

I read it, and there is a lot I can say about it, but why bother. Re this one part:

“We look forward to engaging with the public, elected representatives, and a broad range of stakeholders as we examine the positives and negatives of a central bank digital currency in the United States,” Jay Powell, Fed chair, said in a statement.”

Comment: The way I interpret paragraph is that he knows the system is too complicated and distorted and they don’t know what to do anymore, and want other people involved so they get off the hook.

They had no business gradually going off the Gold standard and fooling around with the invisible hand of capitalism. They are SCREWED and the whole system is VULNERABLE. There was zero inflation all thru 1800s and up to about 1930, prices were flat to lower for over 100 years. Maybe even in the 1700s I don’t know.

You didn’t need to ask for a pay raise, you could have the same Sears Catalogue for a hundred years, if you had a business, you never had to raise prices. The system had price stability with a Gold standard actual real money. What they did had growth advantages for the short term, 1913 until 9/11 and 2008, which ended the recent game, Bretton Woods 1945.

Actually, Bretton Woods ended in 1971.

My brother pointed out to me that gold never got wacked for 50% from it’s high

Posted by eeos @ 17:59 on January 22, 2022  

like Bitcoin has. And now we have these clowns wanting to sell people crypto. Fed opens debate over possible digital currency>>> https://www.ft.com/content/df3ef633-d514-4f9f-8e96-b345a22b0630

NFT’s too, more electronic garbage. https://fortune.com/2022/01/19/teen-nft-artist-1-million/

It smells like dead fish.

Basel III Could Be One Of The Reasons Why Gold Has Been Holding $1800 Like A Champ

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:46 on January 22, 2022  

Parts Of Link Below:

Under the new regime, physical, or allocated, gold, like bars and coins, will be reclassified from a tier 3 asset, the riskiest asset class, to a tier 1 zero-risk weight —putting it “right alongside with cash and currencies as an asset class,” said Adam Koos, president of Libertas Wealth Management Group.

Since physical gold will have a risk-free status, this could cause banks around the world to continue to buy more, Koos said, adding that central banks already have stepped up purchases of physical gold to be held in the institutions’ vaults, and not held in unallocated, or paper form.

Under the new rules, paper gold would be classified as more risky than physical gold, and no longer counted as an asset equal to gold bars or coins.

If a physical gold broker’s cost of financing his stock of coins and bars, for example, doubles, then it’s likely he’ll hold less inventory, and charge higher premiums for his products, Norman explained. “If financial markets become stressed and gold demand rises sharply, then physical supply would be greatly constrained

Goldmoney’s Macleod expects banks to be “discouraged” from dealings in gold forward contracts in London and in futures contracts on Comex.

That can lead to “greater price volatility and at the margin, some bank customers who have had unallocated gold and silver accounts will seek to maintain their exposure by buying physical bullion,” he said.

These new changes also come at a time of accelerated monetary inflation and it’s “very likely” that the combination of the two events “will drive price higher,” Macleod said. How much higher depends on how weak the dollar becomes in terms of its purchasing power, he said.


Ipso – saw that with Bitcoin

Posted by Buygold @ 15:13 on January 22, 2022  

Wondering if the party is over for Bitcoin for awhile?

You can bet the Nasdaq will follow it lower if this continues over the weekend.

2001 Redux IMHO


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:16 on January 22, 2022  

Here in our exceptional nation, it is lately discovered — to the chagrin of the elite managerial classes — that The Science personified by Dr. Anthony Fauci is not medical science after all but rather political science. Ah! I see now why so much confusion has been sown over Dr. Fauci’s management of the Covid-19 pandemic. If he actually represented medical science, he might not have killed several hundred thousand people in this country by withholding and suppressing effective treatments and promoting deadly vaccines. He might not have disgraced the entire medical establishment and half-wrecked the system it works in. But, to paraphrase another eminent political scientist of yore, Josef Stalin, while one death is a tragedy, a half-million is a mere statistic. There’s science anyone can understand!

Win-Win, Lose-Lose

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:26 on January 22, 2022  

Metals guy

Posted by goldielocks @ 4:47 on January 22, 2022  

I warned some time ago zinc can deplete copper but they have zinc with copper if your talking it regularly. There’s not enough info on how much. How much zinc how much depletion of copper but you can add it or know and watch for symptoms.
Check ups should include your vita D level instead of suddenly having to take high doses just keep a healthy level.
The antiviral is the most important. I went though it and am okay and wasn’t eating well before but had risk of breathing issues. Whether the Ivermectin stopped it or wouldn’t of happened I don’t know but wasn’t gonna take any chances.
In other problem people have it could set of systemic problems. Like if someone was way over weight, diabetic as one told me her blood sugar jumped to 600 which is really bad. She also had inflammation issues long haulers as she wasn’t pre treated to prevent that. So the fact is all systems have to be watched and managed when co morbidities are involved and can happen in any illness. The vitamins can help but it’s not a single factor.

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