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Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:30 on September 24, 2014  

It should have dropped a few weeks ago. But in reality, no way of knowing when the bozos will come about. Change direction. Whoever or what ever country needs attention the most. I hear lately the US economy is slowing after many good years up.

However, there is has been fear of deflation since 2001. So the bozos lowered the dollar to get commodities like steel and lumber higher when little George got in.

I posted way back then…What good is it to raise steel prices? It won’t help selling cars. They need inflation in tax payer wages. That’s the BOTTOM LINE PROBLEM. The “poor” people in the USA are dragging the whole system down, and causing budget deficits.

If the gov’t was a farmer, and the taxpayers are corn, the CORN price to too cheap for the farmer. The farmer (gov’t) needs a gov’t (corn) subsidy or the CORN needs a minimum wage. 🙂

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