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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:43 on January 26, 2022  

Rock patrol


Canadian truckers getting a lot of support

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:25 on January 26, 2022  

I’m seeing a lot of videos of people coming out in their cars in freezing temperatures to support the Truckers protesting the mandates. A lot of them.

Here’s a good by song for Neil who forgot what the music was about.

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:58 on January 26, 2022  

When the musics over turn out the lights.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:12 on January 26, 2022  

Let’s Go Rogan lol
The young don’t even know who Neil is or the music from 50 yrs ago. I told them he used to want to sing about freedom and now it’s fake news and censorship. They all see immediately who ever he is he now thinks too much of himself. They call him some cranky old washed up hippy. Looks like he put his foot in his mouth this time for a publicity stunt that backfired.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 21:34 on January 26, 2022  

Looks like silver may be taking a dive here. Look to buy in February/ March. Stock market may “correct” much further than expected.

D’oh! LOL

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:51 on January 26, 2022  

Spotify to Pull Neil Young’s Music After Artist’s Objections to Joe Rogan


Dr. Copper 14:37

Posted by Bob @ 19:38 on January 26, 2022  

Just before logging on here now I remembered the site moderator, Vronsky. We all thought he was an arrogant a-hole and bolted. Can’t remember what came after that…

Not those Bobs, I wasn’t ‘Bob’ then.  🙂

All these “no SWIFT” threats are just BS

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:27 on January 26, 2022  

No SWIFT, No Gas: Russia Responds To Western Threats As US Tries To Orchestrate Workaround


Anyone get the number of that bus?

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:12 on January 26, 2022  

Re Dow SnP and NAZ Extremely Big Volume Day Bars On Thier Lows

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:04 on January 26, 2022  

So that huge drop they had all thru January, may have already priced in the allegedly coming higher rates. They may get a bounce here.

And I’m thinking the scum don’t really want the indices to run higher, and make the bubbles any bigger and force them to raise rates too high. This Dow SnP Naz boom has been like the run away gold and silver boom in the 1970s. They have to slow it down and break the inflationary psychology of the stock market.

In other wards if the Dow SnP Naz rocket back up, the scum will be in trouble. So far they only used words for brake tapping.

As usual unlimted Vol buys the closes the scum need.

Posted by Maddog @ 16:02 on January 26, 2022  

SM no real damage and PM’s got clobbered, because the scum have it all under control, so no worries about inflation, or war…life is just grand…and R640 says, the futures so bright, my shades work.

Last 15 mins will the scum ram us back up to Unch in SM….can’t have a down close on scum day

Posted by Maddog @ 15:43 on January 26, 2022  

Kamikaze buying by scum in SM

Posted by Maddog @ 15:31 on January 26, 2022  

I mean who the hell buys like this, when the mkt is falling apart…only the scum running the Rig….just madness.


Posted by Buygold @ 15:19 on January 26, 2022  

this is a beating just like the old days of a Fed meeting.

I guess it should be predictable.

scum trying to hold S&P @ 4400……while war talk builds, as Globalists aka madmen ..stir it.

Posted by Maddog @ 14:46 on January 26, 2022  

US Citizens Told Depart Ukraine Now By Any Means Possible In New Embassy Alert



Posted by ipso facto @ 14:37 on January 26, 2022  

At least there’s a few greens in there. Shows some strength for the PM shares.

Bob @ 13:29 Hi

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:37 on January 26, 2022  

You must be talking about Gold – Eagle? I remember responding to your posts. I save a lot of posts from that era around 2012? I was Larry 510 and changed it later to Copper. Were you also Barnacle Bob? or Billy Bob too?

treefrog ……… yep I should label it better. That little dog looks familiar …

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:34 on January 26, 2022  

Not what I was hoping for

Posted by Buygold @ 14:28 on January 26, 2022  

yet anyway. The shares are starting to catch a bid though.

WPM & AG have been up all day. Don’t know what they’re saying…

ipso, 13:46

Posted by treefrog @ 14:25 on January 26, 2022  

branch manager and assistant branch manager…

Endeavour Silver (EXK) Provides ’22 Production & Cost View

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:52 on January 26, 2022  


OT …………….. Branch manager and assistant branch manager

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:46 on January 26, 2022  

Bob @ 13:29

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:42 on January 26, 2022  

It’s quite a long road we’ve been on. Seems like we’re soon entering a swankier neighborhood. It’s about time!


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:39 on January 26, 2022  

I wonder if Neil’s name is on the list of people endorsed by Soros? Quite a few Hollywood-musician types were backed by him through some foundation.

aufever @ 12:28 re: Neil Young

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:36 on January 26, 2022  

Yeah that was a surprise. I never thought him to be one who would swallow the official line like that … it’s an amazing amount of ignorance!

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