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Obama, a different point of view !

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:35 on September 17, 2014  

Has decided to send US Military to Liberia to assist in fighting Ebola .What does he expect the Military to do “Shoot the Virus “? That s what Military does ..They Kill people and Blow things up …..No  I surmise since Liberia was chosen it has Historic significance tied to Slavery .Liberia as a country was created to deport Slaves to that were no longer needed as the Industrial revolution took hold and the Civil war ended .It never worked .US troops will bring Ebola to the US and then the US will be Forced to do something about it.As it is ,its an African problem and he intends to make it a US problem  to force the US to do something about it. Retribution ?  Revenge ?    It  reminds me of Zibigniew Brzezinski plan for Russia ,Germany had a large contingent force about to invade Poland and Russia knew it was there .The Poles were encouraged to resist the Germans and 250,000 were slaughtered .Was it Russias fault for not coming to Polands aid first.? When you consider Russia lost more men during WW2 that any country,it dosent surprise me Joe Stalin decided Poland should first defend itself against Germans then he would come in to minimise Russia’s losses.Not an unreasonable tactic.The problem today is Obamas Chief foreign policy advisor Brezinski is still fighting WW2 and wants revenge against Russia for not helping Poland sooner.Russia was not the invader yet he wants them to pay…

Same tactic comes Ebola and US was NOT responsible for it in Africa yet Obama wants the US to PAY because of Slavery and Civil War .Revenge rides again just like Brezinskis revenge against Russia (not the aggressor)Obama wants Revenge against the US even though no one alive today was responsible for Slavery 90 % of Americans today were immigrants after the 1900,s and had NO responsibility for Slavery yet he wants them to pay for Africa’s aid.

Im not against heading off a possible Pandemic of coarse not ! ,But do it where the problem is ..dont bring the problem here ! to Force the US to do something about it.Its the same Brzezinski mentality.Why make every problem in the world a US problem ? Same tactic in the MID EAST …enough already !

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