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Hawaii Covid

Posted by Maya @ 23:17 on January 20, 2022  

5,911 new cases reported today.  567 on the Big Island alone.  It’s a viral inferno out there, and still the tourists come in hordes.  I’m not even going to the grocery store for several weeks.   Hunkered down safe at home with NO visitors.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:08 on January 20, 2022  

An Erie classic


Bitcoin getting slammed tonight

Posted by Buygold @ 22:44 on January 20, 2022  

SM going to be ugly tomorrow?

Front Running is doing great……aka scum trading .

Posted by Maddog @ 20:19 on January 20, 2022  



Posted by silverngold @ 16:48 on January 20, 2022  

Max Egan exposing the harassment and covid jab lies from all over the world. Lots of good honest exposure in this one folks! It’s Time To Reclaim Our World!!

Alex Valdor @ 12:04 on January 20, 2022

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:35 on January 20, 2022  

Very SNAPPY uniform ! Click your heels together !     Iv seen it all before

something has just spooked the SM…..

Posted by Maddog @ 14:36 on January 20, 2022  

Alex Valdor @ 12:04

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:40 on January 20, 2022  

It’s Mr. Dressup!

eeos @ 21:30 Re Your Gold Chart

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:54 on January 20, 2022  

During that high point in May and June, my mining stocks were so high, I was seriously thinking about cashing them all out. And start over small again. Unfortunately procrastinated and now waiting for the nexthigh points.

I think vee haf identified the source of Canada’s food shortages …

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:04 on January 20, 2022  

Sig Heil , Justin

Inflation Iceberg Dead Ahead

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:32 on January 20, 2022  

scum just got back from the clap clinic and yes the Au Pair has given them NSU…again

Posted by Maddog @ 11:29 on January 20, 2022  

ergo they smack Gold.

Midnight Gardener

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:23 on January 20, 2022  

Not that I am against a big green day. LOL

It sure seems like something has shifted in our market. Perhaps realization that raising of interest rates for the most part, is impossible.

Sold a bit of SKE today. Hugely overbought and I need to pay some bills. Still have most of it. 742% gain, Thank You Ske.


Good morning ipso, your 10;42

Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 11:07 on January 20, 2022  

I agree. Would have been nice to see a runaway up this am. But I have been waiting for the usual mid morning plop. Still, it looks ok for a green day.


Dow Jones Precious Metals Index to Dow Jones Industrial Metals Index

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:52 on January 20, 2022  


I guess a little backing and filling would be normal here …

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:42 on January 20, 2022  

Won’t play well in the next elections

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:57 on January 20, 2022  

Supermarkets Report Food Shortages After Canada Imposes Trucker Vax Mandate

Overwhelmed supply chains and truck driver shortages worsened when Canada imposed new border mandates prohibiting unvaccinated American truckers. With low vaccination rates among US drivers, Canadian supermarkets are already reporting rising food inflation and shortages of certain products, according to Bloomberg.

Canada’s vaccine mandate for truckers came into effect on Saturday. The new rule requires US truckers to be vaccinated to cross the border. We warned earlier this week such a mandate would have “consequences.”


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:20 on January 20, 2022  

MCEWEN MINING: Higher Production – 2021 & Q4


Eloro Resources Announces RSU Grants


Snowline Gold Strengthens Technical Team and Issues Incentive Stock Options


i-80 Gold Awards Contract for Lone Tree Autoclave Engineering Study


Troilus Drills 4.52 g/t AuEq Over 5m Within a Broader Interval of 2.06 g/t AuEq Over 14m, Extending Mineralization Up To 200m Outside of the Pea Pit Shell


Sokoman’s Barge Drilling Program Delivers Strong Au Results Moosehead Project, Central Newfoundland


Second Visible Gold Occurrence Found on Harry Property, Golden Triangle


Bitterroot Resources Updates the Status of Its Precious Metals Projects in Nevada


Sitka Drills 16.0 Metres of 2.18 g/t Gold at RC Gold in Yukon


8,000m Drill Program Initiated on MAS Gold’s Preview-North Property and Comstock’s Preview SW Property




Is today the day we bust through $1850?

Posted by Buygold @ 9:10 on January 20, 2022  

Shares picking up some bids in the pre-market.

Never know.

Here’s the eco data. Fed talking about raising into a slowdown?

Posted by Buygold @ 8:46 on January 20, 2022  

Initial Jobless Unexpectedly Surge To A Three Month High As Economic Slowdown Deepens

teaser image

Initial claims unexpectedly soared from 231K to 286K, a huge miss to expectations of 225K, the highest print since October 8 and the latest confirmation that the economy is slowing rapidly

Early Look

Posted by Buygold @ 7:32 on January 20, 2022  

Definitely not screaming higher out of the gates but lots of time. At least we’re not seeing a U-turn just yet. USD flat, Nasdaq and Bitcoin up this am – but will they hold all day? I have my doubts, looks like the SM is in “sell any rally” mode, not BTFD anymore.

I’m sticking with Midnight Gardener and betting on another up day.

edit: Not sure if we got some eco news, but here we come…back in the black

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