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Head & Shoulders on the Adv-Decline ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:57 on November 9, 2014  

Adv,Decline  H&S?

New Chinese anthem on the currency war front…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:42 on November 9, 2014  

DJmm hall of fame, only if winedoc confirms…

silverngold @ 23:06- So how do you account for the soldier

Posted by Auandag @ 23:32 on November 9, 2014  

Was he killed? Is his wife and family in on it? It all sounds ludricrous. What am I missing?

Paging AuGirl…yer up

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:18 on November 9, 2014  

Good news Farmboy, we gata nother frog in the swamp

looks like we found out where Ft. Knox went to…Oh and that asshat with the Brown bottom…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:08 on November 9, 2014  


Canadian Coverup Exposed. Ottawa Shooting A Fraud!

Posted by silverngold @ 23:06 on November 9, 2014  

BG, I got one of em frosty goldiement martini’s in the bar car of Maya’s maglev

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:45 on November 9, 2014  

Ya get to drink um real fast….

edit: note to self, must add a touch of coladial silver

Gold Levitation Train

Posted by Maya @ 22:08 on November 9, 2014  

The market is open, so I might as well get an early start here.  Who knows if I will be able to dig out of the snow in the morning.  This train is exactly what we need now… high speed and levitation!  Japan Railways MAGLEV goes 505 km/h or 313 mph.  Does this qualify as a train? It floats!

Frostbite -Thank you

Posted by Buygold @ 20:43 on November 9, 2014  

You finally said something that made sense. First time for everything I guess.

You’re right, I am not worthy of your meaningless drivel.


Posted by Walker @ 20:39 on November 9, 2014  

To warrant further comment to you would be a complete waste of my time. You are not worthy, trust me . . you have clearly posted your comment. Others (guided sheep )  have shared the comment. {Point…guide and share …until there  is you and humm you.

I will leave..


Posted by Buygold @ 20:23 on November 9, 2014  

What truth? What have you actually ever said?

Once again your post makes no sense, and my case.  Meaningless incomprehensible drivel.

Buygold @ 19:22

Posted by goldcountry @ 20:21 on November 9, 2014  

I agree with your sentiments entirely.

Frosty, please say something intelligible, or give it a rest.

Plain english

Posted by Walker @ 20:06 on November 9, 2014  

You must be joking sir? Where in any real world do you read the truth in plain English?…your comment is frankly completely unworthy. Caveat, you are wiser than i..this has been shared and seen here by you always.. . Hence i will humbly watch and witness the journey here. The cast out…those whom not longer post….what a real wisdom , simple, defined and lost. So what do YOU have to share this evening that is not sheep feeder guidance.. this or that  way to them? …that fully’s world  charts are NOT showing you?

Wanka..now i have exceeded the privealedges granted..face to the sun and wind on your back…mariner

ps i never edit…call it me


Winter Storm ‘Astro’

Posted by Maya @ 19:51 on November 9, 2014  

Yeah, it’s so bad they give it a name!   Snow for the northern hinterlands.  Time to build an igloo over the bunker entrance.  Maybe I’ll do an ice sculpture of a palm tree and paint it green.   I miss Hawaii.  Time to start ingesting the anti-freeze.




Posted by Buygold @ 19:22 on November 9, 2014  

I’m sure you have a lot of good things to say and wisdom to share. Unfortunately, with the way you post, most of it sounds like jibberish and frankly makes little sense. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired of trying to figure out what you’re saying. It’s as if you intentionally try to speak in riddles. Your posts don’t make you seem wise with mysterious wisdom, they make you seem like a blathering idiot.

Speak in plain English or quit taking up bandwidth.

Just another Sunday night – it never ends

Posted by Buygold @ 19:05 on November 9, 2014  
 GOLD 11/09/2014 18:59 1170.30 1171.30



 SILVER 11/09/2014 18:59 15.65 15.75



The world of the past…why we do not understand Monday..to be

Posted by Walker @ 18:46 on November 9, 2014  

to the tin foil hat crew…I may mention WTC 7…it occurred..we have ..I am certain all watched the free fall collapse of this very “important ” building…on that day. We have all witnessed the later years shared photos of the plasma dust of the other buildings flowing out to the Hudson river …becoming Dust. We all here saw and forget that truth. Hence the wonder of today’s and questioning tomorrow. We never stood and if we did, they were never allowed to be in board questions/wisdom to reflect ….what it really meant. Hence the sheep were feed and continued to be feed the never ending direction of understating their message. The message …they control the day. Their truth of the direction.
Another insight…you really know the masters when you cannot comment on who they may be..what masters the world . simple text
BUT once ..”the the old world of here”…Goldrunner questioned me? What would be the consequences of :
if the sheep were not feed? In truth, that was not the exact words but the real message. I immediately responded in my old versioned..insight..they needed to : be more….then I realized..that was a dream and illusion..of truth and reality…that will not occur..now or ever. Truth
But we all know we cannot continue to expand and consume…but…now even the old frostbite has few answers. Are they leading to the `global of all` to a NWO.. You know and i know..history is has conveyed another reality…that reality…the illusion of sheep were feed and harvested as required. Did I just shared that..what a walk!!!!!!.. years of reading..truthfully working and enjoying as I walked this time called life.
Wanda..for you..you stand, stood and try..frankly more than I…again I have shared too much. Just one ..

Just a view of views

Posted by Walker @ 16:56 on November 9, 2014  

Good evening, just a note to supplement Windoc’s very symbolic paintings. They were the creation of a great Canadian, Alex Colville. Horse and train is one , today’s example is another. His life time of many achievements and notes…. he was a Canadian war artist. Point…Nov. 11th was a time of reflection. Never forget…the real truth of modern history is always there unfortunately seldom conveyed to the sheep. All events are created and controlled by men ( and in today’s world women) do not lose the insight …..until such events of the past are conveyed openly ..nothing will change in the direction we are all marching. Each and everyone here is old enough to comprehend this statement. Regarding tomorrow, the past masters are still very much in control of absolutely “:Most:” of everything in your world. It is and will be the same until it is not. Reflecting Thursday’s market of gold and silver….allow me..they will make the illusion of whatever is about to occur for their design. But never lost the hope of the black swan ..of the unknowns ..I absolutely sure I confused you all.
Just a peak ..dec 23 , 1913….the Federal reserve was created…after years of manipulations of European events…….call it a new term hedging……

Windoc…frankly , I have long ago, chatted with him, and ..but I digress.

The real point…until reality…such wishful thinking…a leader appears to stand and deliveries  the truth of the past ..I am sad to think of the future. In this same message, each day is what we create and work to achieve. Then so many to not work LOL>>>>the endless illusion of hope.


Silvertree 4:32

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:33 on November 9, 2014  

I don’t know about you but just as some are calling the speculative  potential highs in gold like 30K ounce ridiculous isn’t it just as ridiculous as some of the speculated lows. Seems to me for it to go that low the dollar would have to rise to just as unbelievable levels. Las the Swiss pegged their gold to the Euro by complaints from businesses what is the US going to peg it to? Oh wait almost forgot, we no longer have exports the politicians little over site with their fast cash deals.

FYI Coin Show Today

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:06 on November 9, 2014  

I was told by several dealers that Silver was in heavy demand. One guy had a lots of bars and coins and sold out fast and went home early. Hard to buy easy to sell was the word.

No gold manipulation….

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:26 on November 9, 2014  

UBS is expected to strike a settlement over alleged trader misbehaviour at its precious metals desks with at least one authority as part of a group deal over forex with multiple regulators this week, two people close to the situation said. They cautioned that the timing of a precious metals deal could still slip to a date after the forex agreement.

Regulators around the world have alleged that traders at a number of banks colluded and shared information about client orders to manipulate prices in the $5.3 trillion-a-day forex market.

UBS has previously disclosed that it launched an internal probe of its precious metals business in addition to its forex investigation. It declined to comment for this article.

Unlike at other banks, UBS’s precious metals and forex businesses are closely integrated. The business units have joint management and the bank’s precious metals staff — who mainly trade gold and silver — sit on the same floor as the forex traders.

One person familiar with UBS’s internal probe said that the bank found a small number of potentially problematic incidents at its precious metals desk.

Andre Flotron, the head of UBS’s gold desk in Zurich, has been on leave since January for reasons unspecified by the lender.

Mr Flotron has not been accused of wrongdoing and has never responded to any requests for comment. He has labelled his professional status on his LinkedIn profile as being “on leave, keen to return in due time.”

The precious metals market has this year become the latest trading area to be subjected to heavy regulatory scrutiny and allegations of price rigging. The FCA fined Barclays L26 million in May after an options trader was found to have manipulated the London gold fix.

BaFin, Germany’s financial regulator, has launched a formal investigation into the gold market and is probing Deutsche Bank, one of the former members of a tarnished gold-fix panel that will soon be replaced by an electronic fixing.

UBS’s top management has pushed hard to speed up its internal forex and precious metals probes. It has sought to get ahead of rivals in securing immunity agreements as it wants to leave behind its legacy problems as soon as possible.

In a global forex-rigging probe against at least 15 banks, UBS has the highest numbers of suspended traders — at least seven — across London, New York, Singapore, and Zurich.

It is said to have fired several forex traders in recent months, some of whom had earlier been suspended.

UBS is also in separate talks over a forex settlement with the US Department of Justice’s criminal division. It is expected to get leniency from the DoJ’s antitrust team in return for handing over information early on and co-operating.

It’s crazy out there

Posted by commish @ 12:15 on November 9, 2014  


Stop the Looting-Start thr Prosecuting

Posted by Auandag @ 10:52 on November 9, 2014  

Agree Floridagold – Here’s Harvey Organ’s comments – Funny how we’re excited that gold rallied to $1177, we have a long way to go

Posted by Buygold @ 10:11 on November 9, 2014  

Gold: $1169.60 up $27.30
Silver: $15.70 up 31 cents

In the access market 5:15 pm


Gold $1177.00 wow!! something big is going on behind the scenes
silver $15.77

Gold and silver had a great day today.  Early in the morning (at 3 am) I was up and saw the huge hit on gold knocking it down to $1332.  However shortly after that it rebounded and never looked back.  Something big is frightening our bankers.

Monday is a critical day.  Rarely do they ever let gold rise in a follow through.

If we do have a good day Monday, we are off to the races…


Morning Oasis

Posted by Buygold @ 9:38 on November 9, 2014  

If to be believed, the COT Report is wildly bullish for gold, although the data is from last Tuesday. I always wonder though if the only reason the commercials aka bullion banks buy long positions is to dump them on the market. Hedge funds have a lot of shorts to cover.



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