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More Evidence of Reversal Of Engineering Of The Deindustriazation Of The US Economy

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:42 on September 17, 2014  

Landmark fracking study finds no water pollution.

The final report from a landmark federal study on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, found no evidence that chemicals or brine water from the gas drilling process moved upward to contaminate drinking water at a site in western Pennsylvania.

The Department of Energy report, released Sept. 15, was the first time an energy company allowed independent monitoring of a drilling site during the fracking process and for 18 months afterward. After those months of monitoring, researchers found that the chemical-laced fluids used to free gas stayed about 5,000 feet below drinking water supplies.


See how the propaganda people mind control Media machine operates? Forty years ago they started telling us how bad industry was BAD for the environment. Called us the rust belt, and “we don’t want the smoke stack jobs”.

Industry “had to be muzzled”, and combined with tax incentives, millions of industries moved off shore to various countries with no regulation. In reality with “pollution” comes prosperity. Like in China and all the other nations with higher living standards.

News grows. Watch. I’ve been watching and observing TPTB operate for decades. I know their MO. They now want the USA to prosper again for the benefit of the greater good later on.

The USA is FLOODED with foreign born. They need high paying, tax PAYING paying jobs, to help support the US gov’t tax ABSORBING jobs. Or the budget deficits, and lower gov’t credit ratings will keep on growing.

Its time now for other countries like China to live off their $3 trillion accumulated “savings” of US consumer dollars.

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