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And just in case anyone missed the subliminal message(s), I’ll put it up in neon lights…for the non believers around your turkey table

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:59 on November 26, 2014  

For all our Yanks on your big holiday…Thanks4giving Andrew Gold

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:54 on November 26, 2014  


Posted by newtogold @ 21:09 on November 26, 2014  

Thanks for the tip on my post. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all Tenters the world over!



may as well call it a day in the gold

Posted by ment17 @ 21:05 on November 26, 2014  

so many voices in gold .. such a distraction. turning off the gold machine for a few weeks .. see what happens… probably not much ..

let the nerves rest .. let the markets play themselves out.

stay flat here no buying no selling the real

have a few years of lets see what happens in the bank .. their will be time enough to keep any large gain in sight .. a drop will also be kept in sight .

the eastern world will keep the throttle on gold …

until the tide turns either way. lets jut say do nothing lol

95 words

Is It Possible TPTB Want Higher Gold Prices To Kill The Deflationary Psychology?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:46 on November 26, 2014  

Back in the 1970s, after the ’71 gold de-peg, prices started skyrocketing, and Adolf Paul Volker raised interest rates from 6% to 21% to kill the “inflationary psychology”. Meanwhile, low rates were not the cause of higher prices.

The bozos also were blaming the Arab Oil embargo they called it. More baloney. The dollar dropped because nobody knew what they were worth anymore. Originally I think the agreement or standard was 1 ounce of gold equal to 15 barrels, and one ounce of silver equal to 1 bbl.

I remember, oil went from $2 to $42, and gold went from $35 ($140 black market) to $800. They also had the nerve to blame high wages of the US Auto builder Workers for inflation, called by the bums, “wage price spiral”. They actually said…”The United Auto Workers Union was ruining the country.

One by one they busted private sector tax paying unions to get labor costs lower. Not gov’t employment tax absorbing unions. They were exempt from bashing. Obviously.

Then to make things even WORSE for taxpayer wages, they started using foreign labor, importing MATHEMATICALLY cheaper consumer products to get inflation numbers lower.

As the USA lost wealth creating tax paying manufacturing jobs, the idiots in charge built up gov’t employment with new rules and new bureaucracies. Hence budget deficits, bigger debt limits, negative balance of trade on and on and here we are.

The effin BOZOS now know the country needs higher paying jobs to get more tax income, to pay for or support thier bloated gov’t.

maddog, NEMO, R640

Posted by Buygold @ 17:47 on November 26, 2014  

maddog – agree 100%, they just sit on this stuff all day, every day. Unlimited selling sits on the ask. Same with GLD and SLV, GLD all day was up $.01, then immediately hit for $.01-.02. SLV could never get off the ground. I don’t really see any end to this unless China or Russia or BRICS back their currencies with metals.

NEMO – exactly. Who counts the votes? It will be an absolute miracle if the Swiss referendum passes. 100-1 chance IMHO.

BTW, CNBS is talking about the referendum as being a “big event”. All that means is that when the referendum fails, gold will be smashed like nobody’s business.

R640 – the Crimex will not default and nobody will stand for delivery. GOFO be damned.

NEMO @ 16:08

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:36 on November 26, 2014  

Roger, good point. Probably the global CIA will be involved in the vote tally.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:43 on November 26, 2014  

I agree they are trained differently. But .. It appears too many of these same kinda thugs are now signed up to be cops and apparently even cops are influenced to say act unconstitutionally  if their pay checks are threatened. Because the economy is the way it is mental health issues are  rising. With that they should have more training for their safety and those of others. There is a threshold of how much people can take. Ask the veterans. This may not of been the case with Brown but his behavior should of been recognized sooner.

Ororeef, the football thing was a joke but who knows. Too many poor kids are prone to get in trouble if they have nothing to do and nothing to look forward to. I’ve heard too many stories about if it wasn’t for so and so coming along in their lives they would of wound up a thug in the streets or prison and self esteem played a big roll in that.

Now… late in Sweden.

Posted by NEMO @ 16:41 on November 26, 2014  

Signing of, back tomorrow…. if there is anyone to talk to!!



Posted by NEMO @ 16:32 on November 26, 2014  

…What did you find??


Packy re: Michael Brown criminal record

Posted by newtogold @ 16:30 on November 26, 2014  

I did some investigation and found that this info I found on Michael Brown was not true.was not true.  I apologize for putting up erroneous info on the Tent.


Posted by NEMO @ 16:24 on November 26, 2014  

From your posting: “Its not whether your crazy or sane its your behaviour that counts who cares what your thinking or even if you can think ?  Its your actions that get you shot !”

My Q: What sparks once action (limbic system… or what??).

And how do you deal with that??


Just trying to think,


Mr. Copper

Posted by NEMO @ 16:08 on November 26, 2014  

My Two Cents.

Who´s counting the votes on sunday??





Posted by Ororeef @ 16:06 on November 26, 2014  

Bullshit has been going on for years .Blame everybody except the violent perpetrator because his mother didn’t hug him enough.The police get the burden of deciding who needs a hug before they shoot a violent criminal….get real..its no wonder why nobody wants to fund “psychiatric counselling” there no evidence it works and WHO is going to be there when its needed ? Who is going to call a psychiatrist counsellor when a 300 lb hoodlum is attacking me because I have something he wants .What world do they live in.?  Is there no end to this bullshit ?

Why don’t the community demand parents teach their children and put responsibility there ?  Why don’t blacks have have Fathers living in the household?

Dosent M .Brown have a father ,who is he  and where is he ?  Why not blame him ? Don’t expect everybody else do deal with the likes of M.Brown.

Given his record, it was inevitable he would die by gun shot weather by police or some other street thug .What DIFFERENCE would it MAKE ? ask Hillery ?

Maybe we should make all of them football players and have Psychiatrists as coaches …!Then we can justify blaming Football for their lack of any brains at all and sue the owners for having stupid players playing violent  ball instead of hugging the other team ?  Psychic bullshit ! Its not whether your crazy or sane its your behaviour that counts who cares what your thinking or even if you can think ?  Its your actions that get you shot !

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition !

newtogold@ 14:25

Posted by packy @ 15:56 on November 26, 2014  

original source other than someones blog post please

Video: Gold price eyed as investors await Swiss vote

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:52 on November 26, 2014  


Fears that ‘dangerous’ Switzerland referendum could spark gold rush

The Swiss initiative is merely part of a increasing global scramble towards gold and away from the endless printing of money. Huge movements of gold are going on right now. Recently the Dutch repatriated 122 tons, Germany is bringing home its gold from the US, whilst the Bric countries are accumulating large quantities of it for their banks.

“While those behind the Swiss initiative have often been portrayed as crazy, they’re merely acting out of fear that their central bank is losing control of its monetary policy, and of the Swiss franc being sucked into this currency war and losing its value,” he said.

Switzerland left the gold standard only in 1999, the last country in the world to do so. “They regret what they did and want to get back to the safety of gold, especially in the current environment,” Jansen added.


Posted by NEMO @ 15:50 on November 26, 2014  

…. “love you madly”!!!!




Posted by Maddog @ 15:44 on November 26, 2014  

No i don’t…but i used to stuff lots of ‘Birds” round yr way when I was younger !!!!!

Bonski !!!!!!

hey wanka, yer 13:17, howdya end up with my Neil Young from last night? Computer glitches bitchez

Posted by macroman3 @ 15:42 on November 26, 2014  

Or are you backdooring my NSA connection? Muahaha

Goldie re Michael Brown

Posted by newtogold @ 15:40 on November 26, 2014  

Agree with all you said but sadly, cops don’t have the training on how to handle a psych  patients and how would one discern the difference anyway.  Cops make split second decision that can and do affect their ability to stay alive and the lives of others too. Sure there a some bad cops out there  who are abusing their power but I must believe that a vast majority are just doing their jobs and want to go home to their family. If one’s life is threatened one will respond to survive. This guy was threatening just by his sheer size. Have to respect the badge and hope that the police brass will cull out the bad eggs. The alternative is chaos.

Don’t envy the job you had back in the day. Fast with the needle saved lives.


Lovely… an other poster from the Old World!!

Posted by NEMO @ 15:38 on November 26, 2014  

Maddog, do you also stuff birds…, about this time of the year???



who wants to understand the world he is living in.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:31 on November 26, 2014  

Stupid monster size offers in GDX here, nothing can sustain a bid against no limit selling.

I allways wondered why the PM ETF’s were agreed so easily, now we know why, the Scum can short them to infinity and do not have to deliver anything.

Farmboy… I would also like to get in line with, or just behind Floridagold!!

Posted by NEMO @ 14:57 on November 26, 2014  

Just give us a single “Ping”, as they say in the submarine part, of the world.


Distant friend,



Posted by goldielocks @ 14:49 on November 26, 2014  

I suspect he needed a psychiatrist and maybe get into sports in his case football. Working psyc before I got used to abnormal behavior. The only problem is they need more counseling less drugs after awhile at least esp when just behavior. Cops should learn to approach people with psyc problems differently not expecting them to act normally because they don’t or your asking for trouble. For instance if I went up so some psyc pts and started bossing them around I would be attacked and lose trust with them. There are times when nothing works if they get something in their mind even if not realistic. I’ve had to hand blankets out to staff when short as a non violent firm of self defence to throw over the patient if they went inside the nurses station to attack and nurse.was alone which happened giving her time to escape till more came. We didn’t have to shoot them and we were women going up against strong men. Well say not with bullets anyways we had to be fast with needles. Real fast,  because of funding that seems the hardest thing to cure. I think the guy had some emotional issues. After I left one near facility had to call the cops to help contain a patient and that was a mistake. They killed him.

now he left again….

Posted by NEMO @ 14:45 on November 26, 2014  

… you can not rely on those WANKAS when things are happening in the house. 🙂


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