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Al owes a sharp ton of taxes…is that like a short/shit ton?

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:56 on November 18, 2014  

Maybe his EBT card will cover it?

From Murph tonight–

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:52 on November 18, 2014  

One of the most blatant examples of how gold has been manipulated the past 3 years is the fact that there have been virtually ZERO days when gold went up on bullish news. In fact over the past 15 years you could practically count on one hand the times when gold rose on bullish news. Nearly always whenever gold has risen in a meaningful way it was during NO news, rather than bullish news. There have been hundreds of bullish news events in just the past 3 years, not the least of which were 2 additional QE’s yetnot one of those events sparked a gold rally.

REdneck=I forgot about the dread Dec comex gold option expiration

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:52 on November 18, 2014  

The fact that gold has risen into this expiration is just one more very bullish factor.

CNBC Video: People don’t like government or big business

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:57 on November 18, 2014  

The club is getting bigger. 🙂 This has to be good for Gold.


Video: Big Bet On Gold Miners

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:44 on November 18, 2014  

Shortened video, sounds like a big trader switched a huge down side bet, took the money and bought a huge long side bet, on GDX.


aufever @ 11:18 cultural marxism vs fascism

Posted by goldcountry @ 18:39 on November 18, 2014  

“It is a great irony that the two principal factions of the present day American ruling class, the Republicans and Democrats, are currently under the intellectual leadership of ideological tendencies derived from neo-Marxism. The neoconservatives who currently lead the Republican Party and therefore the present administration are only a few decades removed from the right-wing Trotskyism of Max Shachtman. The career of Irving Kristol, who made the journey from orthodox Trotskyism in his youth to Shachtmanism to becoming the godfather of neoconservatism, illustrates and personifies this evolutionary process perfectly. Likewise, the abandonment of its traditional working class constituency by the Democratic Party in favor of identity politics, victimology and cultural leftism illustrates the coming to power of the New Left of the 1960s, whose intellectual guru Herbert Marcuse sought to revise Marxism by transfering the basis of the class struggle from labor within the context of political economy to officially designated victim groups within the context of cultural criticism.

That both neoconservatism and cultural Marxism in practice closely resemble traditional fascism should come as no surprise given that most of the founding fathers of classical fascism were former Marxists. Indeed, it has long been recognized by astute observers that Marxism in power bears striking similarities to fascism or “national socialism”. …

The prediction made a century ago by the classical liberal economist William Graham Sumner that men would one day be divided into only two political camps, Socialists and Anarchists, is now on the verge of realization. Marxism and its derivatives, principally neoconservatism and cultural Marxism, are now the dominant ideological perspectives in all of the modern countries.”


Interesting quote by Hugh Hendry ………………………………………Remember the movie “Speed?”

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:23 on November 18, 2014  

My premise hasn’t really changed since I published my paper explaining why I had become more constructive towards risk assets this time last year. That is to say, the structural deficiency of global demand continues to radicalise the central banking community. I believe they are terrified: the system is so leveraged and vulnerable to potentially systemic price reversals that the monetary authorities find themselves beholden to long only investors and obliged to support asset prices.

However, I clearly confused everyone with my choice of language. What I should have said is that investors are perhaps misconstruing rising equity prices as a traditional bull market spurred on by revenue and earnings growth, and becoming fearful of a reversal, when instead the persistent upwards drift in stock markets is more a reflection of the steady erosion of the soundness of the global monetary system and therefore the rise in stock prices is something that is likely to prevail for some time. There is more to it of course, as I will attempt to explain, but not much.

This should be a great time to be a macro manager. It is almost without precedent: the world’s monetary authorities are targeting higher risk asset prices as a policy response to restoke economic demand. Whether you agree with such a policy is irrelevant. You need to own stocks. And yet, remarkably, the most contentious thing you can say in the macro world today is “I’m bullish”.


RNO @ 17:45

Posted by Samb @ 17:56 on November 18, 2014  

Easy pitch there…the answer is UP. However, what is not being discussed anywhere is the last Int, Cycle High (ICH) We were capped after only a six week rally. Gold made it to $1340 (weekly chart)  So, that is the number to beat and that is one tough climb. If we fail then we have a lower ICH and all one can hope for, at that point, is a higher low at the bottom.

December comex gold options

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 17:45 on November 18, 2014  

Expire in six days. The $1200. support/resistance area is crucial. Look for a good move one way or the other after options expire. I’m guessing the gold market will move at least $50. in the next two weeks. The crucial question is which direction.


A Good day ! Look at % gains in right Column

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:17 on November 18, 2014  

au&ag nov18

Are they converging?

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:54 on November 18, 2014  

Rand Paul promised to help Mitch McConnell pass amnesty
NOV. 5, 2014


One lie not as bad as the other?

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:52 on November 18, 2014  

Former John Kerry adviser Mary Anne Marsh presented liberals with a great way to deflect the GruberGate controversy dominating political headlines right now: just blame Bush! During a discussion on this morning’s “America’s Newsroom,” Marsh insisted that Jonathan Gruber and President Obama’s lies and misdirection about Obamacare needed to be “put in perspective.” “The American people are smart enough to know when they are being lied to. There is a big difference here about Obamacare versus two wars we were lied to about getting in,” the Democrat strategist proclaimed, as she was promptly laughed at by conservative commentator Katie Pavlich. In essence, Marsh is making excuses for the president’s misdirection…by misdirecting us further into a conversation about what constitutes a “lie.” Expect more of this insanity as liberals start to get the hang of what Mary Anne Marsh has begun to do here. Read more at http://dailysurge.com/2014/11/yes-dem-strategist-just-blamed-baracks-obamacare-lies-bushs-iraq-war/

Can you believe this sh*t

Posted by commish @ 16:33 on November 18, 2014  

S&P 500 and Dow just keep rising.  Must be because Yellen said that the poor folks have to save more and buy stocks.


Posted by Maddog @ 16:08 on November 18, 2014  

The Algos/Scum are still painting the PM stox closes with monster selling.

GDX .. Big Volume everywhere !in AU &AG

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:07 on November 18, 2014  

75 million shares on the GDX alone !

GDXJ  26 million

JNUG 33 million

kGC 32 million

ABX 25 million

AUY 21 million

IAG 15 million

GG 11 million

I cant revise it fast enough !

Well commish, markets closed, let’s see what wicked this way comes on international Wicken Day.

Posted by macroman3 @ 16:00 on November 18, 2014  

Hocus Pocus, Allah Kazzam…


Buygold–truly awesome action! it’s take no prisoners on the stuff I follow-JNUG is top tick-new high going itno the close

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:56 on November 18, 2014  

If gold ever makes its move there will be plenty of gold bullish dialogue suddenly coming out of the woodwork to provide “ground” for a historic run….QE is now being done around the world…accompagnied-until now– by falling gold–do investors realize how unnatural that is–? A massive campaign of propaganda and mkt rigging changed reality–in 2008 remember how gold–surreally, became a “risky asset” and the dialogue was invented to the effect that “investors wanted to raise cash”–dollars, of course-and were selling everything…going to risk off [safe] assets like the U.S. dollar and treasuries?…all that nonsense will be forgotten the next time around…that said, let’s see how this little pop goes…Jeez! There are no pullbacks today…it’s almost like a panic in the PM stocks/etfs–the only thing that can be cobbled are the comex gold and silver futures…if investors think nugt could do 200-300 bucks eventually, then no wonder the bid is strong…

Gold bears are saying

Posted by eeos @ 15:30 on November 18, 2014  
  • That didn’t hurt.
  • Remain calm.
  • Plenty of profit in this short still, riding it out for now.

Barbarous Relic

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:00 on November 18, 2014  

Obolo is going to find out just how Barbarous it can be, when things get HOT ,the paper starts to burn and the  Heat improves the purity of that old Relic…..

You know why owners require its resmelted before its shipped back to them ?

That’s how the impurities are removed including the Tungston ..all gets revealed and the crap is left back at the Banksters vaults where it came from ! If it were mine I would be there when its remelted to put my personal mark on it …

You can learn a lot from watching “goldminers on the History Channel….haha


Posted by Ororeef @ 14:34 on November 18, 2014  

has gone from 17 to 21 in the last 10 days and Obola is trying to start a Race War at Home while Pootie is Chess Master in Europe …he has checkmated Zbigniew ….

Keep up the Good work..its good for AU & AG  !

If Obola “Stays on Course”

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:26 on November 18, 2014  

he needs a new Compass ! His is broken !     He’s leading them straight to the bottom..

But then again lemmings do what they do !

As a Sailor 25 years I single handed all over the Chesapeake Bay “Stay the Course” with black clouds ahead ..the wind picking up and not a reef in the Sail …..he’s going down…He’s NO Sailor,certainly not a Captain,or navigator.He probably don’t even have a life jacket on board ! Who put him in charge ? Certainly not an experienced captain  ! are there no qualifications for that  job? The Ship of State is being run by a 13 year old that cant swim……..

US and Europe Conceal Their Bankruptcy with Hostility to Russia

Posted by Maddog @ 14:14 on November 18, 2014  

here is a different perspective, ie How Putin/Russia and no doubt China sees it.


Richey @ 22:29 re He makes the case for no gold manipulation–[i neither agree or disagree-don’t shoot the messenger]

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:14 on November 18, 2014  

@Trader Dan too

re part:
“I start reading a lot more articles about gold than I finish reading. This is because as soon as I read something in an article that reveals a very basic misunderstanding about the gold market, I stop reading. Sometimes I don’t even get past the first paragraph.

“I refuse to waste time reading the words of someone who has just demonstrated cluelessness on the topic at hand.”

Me too. I started reading that thing, skimmed thru it, and determined the author himself is clueless.

We all here know how there was plenty of growth in the world economy after 1980 until 2001, as gold, silver copper etc DROPPED for 21 years.$800 gold went to $250 over 21 years. Silver went $50 to $4.

Copper was down to 46 cents after 21 years. Heating oil and diesel down to $42 cents by 2001. With TONS OF growth in China et al.

The Greenspan, Clinton, Rubin, Altman, Summers STRONG DOLLAR policy from ’92 to ’00 was the final blow-off of falling commodity prices combined with extreme artificial growth. 1980 to 2001 rest in peace.

All new game after 2001 and more so after 2008.

NEMO – RE: Ukraine’s gold

Posted by drb2 @ 13:28 on November 18, 2014  
for a barbarous relic, gold sure seems to garner a lot of attention when it comes to CBs
notice also, nobody ever says where it goes.    
never any follow up by the media.
it just goes – poof !   and gone

Ukraine Admits Its Gold Is Gone: “There Is Almost No Gold Left In The Central Bank Vault”



Posted by Buygold @ 13:19 on November 18, 2014  

yeah the boyz have been parked on silver all day long. There is currently a 100K share seller sitting on the $15.50 SLV ask and has been there for the last half hour absorbing all bids.

The shares might be telling a different story about where the metals are going. We’ll find out soon enough I guess.

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