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Because I’m tired of Gold today

Posted by eeos @ 10:54 on September 23, 2014  

So really what I like to do is high-end residential remodel and design. It’s not just all about the pretty picture. But rendering pays the bills, my favorite clients are dinosaurs who still draw in CAD programs with lines.

This is a nice job, it’s a rowhouse in NJ, a historic neighborhood.

Design Process- eeos

once I get the model set, I export it into a rendering motor program that makes it look nice. I them send this actual 3D model along to clients so they can explore the design on their own machines. Problem is that most people don’t have video cards up to snuff to view my models live (in real-time) that look like this on their computers….yet. That’s where NVIDIA video cards come into play…and the doors of perception now open.

Stair Elevation V2_021

clients either love it or hate. There’s not a lot of confusion on the design intent.

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