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Gold goes up ,Gold Stocks go Down !

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:12 on December 8, 2014  

Thats evidence of Fed manipulation of public opinion ..gotta keep the public out of gold so they have no alternative and have to stay in the Dollar !

Guaranteeing a real return on their money of ZERO ….its legalized theft same thing for retirees ..ZERO return on Savings ,ZERO increases in SS after inflation another theft !    and then the Fed Head has the Gall to state citizens don’t save enough …really !

End the FED !  give them the same treatment they give you   …Un- EMployment ! and food stamps.

Get the Banks out of the Stock Markets and that includes the Fed .they represent Bankers interests not public interest ….Glass Steagal was right and needs to brought  back !   Elected Presidents shouldn’t have to fear the Fed is going to assassinate them ..or coerce them that’s been our history since the Fed took control ! Good men have clearly been threatened or attacked like McKinley , George Wallace,Ross Perot,Ron Paul ..if demonizing as Radical Kooks  is their first weapon ,if that don’t work coercing and threatening Family then assassination ..anything to keep the Country from printing TREASURY NOTES instead of Federal Reserve Notes as money !  Look what happened  to Kennedy after he printed Treasury Notes that carried NO DEBT  ! Johnson Reversed that immediately ..He got the message ! Treasury Secretary’s  that don’t toe the line are forced out

soon after taking office like Paul O’Neill ! Former Alcoa chief !   If you can’t get clearance from GS your not going to Last  ! Club Members only !

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.