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The NWO Agenda – as revealed in 1969

Posted by silverngold @ 22:03 on November 15, 2014  

About 13 minutes. Watch it unless you don’t want to know what is happening has been planned and is being carried out by the NWO.    Silverngold


puptent – Working for the Yankee Dollar

Posted by commish @ 20:32 on November 15, 2014  

Buygold @ 17:03

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:18 on November 15, 2014  

May as well buy Venezuela Bonds! 😉

will post this early..so santa has enought time to gather my list

Posted by puptent @ 18:06 on November 15, 2014  

Thanks Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 17:03 on November 15, 2014  

Boy, that Franklin Templeton bet sure has me scratching my head. They must just have too many USD’s to spread around. Glad they’re managing other people’s money. Yikes.

eeos @ 11:25 Russian Satellite photo

Posted by Maya @ 15:21 on November 15, 2014  

Yeah, that is pretty impressive.  Lots of clandestine stuff I read early on indicated that the Russians had very intense surveilance and electronic tracking of the area because Putin was flying through the area near there.  One report I read said that Putin’s plane was warned away from the area by the Russian surveilance because they had detected fighter aircraft and ‘anomalous’ radar locking on an unknown target… so the satellite snap surveilance was not just random… they were looking for something ‘anomalous’ going on.   Looks like they got it, too.

There was some early speculation that the Ukrainians might have been going after Putin’s plane and mis-identified the airliner.  But the revelations of suspicious air traffic routing of MH17 seem to indicate it was set up in advance for a false-flag attack.

What a disturbing world we live in where innocent lives are sacrificed like that for political reasons.  Soul-less mass murderers.


Buygold @ 8:49

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:31 on November 15, 2014  

You can be sure that the European banks hold billions in Ukraine debt and aren’t really in a position to take big losses. The US likely holds a bunch too.

I don’t know if Soros would take a loss too. That part wouldn’t break my heart. 🙂

Here’s one entity taking a hit

Franklin Templeton’s Ukraine bond bet in the red

By David Oakley, James Mackintosh and Delphine StraussAuthor alerts

Franklin Templeton, the global fund management group, has suffered losses on multibillion dollar positions in Ukrainian debt.

Ukrainian bond yields, which have an inverse relationship with prices, have risen sharply in response to instability in the country as concerns have mounted that it is heading for civil war.


that’s an impressive satellite photo from the Russians

Posted by eeos @ 11:25 on November 15, 2014  

to catch a missile in flight with the satellite is out of this world.

Inneresting post over tuh Argentus’s outfit

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:50 on November 15, 2014  

I’ve been away a couple of days. So I trust everyone is fine.

6 days since silver, gold and HUI lows, lows still holding. So far, ok.

November 18 is imminent bringing with a new mid monthly contest.

Technically the metals and a lot of derivative assets based on the metals have flags which suggest probability of continued downwards movement. In gold last week’s price movement can be interpreted as a flag formation located under the recently broken support level, and under that view price is gathering energy for a new break to lower levels.

So technically the trend is still down, being based on completed price moves, as I have carefully said in recent days. And all that may occur.

But I look to evolution of quality of support, and quality of rally vs drawdown which is a more realtime than back looking pursuit, and also all trends must come to an end sometime, and this is a reasonable time for such a thing to occur. So maybe what I was looking at end of November, and which is here “in embryo”, will slowly grow bigger during the coming fortnight and gradually become recognizable on the charts. I could also (of course) be a tad early, in which case better buying opportunities could present themselves.

That would occur because there are a great number of trend following bears out there who have learned to sell the PM rallies and will continue until that approach goes wrong. These bears have not yet been given a lesson, though some signs are already there for observant bears to see and exercise caution. So we got through intraday retest, and so far (today) through a week without new lows, next it must become multi week, and that’s what brings the next high volume, though rising open interest shows bears are already piling it on.

If they break it down it can have another swing down, but such a swing would be at a shallow angle (rather than precipitous) I think. This level is not done yet. Watch and wait.

Have I mentioned I’m substantially long? Not leveraged or into miners though.


Morning MM, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 8:49 on November 15, 2014  

MM – the Boys at the G-20 gave Putin a hard time so he’s leaving Brisbane early. I guess he brought part of his Navy with him. I suspect they have orders to fire away if he gets assassinated.

Ipso – agree, lots of black swans. Hard to see a Ukraine debt default hurting anyone but maybe Soros. 🙂

Adam Hamilton explains why gold $350 or $600 or $800 isn’t likely

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:19 on November 15, 2014  

While gold stocks indeed should’ve been sold with gold weaker, the magnitude of selling they suffered was far beyond anything justifiable fundamentally. This ultimately culminated in the latest gold-stock capitulation where the HUI plunged to 11.3-year lows! Think about that a second. Gold stocks were just trading at prices not seen since July 2003. Pretty much the entire secular gold-stock bull had been fully erased.

That’s pretty crazy to contemplate. Between November 2000 and September 2011, the HUI rocketed an astounding 1664% higher during a period where the benchmark S&P 500 drifted 14% lower. Gold stocks were the best-performing sector in the world during their secular bull, earning fortunes for their investors and speculators including me and our newsletter subscribers. It was one of the greatest stealth bulls in history.

But as of last week, over 4/5ths of that bull run had vanished. And that entire not-widely-followed gold-stock bull was based on the massive fundamental boost to gold-mining profits that gold’s own secular bull created. So if the recent gold-stock price levels were righteous, gold too should have been pounded back down towards its mid-2003 levels. Where was gold trading back then? Merely right around $350!

Three-hundred-and-fifty-dollar gold, that’s incredible. I was trading gold stocks and writing newsletters back then too, building fortunes for contrarian investors brave enough to buy low. Believe me, this has never been an easy sector to own. It’s not only super-volatile and emotional, but gold and therefore gold stocks will always be hated by Wall Street because they compete with general stocks for scarce investment capital.

Do gold stocks deserve to trade today as if gold was at just $350? Heck no! Last week when gold stocks’ latest capitulation low was carved, the gold price was up near $1150. That was3.3x higher than the last time the gold stocks traded at recent levels! It makes no fundamental sense whatsoever for gold stocks to trade as if gold was at $350 when it was actually $1150. Their core fundamentals are now vastly better.

At my company Zeal, we’ve done and continue to do extensive and deep studies on gold miners as a sector. We are constantly looking at their profitability, cost profiles, operating cashflows, and a wide array of hard financial metrics. And despite major write-offs of gold projects forced by the past couple years’ extreme once-in-a-century gold-price anomaly, gold miners’ underlying fundamentals remain rock-solid.

This whole sector is truly in infinitely better financial shape than it was 11 years ago the last time the HUI traded at recent levels. And as gold inevitably mean reverts higher out of its own recent extreme lows, the current and future profitability for mining gold will soar. So it is extremely illogical, fundamentally absurd, for gold stocks to be priced as if gold was at $350 when it is actually $1150. This is confirmed the other way.

The recent extreme gold-futures selling hammered gold to a 4.5-year low, a far-shorter span than the 11.3-year HUI gulf. The last time gold traded in the $1140s in April 2010, the HUI was between 425 and 450. Without today’s unbridled explosion of fear, I strongly suspect that’s exactly where gold stocks would be trading again. HUI 400 or maybe even 350 could easily be considered righteous and rational, but 150? No way.

The awesome thing is such temporary emotional fictions created by extreme greed or fear soon pass. The collective herd emotions in the markets are finite, with extremes short-lived. Once everyone susceptible to being scared into selling low is already out, there are no more sellers. So soon the great sentiment pendulum starts slowly swinging back through its greed-fear arc towards the opposite end. Thus gold stocks soar


Seeing as I posted Clapton, whose father was a Canuck in the RAF, Thought I’d post a buddy’s beyond the grave story in around Remembrance Day. MM will like this…

Posted by macroman3 @ 5:20 on November 15, 2014  


Thanks to BG for getting back on the NSA schedule…

Posted by macroman3 @ 5:09 on November 15, 2014  

damn near lost my bonus Verizon minutes.

Well it’s 5 AM and MM is slacking…that’s a blue state thang…

Posted by macroman3 @ 5:06 on November 15, 2014  

If you look at the last line highlighted, apparently MadMike is making coffee for Hitlery

Posted by macroman3 @ 4:57 on November 15, 2014  

For the past five years, a prominent Democratic operative who is a leading contender to manage a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign has maintained a private email listserv for friends and associates that carries a provocative name: the “Mook Mafia.”


The listserv, which one member said reaches more than 150 fellow campaign veterans, has been a means for Robby Mook and a close friend Marlon Marshall to stay connected with many of the operatives who would likely populate a Democratic presidential campaign in 2016. Mook and Marshall have both been mentioned as possible Hillary Clinton campaign managers.


“I know many of you are out there on campaigns, crushing it mafia style,” Marshall wrote. “We unfortunately didn’t do a call this year, but Robby and I wanted to start a chain to acknowledge many in our great family who have been out there busting their tails for all that is right in the world.


“We also wanted you to know that this years reunion will actually be held early next year, January or February, and likely in New York for a weekend. Apologies for the late notice and for not sending anything out on a reunion. Please believe there will be one. The planning committee has just been a tad busy!”


The email was signed “MM,” with Marshall adding a hashtag: #mafia4life.

Who knew?

Auandag, 22:47, interesting that it now a MIG 29, instead of a SU27 Froggie and no Farmboy wasn’t piloting.

Posted by macroman3 @ 3:43 on November 15, 2014  

TPTB will twist the MIG to Russian AF quicker. Yes Ukes have MIGS but MSM will spin it easier unless they realize Putin has them by the short and curlies.

Oh and who let the dogs out after midnight, ipso…

yer not the only one on BG’s timeclock (oh who cares if yer Pacific time)


Posted by ipso facto @ 0:57 on November 15, 2014  

“Who the hell would be interested in Ukraine bonds?”

There is so much interconnectedness and leverage in the system that one big bank or sovereign bank going bankrupt could start a chain of events that could take the whole system down. There’s a giant minefield of Black Swans out there.

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