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North @ 16:37; Portugeezer @ 4:47, 9:49; and others

Posted by amals @ 23:00 on August 19, 2014  

While I am as concerned as anyone else about the development of a police state in America, that is not what this incident is about.  As I stated in my post at 14:52, there is a lot of disinformation floating around, and a lot of evidence yet to surface.  I’m pretty sure I have seen and read much more about it than anyone else on this forum, and I feel confident in telling you that it was not an execution and it was not about stealing candy bars.  That is an ill-informed and flippant description of some other crime; not this one.

And Portugeezer, Rich, sorry, but it wouldn’t have ended with a warning shot or one in the leg.

There are several good reasons why it might take six shots or more to stop some people in some circumstances, and I believe it will come out as more facts surface.  Anyone who knows anything about pistols and firing at moving targets, even when not under duress, would already have an answer without even specifics of any given incident.  Stay tuned; there’s more to come.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.