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okay commish enough bs

Posted by eeos @ 21:34 on December 29, 2014  

you’re forgetting that organized religion can’t keep your story straight. first the earth was the universe, you know in man’s spirit…. and then st cornucopias from his deathbed anounced that the Sun was the center of the universe. and then we set up the hubble telescope and we decided the earth isn’t the center of the universe nor is the Sun. And the Sun nor the earth we’re the center of the universe. and now we’ve decided there’s lots of universes. billions in fact. but you need to believe the story that’s told in the golden book. for its surely the right story. but sit down and let me read you a chapter brother. from the Golden Book of course. and I suppose in at another hundred years or two we will try to rewrite the book again. let’s keep it relevant of course. and the biggest fairy tale of all, it was all made in 7 days. I don’t need to watch no damned TV channels

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.