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Armstrong on gold promoters

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:27 on September 18, 2014  


Here’s a example. The gold promoters have wiped out so many people some haven’t came back he says and even Edelson is quoting his targets now. When other sectors took a hit I never seen anyone including Armstrong saying this or that sector verses cycles is set to go lower so don’t listen to the equity promoters by this date only PMs or the Equity market in general. So if people were say were getting in Bio stocks at the high they might of thought why aren’t they going higher? He mentions nothing goes up forever, true, but either do other sectors. Oil took a hit don’t see a call on that. It’s only Gold and equity’s he mentions. To the general public anyway but yes I believe he is one of the most well versed people out there but never see him talking about this will break the backs of the equity promoters. I also remember when he talked about gold seeing a high in 2015. That has changes to a low. It’s like he’s saying that gold can’t get to his target because of those stubborn holders and will be interesting to see if he does the same thing to equities or just gold lol I agree that PM sector has a smaller number of investors so with people running to the dollar they will move into equities as well as people selling the PMs to buy the equities. It seems to me ” unless a phase transition” the equities will be a slow decline not fast just as the PMs were this time. There is a pattern in that unless a event but will have to see what’s in the air when a correction comes. Since the market needs to put it’s money somewhere as it is now where are they going to put it after Armstrong’s turn date which is also election year which would be a normal event anyways and yes the market does have cycles but point is they are already moving from gov to private sector.as far as stocks or charting anyone will turn on anyone for ego or greed.

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