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Anybody remember Rummy on Sept 10, 2001 with the missing 2.3 trillion?

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:29 on August 21, 2014  

Seems like Chuck Bagel might be pulling another Cayce…


silverngold @ 22:06 mr gold bug sir ..

Posted by ment17 @ 22:46 on August 21, 2014  

yep .. good comebacks … we will know soon. or later the direction of the real ..the economy stinks , unemployment is going up …wages going down,  prices for things are  probably pushing 10% as food, and rents , most everything is going up in price … so we will just watch .. and watch..


ment17 @ 20:56

Posted by silverngold @ 22:06 on August 21, 2014  

I agree as regards short term, but I believe once “they” have pushed the PM’s down to their limits “they” will have no choice but to allow them to go to their next PO, and IMO those limits are being quickly reached, and most likely reached this month. IMO there have been no accidents in either silver or gold so far in this run up from the start of this bull in ~1999-2001. I see a precise pattern evolving (emerging) in both silver and gold and IMO they are under total control and doing exactly what “they” intend them to do. We should know shortly. In the mean time I am 100% invested and waiting. All The Best!! Silverngold

ment17 @ 20:56

Posted by Mr.GoldBug @ 21:21 on August 21, 2014  

“gold will just do what it will do” ….yep .and it will continue to be stable in the storm, tis the fiat dollar currency which is unstable.



Every fiat currency has failed eventually


silverngold @ 19:41

Posted by ment17 @ 20:56 on August 21, 2014  

gold can’t LOL     silverngold where will gold go before it goes up  ?    or just drift sideways for another 3 months

rick ackerman is just reading his pivot charts and basis his gold price on that chart …

but rick can be wrong  Bo has now been proven wrong …. gold will just do what it will do .. paper can be twisted in every shape ..




Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE)

Posted by commish @ 20:18 on August 21, 2014  

Opens up next month trading will be denominated by the Yuan.



Posted by silverngold @ 19:41 on August 21, 2014  

IMO we are plumbing golds bottom and can’t drop another $20, but maybe close to it. Silver though IMO is a different story and has room to drop close to $.80 this month before hitting its final bottom around $18.60.  It appears the criminals are drawing this out to the last possible minute before letting it go. I pity anyone who is short the PM’s when they bust loose!! Silverngold

Congress proposses banning body armor

Posted by newtogold @ 19:13 on August 21, 2014  


Bo Poliny

Posted by ment17 @ 19:10 on August 21, 2014  

On August 1, 2014 dropped an additional $12.50 into a FINAL Summer low of $1281.00 … 
The 2014 Summer Gold Low is COMPLETE!

Rick Ackerman gold seek

Posted by ment17 @ 19:06 on August 21, 2014  

 would encourage you to bottom-fish aggressively at the 1257.70 target, albeit with a very tight stop-loss.

ahead of the fad

Posted by treefrog @ 17:03 on August 21, 2014  


Keep Stacking

Posted by commish @ 16:51 on August 21, 2014  


just one more rant,,,….

Posted by Mr.GoldBug @ 15:23 on August 21, 2014  

There is absolutely nothing positive in the sentiment about Gold & Silver. .. maybe that what “Turnarounds” are made of..??

but then again…probably got it all wrong…great day to all at the Oasis

Prepare for ‘Massive Wealth Destruction’ For The USA Was Timely In 1975

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:03 on August 21, 2014  

What is the matter with all these so called economists??? The USA was a very prosperous nation between 1945 and 1975. After THAT?? The USA has been going down hill since 1975 in a very slow gradual and stealth like manor.

Entry level, people with no skills or abilities had very high living standards. Any job was an adequate job. One salary per household.

Somebody needs to inform Trump, Fabor, Shiff and Wiedemer.

Mr.Copper @ 14:45

Posted by Mr.GoldBug @ 14:55 on August 21, 2014  

I  totally get it, just like to post some stuff for amusement purpose only, … we all need a good laugh now and then ..

thankfully .. there are a few left who have brains…have a great day! ….


FYI .. also edited and removed from the post in reference ..

Mr.GoldBug @ 14:15 re Economists Caution: Prepare for ‘Massive Wealth Destruction’

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:45 on August 21, 2014  

I started reading until I got to part….

“In a recent interview to talk about his New York Times best-seller Aftershock, Wiedemer says, “The data is clear, 50 percent unemployment, a 90 percent stock market drop, and 100 percent annual inflation… starting in 2013.”

Then I started watching the video. The scroll bar was missing, so I could not scroll ahead. All the guy talked about was the melt down in ’08, that we all know about. Then he started talking about a book, and I had to stop again.

These clowns don’t know what the hell they are talking about. The massive wealth destruction they predict for the future, already happened between summer ’08 March ’09.

Instead of a ’29 style S/M crash, and money lost in uninsured bank accounts, the losses were in uninsured real estate values. I made all the correct predictions long ago on G-E forum…

But my name is not Trump or Fabor, or Shiff or Wiedemer. A major reversal of the past is intact, and the US and global economy is in “TRANSITION”.

And you can take that to the bank.


Posted by Ororeef @ 14:43 on August 21, 2014  

I planned to buy a stock at the opening today and it opened .50 higher than yesturday,been waiting for some down movement but its .12 higher than it opened at 13.62
Should I wait..I hate it when that happins….

Yep buygold

Posted by eeos @ 14:40 on August 21, 2014  

It could go on for the rest of our lives, and our kids lives too. And then a collapse out of nowhere. and no one will be accountable for their actions. Life goes on

The world and bonds

Posted by Buygold @ 14:33 on August 21, 2014  

I think the world bond markets have it EXACTLY RIGHT!! and that’s why yields are falling. Bonds know that there is no recovery and in fact a major depression is on the way despite all the BS numbers the US govt puts out on a daily basis.

As for world SM’s they are the only thing besides the phony numbers that govt/banksters can manipulate to keep up the MOPE, and of course they need to keep pm’s down to keep that the appearance that all is well.

This will end badly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t go on for a lot longer. JMHO

exactly Samb

Posted by eeos @ 14:22 on August 21, 2014  

just a nutter letter writer looking to collect a yearly fee….and some people actually think this dipship (or any other letter writer) knows what they’re talking about. Complete BS. $300 please.

But I got a system, and it predicts EVERYTHING. Yep I knew this or that would happen. Look back at my work. But the government is keeping me down. Nonsense


Economists Caution: Prepare for ‘Massive Wealth Destruction’

Posted by Mr.GoldBug @ 14:15 on August 21, 2014  

just be forewarned, national debt has absolutely no significance in the world we live in….


The Outstanding Public Debt as of 21 Aug 2014 at 06:15:01 PM GMT is:

$ 1 7 , 6 9 6 , 6 3 4 , 3 1 4 , 7 2 6 . 5 3

The estimated population of the United States is 318,859,275
so each citizen’s share of this debt is $55,499.83.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$2.36 billion per day since September 30, 2012!


, and the $DOW will go to the stratosphere ..and Yahoo is worth more than all the $GOLD in the world….ok..leaving my soapbox rant podium now…back to your regular scheduled programs now…sheesh!!!


Silver to Gold Ratio …

Posted by Mr.GoldBug @ 13:41 on August 21, 2014  

Probably meaningless here …since we all know, The DOW, S&P500, Yahoo,  US$ dollar and O’bama Golf Clubs is all where we should be invested …Right?




not to worry..we are in very good hands!!! ..https://www.goldtentoasis.com/2014/08/20/ment17-2306/

Posted by Auandag @ 13:33 on August 21, 2014  

yahoo weekly and gold monthly

Posted by sbr @ 13:30 on August 21, 2014  



Who ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:35 on August 21, 2014  

gets to keep these billions in BANK and other Financial FINES ? If its the Gubberment and not the people that got robbed..then the Banks are nothing but TAX collectors ..free to rob,plunder with the Gubberments blessing ..They are co-conspiritors and partners in crime !Agents of a criminal Gubberment !
Why should the Gubberment get the money?.Am I supposed to feel good about that ?

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