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Posted by Ororeef @ 23:54 on November 17, 2014  

solved almost all of the worlds problems and the Democrats never forgave him …..They tried to undo everything he did ..he ended Racism in the Military  ,he defeated germany and his right hand man McArthur defeated Japan and re educated them for 7 years making them a democracy and a world economic Power.

THen along comes Truman and fires McArthur because he didn’t wanted to run against a HERO for President.      He knew he couldent win…

McArthur would have defeated N.Korea ,but Truman stopped him a mistake that we still live with today.

Democrats hated Eisenhower,McArthur and later NIXON who came in on Eisenhowers coatails.     The only one they got was NIXON ….It was all about POLITICS  for making Democrats look bad when Eisenhower & McArthur were such Heros,and solved so many problems .

Obamas continues the tradition of Foreign Policy incompetance because all they are interested in is Domestic votes ……thats what the immigration fuss is all about. DEMS think Hispanics will vote Democrat ..and the Hell with Foreign Policy and America economics theres no votes there….


Posted by Ororeef @ 23:32 on November 17, 2014  

Zbigniew Brzezinski RESIGN and all Problems with Russia will disappear …few people know he is Obamas Chief Foreign Policy advisor and he has a vandetta against Russia going back to WW2 .  Russia was our ALLY then and he wants the US to start a NUCLEAR WAR to destroy Russia ..because he thinks POLAND will benefit ….thats how Mad he is.He was Jimmy Carters Foreign Policy advissor  and that should tell you a lot about him…Joe Stalin waited outside Poland when Germany invaded …He felt Russia lost more men than any other Nation, so Poland should defend itself first then Russia will enter the fight against Germany in Poland.   Brzezinski has wanted revenge against Russia ever since ..not against Germany the Culpert but from an ally .Never mind Russia lost more men than any other Country ,but he thinks Russia should have put itself at risk instead of Poland taking losses defending itself against Germany.

Albert Einstein said he dont know who will win WW3 ,but WW4 will be fought with sticks & stones.Trying to get US to do a NUCLEAR strike against Russia is NUTS….They have as many and maybe MORE Nuclear options than the US does.

Dems trying to start a Race War

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:09 on November 17, 2014  

in Ferguson Missouri  ..They think its in their interest and think they can get away with it with the Current Media support ..

Al Sharpton and other outsiders need to be arrested if they go down there rabel rousing as local teerorists …and Race baiters.

They should be arrested for inciting to riot and other crimes.   We have had enough of this threat from Liberal Racists.trying to create riots and make America look like a bunch of Racists  when so much has been done to eliminate it.  They perpetuate it because thats all they got left from the Liberal agenda.Its OVER ,get over it ! Do not renew the “Patriot ACT”  it gives the Liberal President too much Power to declare who is a Terriorist and use it against Conservatives by calling them Terriorists.THey use it more against Domestic Americans than against Foreigners FOR POLITICAL REASONS.Shut down the Patriot ACT.Theres nothing Patriotic about it ! Its all POLITICAL …shut it Down…Republicans that support it are Power Grabbers just like Democrats Politicians love to take Power and hate to give it up even when the Party opposite abuses it.They just want”  their TURN”……..Shut it Down.!

goldielocks @ 21:06

Posted by silverngold @ 22:52 on November 17, 2014  

I just returned from dad duty and read your posts and watched the video.

OUCH….I stand corrected regarding Al Gore. Sorry for the mis information and apologies to Al. In your video I especially liked that interview and also the information that followed. Thanks for posting it and keeping things straight. I hope others will also take the time to watch it.    Silverngold

He makes the case for no gold manipulation–[i neither agree or disagree-don’t shoot the messenger]

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:29 on November 17, 2014  

Most gold market analysts don’t understand the most basic law of economics

November 14, 2014

I start reading a lot more articles about gold than I finish reading. This is because as soon as I read something in an article that reveals a very basic misunderstanding about the gold market, I stop reading. Sometimes I don’t even get past the first paragraph. Life is too short and there is so much to read that I refuse to waste time reading the words of someone who has just demonstrated cluelessness on the topic at hand. Here are some of the ‘red flag’ statements and arguments in a gold-related article that would stop me in my tracks.

1) Treating annual gold mine production as if it were a large part of the supply side of the equation.

In other metals markets it can make sense to treat new mine supply as if it were a proxy for total supply, but in the gold market the mining industry’s annual production is roughly equivalent to only 1.5% of total supply (see my earlier post on this topic). Therefore, as soon as an article starts comparing the amount of gold bought by a country or market segment with the mining industry’s annual production, as if the mining industry’s production was the main way in which gold demand could be satisfied, I stop reading.

2) Misunderstanding the relationship between supply, demand and price.

Many gold-market analyses are unwittingly based on the premise that the law of supply and demand doesn’t apply to gold. What I mean is that a lot of what passes for analysis in the gold market contains comments to the effect that the demand for physical gold rose relative to supply during a period even though the price fell during that period. I stop reading as soon as I see a comment along these lines. The author of the article may as well have held up a big sign that says: “You’re wasting your time reading this because I’m completely clueless”.

The falling price in parallel with rising demand scenario favoured by too many gold-market commentators is absolutely, unequivocally, impossible. If demand is attempting to rise relative to supply, then the price MUST rise. Note that I say “attempting” to rise, because, in a market that is able to clear (such as the gold market), supply and demand will always be the same, with the price changing to whatever it needs to be to maintain the balance. Furthermore, the change in price is the only way to tell whether demand is attempting to rise relative to supply or whether supply is attempting to rise relative to demand. If the price falls over a period then it is an irrefutable fact that demand attempted to fall relative to supply during that period.

On a related matter, many people fall into the trap of confusing trading volume with demand. However, trading volume generally doesn’t imply anything about demand or price.

A change in volume is never an explanation for a price change and is never an indication of whether demand is attempting to rise or fall relative to supply. The reason is that every transaction involves an increase in demand on the part of the buyer and an exactly offsetting decrease in demand on the part of the seller.

3) The selling of “paper gold” explains how the price of physical gold can fall in parallel with surging demand for physical gold.

No, it doesn’t; an increase in the demand for physical gold cannot be satisfied by an increase in the supply of “paper gold”. Regardless of what is happening in the so-called “paper” markets (e.g., the futures market), if the demand for physical gold attempts to rise relative to the supply of physical gold then the price of physical gold will rise to maintain the balance.

Now, you could reasonably argue that the goings-on in the “paper” markets affect the physical market in such a way that the holders of physical gold offer their gold for sale at lower prices than would otherwise have been the case, but this is very different from arguing that the price fell while demand increased relative to supply. For anyone who cares about logic and who understands the most basic law of economics, the latter argument is nonsense.


[more at this link]


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:06 on November 17, 2014  

And non believers

here’s Al talking about the problems with geo engineering



Posted by goldielocks @ 20:59 on November 17, 2014  

Actually think it was back in 2010 or before even Al Gore was against the chem trails staying it could cause worse problems. They went ahead anyway.

islandgold @ 18:56 Re: Chemtrails

Posted by silverngold @ 20:52 on November 17, 2014  

Hi Islandgold, I agree it is a serious issue, in fact much more than serious. This geo-engineering (chemtrail) agenda is doing untold harm to the earth, and all without the consent of the inhabitants of the earth, whether it is man, animal, trees, water, or anything else. If people have their eyes open they must be wondering why so many forests are dieing, why forest fires are so much worse than in the past, why so many fish populations are dieing, why so many marine animals are dieing, why over the past few years whales, dolphins etc are having unprecedented beachings, why your  gardens are not growing as they used to, why flocks of birds are falling out of the sky dead, why floods are worse than they have ever been all over the world, and why droughts are as never seen before in length and severity.

Are people that blind they cannot see what is happening to them right before their eyes?? I guess so, because whenever the subject comes up it brings out all the disinformation agendas to refute what is happening right in front of them and in plain sight for all to see, and anyone who mentions what is happening is then called a conspiracy nut.

The agenda, according to Al Gore and other global warming advocates, is to save the earth from global warming. LISTEN YOU IDIOTS, you cannot save the earth by killing it off with chemtrail geo-engineering!! The earth goes through heating and cooling cycles. It has done this for eons throughout history and prehistory and it will continue doing so unless man in his arrogance destroys the earth ability to cope with the natural cycles.

So lets cut out all the bullshit and get down to the real issue. That is that geo-engineering has nothing to do with correcting global warming. What it DOES have to do with is governments of the world creating disasters all over the world to cause loss of life and fear among the people of the world; to cause floods and to cause droughts and to cause earthquakes through the use of the HAARP facilities that are located all over the world. That is the reason why geo-engineering is being done globally. When chemtrails and HAARP are combined they provide the ability to change the earths weather patterns for the purpose of causing pain and fear and death and destruction wherever it is needed or wanted. It is called WEATHER WARFARE!!  If you doubt what I am saying, the internet is a wealth of information at your fingertips….or if you are so inclined, just call me a conspiracy nut, close your eyes, and enjoy watching as the world and everything in it is destroyed, right before your eyes.                     Silverngold

re: chemtrails

Posted by islandgold @ 18:56 on November 17, 2014  

Hi SilverGold..  I live in Victoria BC and we get alot of chem trails… TODAY… if you looked in the sky… it was beautiful pure blue this AM …  around noon you could see lots of crosses in the sky and it clouded over…  not too hard to differentiate between chemtrails and contrails  (regular airplane engine exhaust) …   This is a serious issue that is still way below our collective awareness…   at this moment… no one will touch it…  but one day this will blow up… so to speak..


eeos @ 16:01 Research it yourself!!

Posted by silverngold @ 17:43 on November 17, 2014  

I’ve seen pictures of military planes equipped with rows of tanks and spray nozzles, and also read that they now have technology to put it into fuels, but I don’t save any of this stuff or my PC would be bogged down with it. Here’s a few and also further digging refutes them which is to be expected in a covert operation.

Since the US military has over 800 cargo and other planes at their disposal, and most chemtrail planes in the US have been identified as military, I question whether commercial aircraft are spraying using fuel mixed with the standard chemtrail chemicals. I’ve read of many other countries commercial airlines that do contract the spraying but I have no confirmation of that.
I’m very curious what your dad, EagleEye, has to say on the subject. I would assume him to be close to my age so have grown up in a clean air environment , and if so he would surely have noticed when they started spraying chemtrails that obliterated the sky.
I recently read an analogy similar to this. You get up on a very cold Colorado morning, say -40F, dress warmly and walk down the street. When you breathe out you leave a condensation trail that  evaporates because it is only tiny ice crystals that quickly dissipate back into the clear air. Now if you could walk down the street for a few blocks and look back and see that your condensation trail was following along and did not evaporate but instead kept spreading out then you would be proving that all those chemtrails are nothing but condensation trails. But of course it doesn’t happen and it never will.
I’ve lived in Bismark North Dakota where one winter the temperature dropped to -70F  (-90F with wind chill) My truck began to overheat because my 50/50 antifreeze was not sufficient and the antifreeze would not circulate…..but I did not leave a condensation trail longer than my truck behind me.
I’ve also lived three winters in Anchorage Alaska and traveled to Nome, Kotzebue, Barrow, and Fairbanks. Nope, never left any lingering persistent contrails.
Then I lived in Northern British Columbia for the next 25+ years, very close to nature, building a rural ranch, with the occasional very cold temperature, but again never a persistent contrail.
Only after moving to southern  British Columbia did I ever see a persistent contrail (chemtrail). The first was in September 2007, 10 years after moving to this location, and I pulled off the road so I could observe it more thoroughly. After that they became more and more common until they were/are almost a daily occurrence. Not one or two but 50 or more from aircraft, 3 or 4 in sight at a time, that appear to be going back and forth, covering the area over the city until the sky is obliterated by these chemtrails.
So eeos, you have asked me on a couple occasions for more info. All I can say is do some research yourself if you really can’t see, because “None are so blind as those who will not see“. As I said earlier, I’m curious what your dad has to say on the subject??
All The Best,       Silverngold


Posted by eeos @ 16:01 on November 17, 2014  

just answer to me why no photos of the gear used to spray chemtrails? just the facts please

Floridagold @ 15:04 No Mystery There

Posted by silverngold @ 15:42 on November 17, 2014  

I recall some years ago when they started spraying chemtrails in Northern California a fellow named Dane Wiggington in Shasta City, who had the largest solar powered home in the North, lost 60+% of his solar power. Also at the time the salmon run began dieing off and it was determined that due to the contaminates falling from the chemtrails (aluminum, barium, strontium) all the “bugs” that the salmon fry ate to survive were missing from the streams.

So as long as they continue with the geo-engineering (chemtrails) program solar power will be a failed endeavor, falling well short of expectations.



Posted by Maddog @ 15:28 on November 17, 2014  

Problems could include getting the thousands of mirrors pointed in precisely the right direction, especially in the cool early morning, or keeping them clean in the dusty Mojave Desert./blockquote>

Too much money and too much dope…..the desert is the most inhospitable place on earth…morons.

Mr. Copper Says Massive Middle Class Tax Payer Is “Too Big To Fail”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:16 on November 17, 2014  

And they failed. Tax absorbers get generous pay and benefits and don’t PAY taxes. They ABSORB taxes. Massive numbers of non union Tax Payers work for peanuts. Pretty much tax exempt. Qualify for food stamps.

Until TPTB politicians face reality, and stop taking advice from big business leaders, the problems will grow. They need to create a standard wage. Just like the water company, electric company, etc have a standard “wage”.

It costs X amount to provide you with utilities and us a profit. Same thing with a single worker. It costs X amount for a studio apartment, a good used car, and food to eat, and a small profit, to provide you with my labor.

The earlier politicians PTB decades ago realized that, and the standard was equal to about $20/hr in todays money. After politicians started listening to special interests, they stopped letting standard wage keep up with cost of living inflation. Very counter productive.

The dumb argument was…If we raise the basic standard wage, we will lose jobs. Of course. Low wages enabled many weak and feeble businessmen stay in business, who should have been OUT of business, and not be competing with or under cutting other businesses.

And the tax PAYER provides food stamps etc to supplement the employer, so the employee can live and work.

Re Richmond Fed president says it’s time to end the era of “too big to fail”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:51 on November 17, 2014  

That problem is that market participants
Strengthening regulatory restraints on risk-taking
we must realign the incentives of financial market participants.
commitment on the part of policymakers and regulators
Let’s be clear about the problem we are trying to solve.


Its all bkla bla bla. Liar liar pants on fire. They left our the bottom line reason. Low paid high debt Joe Sixpack took down the whole damn system when they got too late on payments. The banks are part of the gov’t.

The gov’t/banks to keep real estate and the banks afloat, told the banks to lend money to people that are poor, have no savings accounts for down payments, also to give do doc liar loans to immigrants because they don’t show, and can’t prove income, but have income.

And lets not forget 9/11. That stunt caused Greenspan to DROP RATES, propel, or light fire to the retail and real estate boom to over ride the negative effects of 9/11.

Do not believe at face value anything those guys say.

James Turk: On Swiss Gold Referendum, US Dollar And China’s Quest For Gold.

Posted by eeos @ 14:39 on November 17, 2014  


Commentary: Richmond Fed president says it’s time to end the era of “too big to fail”

Posted by eeos @ 14:35 on November 17, 2014  

Have we ended the era of institutions that are deemed “too big to fail”?

Unfortunately, I do not believe that we have. Despite myriad legislative and regulatory responses to the crisis, such as the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, we have so far failed to address a fundamental problem at the heart of the financial crisis of 2007-08.

That problem is that market participants have come to expect government support when large financial institutions become distressed.

Strengthening regulatory restraints on risk-taking and improving the quantity and quality of capital positions are important measures to reduce the likelihood of distress. By themselves, though, they are likely to be insufficient. If we want to prevent similar financial crises in the future, and truly solve the problem of institutions that seem too big to fail, we must realign the incentives of financial market participants. That requires a credible commitment on the part of policymakers and regulators to end their reliance on government backstops.

Let’s be clear about the problem we are trying to solve. The perception that some institutions are too big to fail results from two mutually reinforcing conditions. First, creditors of some financial institutions feel protected by an implicit government commitment of support should the institution become financially troubled. Second, policymakers often feel compelled to provide support … since withholding support could provoke a sudden, turbulent readjustment of investor beliefs regarding support for other similarly situated firms. Read more

So are there any commodities other than Silver

Posted by eeos @ 14:22 on November 17, 2014  

that have traded at levels seen in the 1980’s? Sounds like a gift if you stack

okay hi richard…here’s one for ya: If you owned Apple Inc. (AAPL), and sold it, you could purchase the entire stock market of Russia and everyone in the country an iphone too

Posted by eeos @ 14:17 on November 17, 2014  

If you owned Apple Inc. (AAPL), and sold it, you could purchase the entire stock market of Russia, and still have enough change to buy every Russian an iPhone 6 Plus.

The CHART OF THE DAY shows the total market capitalization of all public companies in the world’s largest country slipped below that of the world’s most-valued company for the first time on record. The gap, at $121 billion on Nov. 12, is about the price of 143 million contract-free 64-gigabyte iPhones, based on Apple Store prices.

The value of Russian equities has slumped $234 billion to $531 billion this year, while Apple gained $147 billion to $652 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The technology company’s innovation and brand value attract investors, while Russia’s political conflicts, sanctions and the threat of economic stagnation next year make them nervous, according to Vadim Bit-Avragim, a portfolio manager who helps oversee about $4 billion at Kapital Asset Management LLC in Moscow. Read more

ipso facto-I left the house and just came back-Un-friggin unbelievable-almost no posts since mine at 10:38

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:36 on November 17, 2014  

That is just the sentiment–complete exhaustion/indifference–one expects at a MAJOR turning point—as to your comment-I agree! If gold shares/etfs can hold a nice gain despite the $-crude–and silver, then we may be in business

Something’s gotta give-either silver catches up or gold goes down

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:32 on November 17, 2014  

That gold is bucking the $ index up 400 bps is quite a feat…but how far can it go with silver going in the opposite direction? I gotta say it’s good to see determined buyers–what do they know that we don’t?? Only the Shadow knows….B’waaaaaaaaa-ha-ha!

US vote update: Dems win all the races that were too close to call

Posted by goldcountry @ 12:33 on November 17, 2014  

The Hill reports that “Democrats have won all 11 House races that were too close to call Nov. 4.”[House Dems’ silver-lining wins by By Cameron Joseph, November 14, 2014]

In the absence of some kind of fraud, this defies the laws of probability.

Assuming a 50% chance of winning each seat (which is implied by “too close to call”) I think the probability of one side winning them all would be .5x.5x.5 etc (11 .5′s multiplied together), which yields 0.000488, or 1 chance in 2048.

This was noted by commenters at The Hill—two samples

Gary: “Of course the Dems won when given a little time they just kept finding uncounted votes. They just needed a few days to generate the needed votes to get to where they needed to be. Did anyone ever wonder why in a close race they always find uncounted Democratic votes and never Republican?”


Swiss Vote

Posted by Maddog @ 12:06 on November 17, 2014  

i see tdy that 1190 is a no no and no doubt we will see constant pressure to force it back down, the only decent buyers will be short covering in front of the Swiss vote. I hear that up to 4 pages of articles in major papers all telling people to vote No, it is a huge exercise to stop a Yes vote by the elite. Head man of SNB all over the place saying unemployment will explode if they can’t control the SFr/euro rate …….and there is talk that swaps/futures might be allowed if the vote is Yes. Ie Paper….so there is no Gold aound

Basically the PTB are crapping themselves….which is a sure sign of their guilt..


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:42 on November 17, 2014  

Looking good lewis. 🙂

If we can squeak out a nice gain today then we’ll know the worm has turned for sure.

This is a bad part of the world to invest

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:40 on November 17, 2014  

Kyrgyz Republic seizes Stans Energy rare earth project

Stans Energy Corp. (CVE:HRE, OTCMKT:HREEF) announced today that the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (formerly Kyrgyzstan) has notified the Toronto-based company that it is moving to revoke its mining licenses for its Kutessay II and Kalesay properties.

“The lack of due process by the Kyrgyz Government is poisoning the business environment in Kyrgyzstan and as such we remain committed to executing the award of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry,” said Rodney Irwin, Stans’ interim president and CEO.

“Furthermore this irresponsible action by the Kyrgyz Government only opens the door for future litigation and increased liability for the Kyrgyz Republic. The Company’s main focus now is to secure the US$118 million arbitration award in Canadian courts and to diversify its operations to more business friendly jurisdictions,” he added.

more http://www.mining.com/kyrgyz-republic-seizes-stans-energy-rare-earth-project-99525/

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