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Why are we there at all ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:02 on September 21, 2014  

It seems to me if the US has an abundance of Nat Gas,plenty of Oil in the Dakotas and texas, Louisiana,and a friendly resource rich neighbour to the North,and Electric Cars taking increase %,Solar Power the same.

Why dont we simply leave the Mid East and let the Sunni and Shiite do their thing until the last man standing is alone.Europe and Russia can get together for Nat Gas &Oil and leave the Mid East too.Japan will always be our partner and a link to Asia.Why not let Russia and Assad deal with the Mid EAST crazies.

We should be friends with Russia Germany and all of Europe! Russia is better able to deal with the Muslim countries.They don’t have this crazy notion about democracy in the mid east.

What is this nonsense that the US must remove dictators from the Mid East when they are the only stabilizing force in the area ? As long as Theocracy is the rule over there ,what is this nonsense about democracy .? They will never have separation of church and state and that is totally incompatible with democracy.

It was a mistake to take out Saddam and Mubarak and its a mistake to take out the Assad regime..The muslins are still in the 12th Century !

Everybody wants freedom,but they forget the 1st freedom is the freedom of choice.The Pilgrims came here for religious freedom ..that’s where freedom starts.

I cant think of a single Muslim country that allows religious freedom !WE should supply ALL the GUNS that every mid east country wants give everybody an AK and let them sort it out without us.Surely somebody will emerge that will realize that their religion is the only obstacle to freedom they have.

I am not anti Religion,many people have a need for guidance and morality ,even in America .The problem is Theocracy means absolute power and absolute corruption !They all want to become GODS.

Power hungry politicians have always wanted to become GODS ,going back to the Pharaohs.Nothing has changed in 5000 years.

There was talk about Obama being the black messiah ,same bullshit from Power hungry Politicians.The Romans had Caesar who they tried to make a GOD of him. No Gods in Government .! Managers only need apply ! The Founding Fathers got it right the First time and they have been under assault ever since !

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.