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silverngold @ 20:56

Posted by Mr.GoldBug @ 23:08 on August 9, 2014  

what i see .. downside risk is minimal compared to upside potential, i do not think anyone will call the perfect bottom in Silver,

(well except maybe Ment17) g … my personal opinion, and i have been in $SILVER since $5.05 per oz.

next legs up in the price .. or example .. most trains leave the station before many passengers are willing to get aboard..,

yes Silver has lagged gold as of recently, but i also know when it gets going…it will be on Turbo boost..

what i am doing, is just sitting tight..have what i need..as far as physical. … all this is just my humble opinion..

PS: love your chart, would be nice to see that price objective .. for now… just sit and watch the paint dry.

“Gatta be in it..to win it” ….


“Wealth is not measured in dollars , it is measured in ounces”


Posted by aurum @ 22:38 on August 9, 2014  

Some TA still works – perhaps as much as ever – it has always been difficult to interpret and not consistent.  So whether the market is more manipulated now than usual I cannot prove nor disprove.  As long as some TA works (and I mean by that that money is made not lost) I will continue.

I always suspected that Sinclair’s angels were some fib progression.  He could still be right though his timing was clearly wrong.

I have no plan to follow BoPo even should he turn out to be correct this time – I like doing my own work.  I just became interested in a few things he said.  He is using his 7 year gold cycle to come up with a low in 2014 off the 2000 low.  If you use the more usual 8 year of course we wait until 2016 or so.  But cycles are irregular and and 14 years is possible.  And as I said the silver cycles seem to have a bottom yet to come.  I could not tell what cycles he uses for silver – but I use the 5 and 10 year cycles which seem to be dominant.




aurum – This BoPo

Posted by commish @ 21:44 on August 9, 2014  

If you recall when Jim Sinclair first came on the internet he offed free of charge a course on charting using the Fibonacci numbers. Upon completion you were given a diploma (which I have). Now with Bo I appreciate the time and effort he puts in but to charge such steep fees to subscribe for his services…


Now one other thing before his death Bob Chapman stated, “this market is totally manipulated following what the charts say is useless.”


Still hold some PM stocks.  Never bothered trading with Future Source.  Just hold the physical.

Silver, what I see!!

Posted by silverngold @ 20:56 on August 9, 2014  

I still see the bullish case. Silver too appears to be under total control. IMO if it hits $97 by end of 2015 it is because ‘they’ want it to, not because silver is out of control. silverngold

sg6 silver


Posted by aurum @ 19:56 on August 9, 2014  

Never dreamed I would be defending him – he might even be GR.  Anyway two points.

Even the best hitters do not hit 100 – so some errors are expected – not defending anyone on that simply saying no one I know is 100.

What got me interested in BoPo is his (her) recognition that silver is on a different cycle than gold – he uses 7 years for gold I like 8 but cycles are fickle.  Silver has different cycles – he mentions that.

I don’t think we have seen this silver low either yet.  So we can use two tests.

1.  gold cannot take out 1281

2.  we will have a lower low in silver than recent


Silver Demand From 3 New Technologies To Grow 275% By 2018

Posted by Mr.GoldBug @ 19:27 on August 9, 2014  


 “But looking at flexible screens, LEDs and interposers for stacking semi-conductor chips in electronics, London-based consultancy Metals Focus sees these 3 technologies together growing their annual silver use from 125 tonnes to 450 tonnes and more by 2018.”

full article in link below…



I need donations for a french curve and straight edge

Posted by commish @ 18:49 on August 9, 2014  

Rihanna-Sideshow-BobRihanna and Sideshow Bo.

pgr 2.45

Posted by Buygold @ 17:17 on August 9, 2014  

Your post was excellent!

“Trader Dan and his ilk (Puplava this weekend) are doing a good job of keeping those who can’t think for themselves OUT of the pm sector.

That’s okay with me; I’m going to need someone to sell to in about six months.”

IMHO, Trader Dan just doesn’t buy into the manipulation theory, and that’s what sets him at odds with goldbugs. It seems clear to every goldbug that pm’s are manipulated nearly 100% of the time. It is clear to me as well. Hard to say why Dan doesn’t see the obvious.

I don’t think that pm shares are like everything else. In other words, a rising pm price doesn’t lift all pm share boats. Your picks of FNV and SWC are clearly exceptions within the sector. I think if you’re going to invest in pm shares your skills need to be exceptional and much better than in the general SM where apparently a rising market DOES lift all boats.

Nonetheless, I think your post was excellent.


FYI, I got this in my e-mail, and my response under it.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:01 on August 9, 2014  

This is so well done…. If the Liberals would allow themselves to watch this video and fully digest the content, they would have to agree that BO has taken the USA down the wrong path.

Only 7 and 1/2 minutes of true facts and excellent quotes. I hope you share this video with others.

Great video to share…..

Just watched it. Very entertaining, describes the results from past objectives, but explains nothing educational. The gov’t wants the 100 year status quo to continue.

They KNOW the people are dumb enough to just keep doing the same thing over and over every 8 years. Go back and forth between the dems and the reps. They DON’T want a third party of outsiders to get control and then won’t cooperate globally and with political correctness.

It, the video message, (possibly produced by gov’t itself) just wants people to be angry with LOCAL liberals and democrats (which they already are) and naturally vote for republicans and or conservatives next time. Over and over again. Wash rinse repeat.

Definitely the republicans are better than the demarcates, but NIETHER party are in control of our local domestic US economy. The REAL gov’t, the shadow gov’t, are the global banking and corporate establishments, and other global humanitarian special interests, and lets not forget the global military industrial establishment. Even after USSR collapsed, they were STILL sending up rockets.

Regarding all the printing of money? And how it sounds inflationary? Well, after every inflation there is always a deflation, and the global bozos are scrambling to maintain inflation, as a deflation (commodities and wages of tax PAYERS) is trying to take hold.

There are so many millions of people with unspent trillions of excess money in bank accounts CDs etc, but not enough people willing or able to borrow. So banks don’t really want the money so pay little or no interest, and in some cases charge fees on stagnant bank accounts.

We need videos going viral telling people how to MAKE the country more prosperous ourselves or themselves, without the need for voting in more useless people, that depend on businessmen and lobbyists and activists advising them.

They, politicians, are too uneducated to make right decisions, depend on others and get paid off or DUPED all the time by much smarter pro global businessmen.

If the people only did ONE thing, (40 years ago) like boycott any imported product, it would short circuit all their plans and objectives.

It looks like parts of the global socialist welfare system powers are finally on OUR side to receive global benefits. Weaker dollar (120 to 85) is good for US prosperity. Note higher Oil and booming energy states.

@ Aurum 13.28

Posted by Geronimo @ 15:17 on August 9, 2014  

The list he published is ok, and is correct.

With regard to the bigger picture, I think there are people who subscribed to his (basic-) services  and were disappointed.

Fullgoldcrown (and others) say he’s a fake…


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 13:38 on August 9, 2014  

It’s the weekend.  Let’s go for a ride in the countryside.




Geronimo @ 3:55 on August 9, 2014

Posted by aurum @ 13:28 on August 9, 2014  

Have you or anyone else tracked BoPo’s calls.  Your link shows a number of his apparent calls over the summer.  Is that an edited list?  Does anyone know?


Richard 8:38

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:20 on August 9, 2014  

On that Or list maybe should be Or learn to speak Chinese. American  politicians selling out China’s buying.

Beauty of Mathematics…..Amazing 3 minutes

Posted by silverngold @ 11:39 on August 9, 2014  

Got this from a goldbug friend.

@ Wanka 8.59

Posted by Geronimo @ 11:21 on August 9, 2014  

You’re right!

All for Polny, and Polny for all! (LOL)

Richard640 @ 22:27

Posted by pgr2.45 @ 10:12 on August 9, 2014  

Trader Dan and his ilk (Puplava this weekend) are doing a good job of keeping those who can’t think for themselves OUT of the pm sector.

That’s okay with me; I’m going to need someone to sell to in about six months.


HUI +22%

FNV +44%

SWC +51%


Two year performance:

HUI -43%

FNV +25%

SWC +97%


This sector is no different than any other – one needs to pay attention to what is going on. Trader Dan is just a hater and his opinions are worth less because of it.

Morning Oasis

Posted by Buygold @ 9:40 on August 9, 2014  

COT Report less bearish this week. Course it’s unreliable data but….just sayin’ 🙂



Norcini must really take a lot of grief from goldbugs because he sure has been angry with us lately.

Comments From Zero hedge readers

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:38 on August 9, 2014  

Ft. Knox is the largest tungsten repository on Earth.


printing moneys destroys future earnings through devaluation in a finite resource ecosystem.

Our chlidren will pay for our excesses, unless one of (2) situations occur. #1 War, or #2 a collaborative global reset…

The SDR will NEVER happen folks.( not in our lifetimes) The banksters and .govs need “black budgets. We’ve seen the apex of currency centralization.

Won’t happen period! I trade currency for a living. 5% of currency traders make money. I make money.

SDR will NOT happen, and is a pipe dream for idiots that don’t understand monetary flows.

@ Commish

Posted by Geronimo @ 8:35 on August 9, 2014  

Ofcourse you’re right.

Money back-guarentee  – thats a good one.

For me it’s a kind of fun to post his comments here… 🙂

I think it’s totally impossible what he says.

Well, let’s see what happens…:-)


geronimo – Concerning Bo

Posted by commish @ 8:25 on August 9, 2014  

Til he starts offering a money back guarantee for his calls. I just take Bo as a side show barker.

Farmboy 22:13

Posted by goldielocks @ 6:23 on August 9, 2014  

Then they should grant them their wish and send them back.

Ipso 22:38

Posted by goldielocks @ 6:19 on August 9, 2014  

I guess the French didn’t see the opportunity.

Bo Polny

Posted by Geronimo @ 3:55 on August 9, 2014  

According to everybody’s friend Bo Polny  🙂  the final Summer Low in gold has arrived!


and then:


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