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North @ 16:37; Portugeezer @ 4:47, 9:49; and others

Posted by amals @ 23:00 on August 19, 2014  

While I am as concerned as anyone else about the development of a police state in America, that is not what this incident is about.  As I stated in my post at 14:52, there is a lot of disinformation floating around, and a lot of evidence yet to surface.  I’m pretty sure I have seen and read much more about it than anyone else on this forum, and I feel confident in telling you that it was not an execution and it was not about stealing candy bars.  That is an ill-informed and flippant description of some other crime; not this one.

And Portugeezer, Rich, sorry, but it wouldn’t have ended with a warning shot or one in the leg.

There are several good reasons why it might take six shots or more to stop some people in some circumstances, and I believe it will come out as more facts surface.  Anyone who knows anything about pistols and firing at moving targets, even when not under duress, would already have an answer without even specifics of any given incident.  Stay tuned; there’s more to come.

Richard640 @ 19:51 on Soros

Posted by Auandag @ 23:00 on August 19, 2014  

How many times have we been told the insiders are selling, yet the stock market keeps rising! Or in the gold market, we go down one more time , then we go up! I wonder how many of us will live to see the day!

Wanka 19:07

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:56 on August 19, 2014  

I hand load a mean 45 long colt round. If it’s to be fired in a modern large frame revolver, I use 44 mag data.

check is in the mail along with a few copies of a newspaper.



There are now about 30 proposed mine projects in British Columbia under

Posted by Equisetum @ 22:27 on August 19, 2014  

environmental assessment, and the Mount Polley tailings pond break is having a contagious effect on other mining projects throughout the province.


People Are Joining The Police Force For All The Wrong reasons

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:46 on August 19, 2014  

That there was a quote from a friend. Regarding all the girls, and girlymen that are cops. Ex marine in Vietnam, joined the police force, and worked his way up to under cover, and retired.

My nephew, joined the NYC police because his father a NY fireman, told him to, for the benefits. This kid was NOT police material, and he figured that out after about 5 years, and did the right thing. Got into a different occupation.

In my village, we have cops that get their sister in. Most of the cops THESE days are simply not police material. They are too afraid, and don’t have the right mentality for it. You need to be naturally street wise, and tough. Being big and strong is also a plus.

When the bozos gave away all our manufacturing opportunities, it forced people into other jobs, like men being nurses, and woman on construction sites. The bozos turned the whole place up side down and backwards.


Posted by aurum @ 20:55 on August 19, 2014  

how much of the information about these positions is disinformation?

Buygold – it takes less than a few seconds to empty whatever style of handgun was used

even if one shot was done with the target leaving and then turning toward you – the rest would be spent in seconds


Inflation begins on an ECM turn

Posted by sbr @ 20:01 on August 19, 2014  



I mentioned steel stocks broke out and here the BDI has gone straight up.

Are we going to see a burst of inflation?

Was it a yr or 2 ago we heard talk of Soros buying gold?-and it went nowhere…or did it go down-here’s the latest=

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:51 on August 19, 2014  

George knows! Do you?

This past week we saw the hedge fund industry release their 13F filings which showed their holdings as of June 30th. The most famous and arguably the most successful hedge fund manager is George Soros. If you know about George Soros, you may or may not like his politics or his beliefs, I personally don’t. No matter what you think of the man, he does know how to make money on large outsized moves which have a tendency to happen in very compressed timeframes.

Going back to 1992, Mr. Soros made a very outsized bet against the British pound. He levered into a $10 billion short position and “won”. It has been said that “he broke the Bank of England” when they were forced to devalue. Soros made $1 billion on this adventure.

The latest 13F holdings report showed that Soros nearly doubled his short position betting heavily against U.S. equities. He also holds a large position in the ETF GLD and has outsized option positions betting on junior miners so it’s apparent he believes in the merit of gold. Is he right? Does he “know” something that we don’t know? He is positioned for a crash and will profit when one occurs. To answer the question, I believe yes, he probably does “know” for a fact what is coming to pass. He has the ability to speak with presidents, prime ministers and central bankers at will. Has he been told that the banking or financial system is already upside down or that a war is going to take place? My guess is probably yes, he knows and has been advised. Even if this is not the case, the man is smart and can see for himself…just as we can.

Diaspora and Unseen.is

Posted by newtogold @ 19:48 on August 19, 2014  



Unseen.is is from Iceland and is suppose to be an unmonitored social site like Facebook without the NSA involvement. Anybody have any comments on these two sites or opinions?

More race baiting

Posted by Buygold @ 19:40 on August 19, 2014  

Eric Holder Releases “Message To The People Of Ferguson”

Tyler Durden's picture

Authored by Eric Holder, via The St.Louis Post-Dispatch,

Since the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown, the nation and the world have witnessed the unrest that has gripped Ferguson, Mo. At the core of these demonstrations is a demand for answers about the circumstances of this young man’s death and a broader concern about the state of our criminal justice system.

At a time when so much may seem uncertain, the people of Ferguson can have confidence that the Justice Department intends to learn – in a fair and thorough manner – exactly what happened.

Today, I will be in Ferguson to be briefed on the federal civil rights investigation that I have closely monitored since I launched it more than one week ago. I will meet personally with community leaders, FBI investigators and federal prosecutors from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to receive detailed briefings on the status of this case.

The full resources of the Department of Justice have been committed to the investigation into Michael Brown’s death. This inquiry will take time to complete, but we have already taken significant steps. Approximately 40 FBI agents and some of the Civil Rights Division’s most experienced prosecutors have been deployed to lead this process, with the assistance of the United States Attorney in St. Louis. Hundreds of people have already been interviewed in connection with this matter. On Monday, at my direction, a team of federal medical examiners conducted an independent autopsy.

We understand the need for an independent investigation, and we hope that the independence and thoroughness of our investigation will bring some measure of calm to the tensions in Ferguson. In order to begin the healing process, however, we must first see an end to the acts of violence in the streets of Ferguson. Although these acts have been committed by a very small minority — and, in many cases, by individuals from outside Ferguson — they seriously undermine, rather than advance, the cause of justice. And they interrupt the deeper conversation that the legitimate demonstrators are trying to advance.

The Justice Department will defend the right of protesters to peacefully demonstrate




Posted by Buygold @ 18:43 on August 19, 2014  

yeah, I’m 170 too and I agree with you, I’d empty my gun. We aren’t in the position to know what happened, nor do we have the resources available to police. I have a concealed carry permit and if a 6’3″ 300 lb guy charged me I’d empty my Glock 10mm into him as well.

We aren’t cops, at least I’m not, so I don’t carry a taser, nor do I have the option of calling back up. If the guy walked away, would I tell him to “freeze”? I don’t know, maybe, but I’m sure I would’ve called back up before doing so. There are certain situations where cops have no choice, maybe this was one of them, but I’ll say this, in the last several years there have been a lot more situations where police have been excessive than not, IMHO.

I live in a small town and our police and sheriff have found it necessary to apply for and get a “bearcat” armored vehicle. I’m wondering why? Whether we like it or not, police are becoming militarized and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

As always, JMHO.

Buygold @ 15:01

Posted by grin @ 17:43 on August 19, 2014  

while I cant speak for anyone else I will say this. At 170lbs and valuing my life more than any 300lb thug I would beyond a doubt keep shooting until he stopped dead in his tracks. Given that they came at me with intent to cause me harm.


No I would not wait between shots to see if one worked…..duh.

Sorry commish, got to steal one from you

Posted by Buygold @ 17:00 on August 19, 2014  

BoPo’s wife:ffab157f


Posted by Buygold @ 16:56 on August 19, 2014  

I’m with you – DOW 1.8 million by 2020

Gold back to $500

These are the days when I pull for China to back their currency with gold, silver, oil or whatever, and for Putin to do the same. The criminal banksters of the west need to be put down – for good.

So far, with the “new and improved” silver fix, silver is down 3 days in a row and roughly 2.5%. Thanks to the CME and Reuters protecting the banksters. Who owns Reuters? The Rothschilds of course.

This is no longer the US that I used to live in. We are disgusting.

BTW – oil has been crushed for the last two weeks and gasoline here hasn’t gone down so much as a penny. What a joke we are.

Even BoPo wife is getting upset.

Posted by commish @ 16:49 on August 19, 2014  



Posted by OldeDutch @ 16:48 on August 19, 2014  

Execution without trial for any reason is wrong…………. but don’t fight or hit police officers anywhere in the world, makes them unhappy………

Execution by six bullets

Posted by North @ 16:37 on August 19, 2014  

for stealing candy bars is a harsh sentence. Isn’t this the same police state mentality that everyone keeps railing against?


Posted by Maddog @ 16:11 on August 19, 2014  

Re Wolly ….Interesting.


I think I’ll buy 1 share of AAPL. with my track record that should kill the bull stone dead.

Scum daily report card

Posted by Maddog @ 16:08 on August 19, 2014  

Oil on its arse = Yup

Bonds flat to down = Up

Gold on its arse = Yup

Pm Stox on their arses = Yup

Dow plus @ 100 pts = Ooops nearly is + 80 ok ????


Not bad get bonds into line…otherwise another perfect day. sleep well children.

sbr–i a melt up would not surprise me…then a crash….

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:03 on August 19, 2014  

Maddog–the last 2 times Wolanchuk got this bullish on stocks was 2000 and 2007

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:02 on August 19, 2014  

Even though he will deny it, he never saw the 2 crashes coming—back in 2000 he was saying the dow was gonna melt up to some high number….it never happened

Re: Ferguson

Posted by OldeDutch @ 16:00 on August 19, 2014  

Wonder how much publicity there would have been, had the cop been a black man, or if the kid  was white.

Epic melt-up straight ahead in S&P

Posted by sbr @ 15:58 on August 19, 2014  

I am looking across so many charts that are breaking out it’s crazy. The S&P is on the verge of melting up.

This would be a fitting end. A moonshot followed by an unbelievable collapse over a course of many years.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:57 on August 19, 2014  

I figured it was the same….Maths says it can’t continue, takeing more out than goes in etc……….The Fed and the other CB’s have to prove that wrong……That is the fight we have and PM suppression is part of it.

floidagold – your head hurts?

Posted by Buygold @ 15:44 on August 19, 2014  

does your face hurt?

It’s killing me!!toon2b

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