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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:17 on January 4, 2022  

With weather, have you been watching harrp lately.

Virginal Hwy shut down.

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:15 on January 4, 2022  

In Virgina people were stuck on the Hwy all night. Why didn’t police block off sections and get then to back up and trim around and get out.
Only thing good was Hillary’s buddy Tim Kaine was stuck there too. They can’t exempt himself from Mother Nature.

Situation Update, Jan 4, 2022: GLOBAL ALERT as 10 million people PER DAY are set on irreversible countdown to VACCINE DEATH

Posted by silverngold @ 23:04 on January 4, 2022  

I wish Mike Adams didn’t ramble so much but he is giving lots of new statistics and death estimates that you might want to know…FWIW


Beware Charles Schwab if you own penny stocks !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 23:04 on January 4, 2022  

I have a considerable holding in Scorpio ( sub-ten cents/share for some time now ).
If you click on the stock symbol you get a fairly accurate picture of the trading price to four significant decimals , but in calculating the total value of shares , some clown is rounding down to two significant digits at the pre-open report , which skews the next day’s pre-open stated gain or loss for prior EOD significantly .
I lost money on this stock today but my EOD report shows a gain. The other day showed a loss when it was actually a gain . Also this individual (or computer software) does not understand rounding . For example , a closing price of $0.0784 would not be rounded up to $0.08 , but instead rounded down to $0.07 .

At least now they allow limit pricing on trades to more than +/- a full cent per share .


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:05 on January 4, 2022  

Yeah it is murder. It’s like turning baby’s into their personal ATM machine. The CDCs always looking to add to it. They don’t even check for conditions that they shouldn’t give it or allergies. They have a script and don’t even work with parents who may not want all those vaccines or at once. They’ll even give them when the child’s sick. They talk about small amounts no big deal but leave out the fast their getting multi vaccinations at once.
Parents don’t even know symptoms of anaphylactic or high temps and brain damage and seizures that can also cause brain damage. Or things for pain that can inhibit detoxing. They lie tell them their safe. Then when they call concerned of them high pitches screaming from the brain swelling or high temps they say that’s normal. I asked a doctor on line once if he would guarantee in writing their safe and he blocked me. lol

CMT I had it all this time actually longer than when I decided to get a diagnosis so I could get braces cuz their light now and go though metal detectors for travel. Plus got filled by some guy intended to rob me at the store at night and though that was close so get me a sticker so I could park closer. I had to DX myself cuz the neuro doctor didn’t believe me so did the test then shook my hand no congratulated me. For what? Lol I never asked him what he thought it was. Good thing is I didn’t get the kind you get when your young they have it the harder, never had opportunities to do stuff and got a kick out of me and other who got to do stuff first probably cuz they got caught up in a stigma so they could say see she could do stuff the ones stigmatizing them couldn’t.
Can’t remember the actress who played Cat woman in Bat Man in the sixties and on Seven brides for seven brothers has it too.
Anyways the kind you get young is worse causes deformities sometimes in the feet needing surgery. So just glad it happened when got older.


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:36 on January 4, 2022  

“Charcot Marie Tooth disease”

Very sorry to hear that!

goldielocks @ 17:42

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:28 on January 4, 2022  

Regarding children and normal type vaccines … it’s way out of hand. Too many! … and the very idea of the jab and kids makes me shudder and think: Murder.

Mr.Copper @ 17:38

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:25 on January 4, 2022  

I’m not anti coal but I think natural gas is better. It’s a lot cleaner and puts less crap in the air. If they do it right I think nuclear is good too.


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:21 on January 4, 2022  

That reminds me, few decades ago I bough a econo van for the kids for camping. More safety from people was the concern than wildlife. Those older cars didn’t get as much power in the mountains though. There were some pretty steep climbs where it slowed down. Like that little train saying I think I can. I’d notice a convoy behind me sometimes and I could only guess they were pizzed off.
If I got a van after that it would be a newer one.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:28 on January 4, 2022  

My car is 3 yea old now and doesn’t even have 35K miles on it. It was funny it wasn’t the car I was looking fir and foreign maker wouldn’t have bought or though I wouldn’t EVER but then the mom thing and ex soccer mom hit me with grand kids. So except for the grandkids would have never bought.
I don’t think I could afford RI now that I’m retired and really can’t go back to work. I have late stage Charot Marie Tooth now. It’s a neuro thing that interferes with walking. Can you see it now? Trying to get to the car in slippery conditions no less and blizzard. They’ll find me frozen in motion next to my car and say well she almost made it. If I wanted weather like that I’d go back to Wisconsin. It took me awhile to come to grips with all the things including surfing I can’t do anymore. Including the kind of jobs.
Working just made it worse as if you over do the physical it causes more damage you don’t bounce back from. I had to stop going to the doctor in rehabs because he wanted me to stop about 6 yrs ago. lol
There’s no rehab for this anyways, it’s not terminal less you fall over a cliff or something. Only thing you can do it try to prevent more damage. It affecting my hands more now too, there little weaker so have to not even over type , notice all the typos I try to correct.
It’s best I stay in milder weather areas.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:57 on January 4, 2022  

I don’t know what year or make car you have, but if you know the car well and are happy with it, just keep it. IMO high priced gasoline doesn’t reall matter, unless you drive 35,000 miles a year to get to work. My attitude is, If I could afford 10-12 MPG when I was a kid, then thats my standard to maintain, and I won’t lower it as an adult.

I have a classic 1989 short bed chevy van, rare and valuable a 1998 GMC Jimmy, both on Hagarty collector insurance, under $500 for both, and an everyday driver 2001 GMC Jimmy. At best on the highways 17 MPG good enough. Who needs a small light gas saver getting 28 MPG to the point of impact?

If you move out of state, come to L.I. I know the whole island and I can be your guide. Its really a great place to live. And you can make money here.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:42 on January 4, 2022  

Yes that’s true, and what’s worse I seen a article where they were discouraging women from breastfeeding because it interferes with their vaccines. You can get passive immunity from things with nursing a baby. It was getting in the way of the vaxx cabals poison I guess.
The well baby is no longer well baby check up, it’s a vaxx apt. They can catch some things if they do their assessments but that might not happen is the parent is scared away from all those vaccine apts and they don’t even hide it.
I remember seeing a note they sent my daughter in it. Time for more vaccines and she was spacing them out. She said they were pushing them heavily so what happens they don’t go back.

ipso facto @ 16:58 re Coal

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:38 on January 4, 2022  

When I was a kid, my father and grandfather burned coal for heat. Everybody burned coal. Even in NYC they burned coal. It was cheap. I didn’t see any real problems with it. Even when I went to self employment, in 1975 I had a huge pot belly stove in my work shop garage.

I burned cannel coal, big sized rocks they were like a small foot ball. Once the fire was lit and going, it burned nice and clean with a blue flames. Also there was a factory near by that made things with 3/4 thick plywood or chip board, barrels full of all the same sized pieces, or blanks. Coin operated bowling machines for bars I think.

We used to make practically everything in the factories nearby, you name it. Plenty of wealth creating work, rather than wealth absorbing jobs. I remember the winters were cold and the summers were hot.   No global warming.

Strange, after they started restricting freon and other so called greenhouse gasses after 1970, EPA was created, now we have supposedly global warming. Mild winters and mild summers. Another thing I remember as a kid, a few nice clear running streams nearby. Frogs and tad poles etc.

Then they made a huge sewer district to avoid cesspools. And after a while all the streams dried up to a trickle. Evidently less water was going back into the ground. Lowered the water table?  If it rains heavy, they get water.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:35 on January 4, 2022  

Well I guess if I move out of state I better take my car with me that seats 7 plus has connections to charge phones iPads and other gadgets in multi places.
That worked out when I took my grandson to Disney so he had something to do during travel. Luckily gas was cheaper though Trump was in office.
Since I had another car till it was paid off I still have very low mileage but now if I did a straight trade it the trade probably wouldn’t be good but who knows with this mark up maybe it still held it’s value lol

goldielocks @ 17:17

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:32 on January 4, 2022  

In general are doctors getting lazy … Too lazy to give pregnant women good advice? My doctor is no ball of fire either, which is OK until something goes wrong.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:17 on January 4, 2022  

Lol Good for you. You will also have fresh salsa for awhile too.
I’m worried about the kids though. I remember in the 70s donating big cans of powdered baby formula to a mother with twins. They couldn’t afford all the formula and were feeding the whole milk too young.
I noticed too as time when on the generations before were no longer teaching these young parents how to sterilize things for new born or any baby still needing a bottle or how harmful and even deadly it can be to keep anything that can go in their mouth clean for them. If certain bacteria gets in the blood stream it can lead to sepsis and meningitis amongst other things.
They’re learning now more about BPA free than Bacteria.
Now that moms have to work practically the day after giving birth in the US anyways which is IMO communistic at its best nursing is being replaced or moms mild frozen and out in bottles.

@goldilocks @Maddog re car shortage story

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:07 on January 4, 2022  

I text it to a car dealer childhood friend. Then he called me, we were on the phone hour and a half. Boy a lot of interesting stories. I wish I would have recorded it all. He has a small lot, buys some trade ins from a Honda dealer, his friend deals trucks, his son works sales at a Ford dealership also selling trucks. Hes a thinker re the economy like I am.

Some things I remember, some unwise people come to the dealership to try to get out of a lease vehicle they can’t afford. So the dealer asks, “what do you want, what would make you happy?” Do you want us to take in the car and take over the last six months payments?”

Naturally they say yes, then the dealer turns the car over to Car Max? and makes $5,000 to $20,000 profits within 5-6 minutes with mouse clicks. 7-8 per week.  If you go in to buy and ask about how much below sticker, they laugh at you.

If they like you, new cars and trucks $10 to $20k over sticker. And the new Ford electric P/U truck? Lots of orders, huge mark ups, and you don’t find out the price until it comes in.  Lots of people have stupid money and buyers don’t care. “I want it”. The only problems they have, is its harder to buy cars to flip.

Even the older cars classics now made before 1975 in demand and going up in price. Sell one and you get sellers remorse. I remember the 1970s there really were no classic cars. Maybe some Model A Fords or cars from 30s or 40s. But If you bought an expensive new or used, Benz or Farrarie etc three years later, you traded it in for your cost, because the new ones went up so much.

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:58 on January 4, 2022  


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:54 on January 4, 2022  

That’s true about the gas cars bs EV even though their not that popular especially working class that have to travel or live in Apts where they have no where to charge them or a garage to direct them from theft or vandalism when they cost more which as another reason.
I bought a new car couple years ago got a bigger one for grandkids I kinda regretted now should of got something smaller or a small truck for travel. As far as gas I knew once I retired I wasn’t going to drive that much anyways.
The hybrids though are great as long as you have a big enough gas tank. You can put in some miles without having to fill up. I rented one once and was surprised on how little of gas I had to replace.
Now they have used batteries plus they are figuring out away to do individual cells so you only have to replace one cell at a time. Even still the average person may not be ale to afford that out of pocket. Not sure how that works or the battery but if they get the battery affordable, safer from blowing up and ways to recycle the material, gas’s back up or self recharging while driving it might become more acceptable.

Oh woe is me

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:41 on January 4, 2022  

My favorite green salsa, Salsa Verde has gone from $2.50 to $4 a jar!

My shares were flat today. I hope you guys did better.

Just talking to the Missus … next year I’m growing some tomatillo tomatoes and we’re going to can our own salsa.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:54 on January 4, 2022  

It’s the same here in the UK, 2nd hand cars are way bid.

two reasons I hear…one is the shortage of chips, so few new cars available, still and 2nd is no one is buying new cars because of being forced to buy electric soon, so scared that values will plummet, much better to buy a decent used car and run that into the ground and hope politicians see sense.

When us have winters like u get in the US, EV’s are a sick joke…if they don’t burn u to death, they will freeze u to death, when u get stuck out in one.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:48 on January 4, 2022  

Yep that’s what the digital world did to enable the crooks. Find out what the average person makes and then charge them accordingly even if it’s over priced. Can’t have them paying themselves or saving any money.
Same with the market, can’t have them taking profits and come up with all sorts of excuses for that.

S&P plus 30 full pts, since scum came in……

Posted by Maddog @ 15:48 on January 4, 2022  

The Nasdaq 100 Going Nowhere Since the November high, down 245 today 1.5%

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:22 on January 4, 2022  

The Dow has been looking good but it was probably lagging the other indices over the last 6-12 months.

S&P jumps 20 full pts….despite being sold all day…..ain’t the scum clever.

Posted by Maddog @ 14:56 on January 4, 2022  
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