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goldielocks @ 16:59

Posted by silverngold @ 17:17 on December 7, 2014  

Good points. Thanks!! Some of that was covered in the video I posted. We are either approaching the point of no return or we have already passed it. Man is shitting in his own nest to the point he is literally destroying all that the earth provides to keep him (and all life) alive. This is insanity!! The extinction year they gave in the video if this lunacy continues is 2040. That’s just right around the corner and within the normal lifespan of most of our children and grandchildren.

My primary interest is in silver and gold but since Heaven is paved with the stuff and the earth may be becoming uninhabitable, people need to wake up and stop what is happening right before their eyes.  All The Best,                Silverngold

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.