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Posted by puptent @ 23:12 on August 8, 2014  

great post …and so true…thanks for sharing..i still have a blind belief in gold..how high or when..don’t know..but it just will..have a great week end tenters..we just can’t keep printing money…these markets are out of control…it doesn’t take another pretty face to figure that one out..



Ya’ll Enjoy the Weekend

Posted by Farmboy @ 23:12 on August 8, 2014  

This past week was a busy one. Hopefully things slow down a bit next week and I can hang out a little more. Its tough trying to catch up on posts if you get a day or two behind around here.  🙂


Calling it a day around these parts, Best, Farmboy

Farmboy @ 22:13

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:38 on August 8, 2014  

That’s just great!

In some of the French cities the Moslems lay down in the streets to say their prayers and it stops all the traffic.

Trader Dan and his gold bug problem

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:27 on August 8, 2014  

As a last comment to the rabid gold bugs – Yes, I know you will hate reading this and I know you will want to vent your spleen at someone who is giving an honest opinion. Spare us your venom. You can rant and rave and spew out all the trite arguments that you have mustered over the years but that will not change the reported holdings in the GLD, nor the fall in commodity indices nor the stability in the US Dollar. If those things change, I will happily note it. If they do not, then I suggest you are losing reason for gold to move to the kinds of levels that some in your camp are throwing around.

Markets move when they are good and ready to move – screaming, throwing temper tantrums, slandering others with different opinions than yours will not do a single thing to disturb the gold market. It will do what it wants to do when it wants to do it. Learn that and accept it – you might be a happier person. As it now stands, one thing I have learned – the rabid gold bugs are your best friends as long as you sing from the same choir book. Change your tune, respond to changes in the price charts and to investor sentiment and money flows, and they are some of the vilest, most bitter and malicious people you will ever run across. Touch their yellow metal god and they will curse you and spew out hatred which is astonishing for its ferociousness.


Ipso, We Are Just In The Beginnings…

Posted by Farmboy @ 22:13 on August 8, 2014  

Wont Happen Here

Wanka, Thats A Bunch of Money For Three Words

Posted by Farmboy @ 22:06 on August 8, 2014  

Tell The Truth !


Almost a good a contract as the Billion dollars to build the Obamacant Computer System. 🙂

Farmboy @ 21:21

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:32 on August 8, 2014  

Could be trouble someday. I’d like to hear more about it.

Ipso & Buygold, FBI Cannot Move On Any of Them….

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:21 on August 8, 2014  

Obama’s State Dept refuses to list them on the ‘Official Terrorist’ list even though FBI says proof of ties to Radical Islamists. Go figure huh?

Farmboy whoo

Posted by Buygold @ 21:10 on August 8, 2014  

Glad the Jihadis aren’t in Idaho! Course, not sure they’d last long here if they were discovered. Probably too cold for them anyway! 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:52 on August 8, 2014  

Seems like we might want to close those camps? Just sayin …

Makes You Wonder….? FBI Identifies 22 Jihad Training Camps In U.S.

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:21 on August 8, 2014  


How Fake Feminism Has Turned Women Into Sheeple

Posted by Auandag @ 18:20 on August 8, 2014  


From Murph–just in

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:11 on August 8, 2014  

Some thoughts on this from Dave from Denver this morning…

Just hit a 1yr low. This compression in Treasury rates reminds me of the same type of compression that occurred between the Bear collapse and Lehman collapse.

This is NOT flight to safety because cash runs to short term Treasuries for that. This is a signal of a big problem in our financial system beneath the surface.

I have no doubt that one of the big banks would have likely collapsed by now if it weren’t for the $2.5 trillion in cash cushion (excess bank reserves held at the Fed) the Fed injected into the big banks via QE plus the FAS 157 rule that lets banks mark assets to fictitious levels.

Something really ugly is melting down behind the scenes. Probably housing market debt.

This is why I say that gold will not sell off in a crash as in 2008–much has changed since then–the errors have been multiplied a 100 fold

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:00 on August 8, 2014  

David Stockman=

But when you take the balance sheet of the Fed from $900 billion to $4.5 trillion in less than 70 months, and when that pattern is replicated around the world, that is a train wreck in slow motion. The only issue is, when does it hit the wall? The answer to that question is it’s not very far down the road, and I can promise you that is when all hell is going to break loose.”

David Stockman over tuh King World News=The end is nigh, brother, the end is nigh!

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:57 on August 8, 2014  

Eric King: “David, the man who is counsel to big money around the world, Michael Belkin, just spoke with KWN and issued a dire warning for the financial markets. I just wondered how you see things at this point with the Dow recently tumbling and everything that is happening across the globe? What should we expect?”

Stockman: “Well, the watchword at this point is stay out of harm’s way. We are headed into a perfect storm of policy failures. This is not simply a failure by the Fed, which has inflated this massive bubble and painted itself into a corner with no clue how to get out, but we are also seeing an absolute failure of American world dominanc

“Our foreign policy is collapsing everywhere and yet the Washington war party keeps wanting to do more of the same. This confrontation with Putin is utterly out of hand and unnecessary. Now we have a trade war going that is going to ricochet through an already fragile European economy.

We hear today that Obama is considering going back into Iraq. What is he thinking? If you layer that on top of an already fragile financial bubble that is waiting to burst, I think we are in a zone of extreme danger. It’s hard to predict whether this will be the big, destructive bear market that inevitably has to come, or simply just another dip that encourages the robots and the trained seals on Wall Street to buy for another move higher. But one of these times we are going to have a big failure and I don’t think it’s too far down the road.

If you look at the stock market it has gone straight up for the last 62 months. If you look at the chart of the S&P 500 you can see that year after year the dips get shallower and more infrequent and that is not a healthy chart. That is a sign of a market that is not discounting the actual real world future, but simply trading the word clouds and the liquidity that is being injected by not only our central bank, but central banks around the world.

The difficulty is that I don’t believe this central bank ‘act’ can be kept up. We have had such tremendous expansions of balance sheets that even the central bankers are now beginning to second guess themselves, become divided among themselves, and begin to worry about how they get out of the corner they have painted themselves into.

So those are the factors that will ultimately cause a major collapse. It’s just a question of when the black swan comes flying in, or when the confidence in this whole central banking illusion finally breaks down in the markets.”

Eric King: “Michael Belkin also told KWN that the Fed doesn’t understand the leverage they have created. Their easy money policy and money printing funnels into all kinds of hedge funds in mid-town Manhattan and according to Belkin, ‘they leverage up the wazoo in al these weird, arcane derivatives.’ He warned a great deleveraging is coming that is going to feed on itself.”

Stockman: “Yes. I think the whole global financial system is booby trapped with both visible and hidden leverage. The problem with the Fed, and Yellen in particular, is that they are looking at a very narrow set of indicators. For instance, the nominal balance sheets of the big banks.

But the biggest source of leverage in the economy today is the whole area of structured finance and options trading of one type or another. It is inherently leveraged, and the market has been coiled up everywhere with that massive leverage. Well, on the way up this forces assets values to continue to inflate and rise. But on the way down, as these positions are liquidated, the adjustment can become very violent in the other direction.”

Eric King: “It sounds like we have a train wreck in front of us.”

Stockman: “Train wreck is a pretty good term to describe what is coming. But this train wreck isn’t simply going to hit a wall because this has been forming and accumulating and expanding for many years now, and yet it has simply been ignored, particularly by the financial markets which have ridden this bubble to these extreme and historic heights.

But when you take the balance sheet of the Fed from $900 billion to $4.5 trillion in less than 70 months, and when that pattern is replicated around the world, that is a train wreck in slow motion. The only issue is, when does it hit the wall? The answer to that question is it’s not very far down the road, and I can promise you that is when all hell is going to break loose.”

Maybe we can learn something from them…

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:15 on August 8, 2014  

Aug. 08, 2014 | 01:07 PM
Saudi beheads convicted drug trafficker

Agence France Presse

RIYADH: A Saudi convicted of drug trafficking was beheaded by the sword Friday in the northwestern city of Tabuk, the interior ministry announced.

The Ministry, in a statement carried by state news agency SPA, said Eid al-Umairi was found guilty of having dealt with “large quantities of amphetamines.”

His beheading raised to 21 the number of executions so far this year in the conservative Muslim kingdom, according to an AFP count based on official reports.




Posted by goldielocks @ 16:07 on August 8, 2014  

Too bad they can’t save the women they will be used by both sides. In the mean time let’s find out where these creeps wives and children live.

Once more I am forced to write to the SEC

Posted by Maddog @ 16:04 on August 8, 2014  

as the Stock mkt did NOT close on Top tick…..I was assured by my broker this will happen every day….This is an outrage.


Cheers and have a gud’un one and all.




Posted by ipso facto @ 15:59 on August 8, 2014  

One good thing … like the rabid dog … ISIS is attacking every country they come in contact with. They are good at creating enemies. Strange bedfellows are being created!


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:55 on August 8, 2014  

Let’s send em all to “Heaven” (Hell) that’s what they want.

Farmboy @ 13:37 Nat Gas

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:53 on August 8, 2014  

Copy that Farmboy, thanks for the comeback. We be watchin. 🙂

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 15:49 on August 8, 2014  

I fear that few in the West and virtually none of it’s so called leaders have any idea as to what to do, because we are talking of almost haveing to resurrect the Crusades. That is so far outside their mind sets, they are going to have one hell of a time  trying to come to terms with it……..meanwhile ISIS conquests may continue.

One only has to see the howling mob that has gone ape over the Israeli’s  rightful  treatment of Hamas, to see how screwed up we are.



Posted by goldielocks @ 15:42 on August 8, 2014  

Well it has begun. Tell the low lives to bring it on. That way it will be out in the open and we can get rid of them faster. Ps mad dog rapist cowards who hide behind women and children.

ISIS Demands American Blood: Jihadists Call For Attacks On US Interests Worldwide

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:39 on August 8, 2014  


US Airstrikes Caught On Tape; ISIS Retaliates By Capturing Hundreds Of Yazidi Women



Posted by goldielocks @ 15:37 on August 8, 2014  

Just another example of the pure evil side of this gov to fund a group  like them instead of funding defense against them for their own personal agendas as to these bitter old people the future or life of others have no meaning. I just hope enough people are aware and vote the Hitler-y’s out of office although deserve a investigation for aiding abetting crimes against humanity. As long as these career crimex can have the power to cause trouble like this they will. Or should I say atrocities.

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