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Jim got it right !

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:49 on August 3, 2014  


The Chinese have JPMORGAN  HQ as Collateral !

The IRS TAX STREAM as Collateral (No wonder Emails are kept secret)

At the Dallas Fed Protesters demanded the Chinese Flag be taken down.(saving face only)

ALL thats left is the MILITARY and now a German heads US Forces in Europe for the First Time.(What do they know that we don’t )

I predict the US will default on the IRS income stream,default on JP MORGAN deal ,

and WAR Not with Russia but probably China will result.

I believe 401 K and Gubberment Pensions the Last refuge of our Traitorous Government will succumb to Chinese Liens .

Grabbing Gubberment Pensions ! wouldent that be a HOOT !  Thats like holding the Fox hostage that robbed the Hen House !

WE are headed for a Military Government just as Machiavelli predicted democracy ends.

Just as Franklin said ,those that will trade Freedom for Security will get neither .

Ipso facto-Good Point

Posted by Auandag @ 21:40 on August 3, 2014  

Or it could have been shot up again to discredit the original bullet holes. Wait. Now I am becoming too conspiratorial. Interesting times we live in, hard to know what or who to believe anymore?


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:23 on August 3, 2014  

That wreckage could have been shot up after the crash. Just sayin.

Floridagold @ 20:14

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:22 on August 3, 2014  

I hope so too but I wouldn’t count on it!


Posted by Auandag @ 20:49 on August 3, 2014  

Now, with this in mind, let use look at the shooting down of a passenger aircraft by pro-Russian forces in Ukraine as a ploy to start war. If this is the case, then it is entirely possible that (1) this was a deliberate act by the West to provoke war with Russia, (2) was a mistake and then transformed into justification to wage war, (2) pro-Russian forces made a mistake and shot down the wrong plane, or (4) pro-Russian forces intended to shoot down a passenger plane.

APTOPIX Ukraine Plane

Before there was any evidence or investigation, Obama came out and accused the pro-Russian forces. But the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines MH 17  is curious. It shows bullet holes not a missile.

Ukraine Plane

It is known that there were two Ukrainian jets in the area. The next curiosity is the air traffic controller who was tracking the incident has disappeared. The bullet holes appear to be in the cockpit. That would make sense if you were deliberately trying to ensure no distress calls or hero tactics.

Pawn of Finance

There are far too many questions once again like the weapons of mass destruction. Career politicians look at us as the expendable great unwashed – the pawns of their chess game. All I have learned over the years – that there is a reason for everything and question each statement made without proof especially when they immediately come out before any investigation takes place. This is like the Pentagon and WTC7 in the 911 attack. Furthermore, if someone vanishes, there must be a reason. Where is the air traffic controller and why has he suddenly disappeared?



US Foreign Policy

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:06 on August 3, 2014  


Florida 13:13

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:52 on August 3, 2014  

These kinda people always look at one thing and not the whole picture. We ate the same thing be it donuts or Girl Scout cookies no for most no worse for wear. Most kids burn out those calories just sitting.  Maybe they should look at the bigger picture like woman out working and forced into buying ready made foods that unknown to most are high in calories low in nutrients or the fact that food prices exceed their budgets so have to buy less quality foods or more bread and pastas less meat fruits vegetables.

Will they do anything about the real culprits? Food inflation women having to work  and lack of exercise they used to get in school they don’t get now because their afraid they’ll get sued or insurance for accidents  just too much as well as healthcare costs and Obamacare made it worse. I talked to someone on low income that before had no deductible now has a 6000 deductible so won’t be seeing a doctor now. Cities have over build so no safe places for kids to play without getting run over. Parks don’t help much.

So what’s their bright idea to solve the problem? Ban Girl Scout cookies and school events so they even less to do. Yeah that will do it.

Treefrog – LOL

Posted by Buygold @ 14:46 on August 3, 2014  

You said “moochelle”, did you mean “Manchelle”?tom

This should be good for 300 DOW pts!

Posted by Buygold @ 14:44 on August 3, 2014  

Portugal’s Insolvent Banco Espirito Santo To Be Bailed Out, Existing Equity To Be Wiped Out

Tyler Durden's picture

When a week ago, the third and final Banco Espirito Santo HoldCo went bankrupt

… we knew it was only a matter of time. Sure enough, following Friday’s record collapse in the stock price of Portugal’s mega bank after even Goldman decided it had enough and pulled the plug on an equity investment it had made just three short weeks earlier (apparently with zero Due Diligence) following massive losses, and whose failure even Portugal’s president Silva finally admitted could be a systemic event, the local Diario Economic reports that Banco Espirito Santo is about to be nationalized, i.e. bailed out.

The details from Bloomberg, about the transaction that will wipe out the existing equity and replace it with 100% ownership by the Resolution Fund:

  • Portugal may use the Resolution Fund to recapitalize Banco Espirito Santo, Diario Economico reports, citing unidentified people linked to the process.
  • Resolution Fund may inject more than €3 billion
  • A “bad bank” may be created for the toxic assets of the credit portfolio
  • Solution aims to rescue Banco Espirito Santo without spending taxpayers’ money, and is being prepared by the government and the Bank of Portugal
  • From Aug. 4, Banco Espirito Santo will leave the stock market and will be 100% owned by the Resolution Fund, an entity created in 2012 and financed by Portuguese banks and by revenue from the special contribution that the banking sector pays the Portuguese state
  • Resolution Fund will have to be given enough resources to capitalize Banco Espirito Santo, and according to legislation this can be done through a state loan or through a new special contribution imposed on the 84 institutions that contribute to the fund
  • Part of the €6.4b that the Portuguese state still has available in the bank recapitalization facility that was included in Portugal’s bailout program may also be used to give the Resolution Fund the necessary resources to capitalize Banco Espirito Santo
  • Portuguese authorities’ plans predict that the bank will be sold in the stock market within six months, with the proceeds from the sale being used to repay the Resolution Fund

So Portugal’s “less insolvent” smaller banks will fund the bailout facility to rescue the nation’s most insolvent mega bank. What can possibly go wrong…

Incidentally, the most fun we had was the part where they said no taxpayer money (read German) would be used to bail out yet another insolvent European bank.

So much for Europe’s self-sustaining recovery in which no bank will be henceforth rescued.

That said, expect some combination of bail-out with bail-in elements, meaning the sub bonds are most likely about to be wiped out as well.


Somehow the criminals manage to avoid derivative detonation yet again.

moochelle would approve….

Posted by treefrog @ 14:00 on August 3, 2014  

…but that’s not why i did it.  potted up a dozen offshoots from my pineapple plants.

pineapple plant



sugarloaf (top) and variegated (bottom)

the variety of pineapple sold almost exclusively in the stores (smooth cayenne) was selected not because it is a particularly good pineapple, but because it ships well and ripens slowly.  these factors count to produce managers a lot more than things like flavor, which happens after the merchandise passes the bar-code scanner.

also potted up eight offshoots from my rajapuri banana.


moochelle probably doesn’t approve of these.


not my pics, i got them on the web.  i still use film for photos.  i’m a dinosaur.


Posted by Augirl @ 12:59 on August 3, 2014  


Buttercup @ 10:45

Posted by Augirl @ 12:32 on August 3, 2014  

Super Frog here.

Tis true  , the Farmboy always be flapping his gums and taunting the witch.

Just between you and me  Buttercup, the boy ain’t right !



Posted by aurum @ 11:15 on August 3, 2014  

No doubt it would work if I use a screen shot and post it – as I have done that with charts.  But the jpg drag and drop should work – it is baffling why I get the rejected by http error.



Posted by Buygold @ 10:58 on August 3, 2014  

Beautiful pics.

Morning Wanka

Posted by Buygold @ 9:50 on August 3, 2014  

Well I got away with stealing your dog “Shemp” and it was so easy I thought I’d just go ahead and borrow Farmboy’s rooster.toon2n


Really like that the emoticons are all saved and easy to insert. Great feature that we didn’t have at PP.

Coffee is on

Posted by Buygold @ 9:13 on August 3, 2014  



Posted by goldielocks @ 0:53 on August 3, 2014  

I agree but don’t blame the news unless they’re telling everyone to hide under the covers.  Some of us are used to it so we take it for what is is but those who aren’t it can lead to worry and some even more so. That just tells the gov see why we don’t tell them anything. The difference with aids though is you don’t die a few weeks after getting it. I feel for those people hope they can get it under control and do their best to get the infected good treatment. I’m more worried about what this Gov is doing right now trying to push us into another war to cover their debt issues.

I think I know that Kid..HeHE

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:43 on August 3, 2014  

Happy Birthday

“US Department Of Defense Equipped Largest Ebola Treatment Center In Sierra Leone”

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:26 on August 3, 2014  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Ebola Virus Outbreak In West Africa: Has The US Secretly Developed A Weaponized Version Of Ebola?

With most of the world’s attention still focused in on Ukraine with the obvious false flag attempt by the criminals in both the US and Ukraine to get a nice little war started against Russia, and of course the insane lunatic asylum known as Israel’s attempt to massacre the Palestinians in Gaza, there has been little attention on the growing crisis in West Africa.   That crisis is of course the rapid epidemic of a new form of Ebola that is spreading from Sierra Leone, Guinea, and into Nigeria as I type this report….

What concerns me about this new form of Ebola is not only its ferocity, but by how it seems to no longer be restrained to west Africa but seems to be strong enough to spread rapidly around the world.  I have had a sneaking suspicion that this new Ebola virus has been developed in secret by the criminals in the US government along with other nations, and will be used as the biological weapon that these psychos have long been searching for in their need to “cull the world’s population” in their sick dream of eventually bringing about their ‘new world order’ of enslavement.   Yes, this has been in the planning since the 1970’s as written by the ultra criminal Henry Kissinger and was indeed submitted to the UN back in 1974.

I have been spending a lot of time recently trolling through reports online looking for any evidence that we are indeed dealing with a weaponized form of Ebola that is being now unleashed on the planet as part of a plan to wipe out some 90% of the world’s population (as per the 1974 UN agreement on population control) and I found several that I want to present here for my readers to read for themselves…

This first report comes from the “Case About Bird Flu” website, at www.birdflu666.wordpress.com, and is entitled: “US Department Of Defense Equipped Largest Ebola Treatment Center In Sierra Leone”, and I have it here for everyone to read for themselves:

No Surprise Here ,Both favor Population Reduction

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:20 on August 3, 2014  

Soros &Gates

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