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Farmboy @ 8:32 & Winedoc

Posted by silverngold @ 9:17 on September 16, 2014  

Delivered firewood here close to the west coast is $180 – $250 depending if it’s pine or fir. In years past we’ve always gone into the bush and cut our own, but this year seems unusually busy so I ordered a logging truck load of dry pine logs for $1400 delivered and spread on brow logs. I’m telling you that was the biggest load I’ve seen delivered around here. Measures out to be 26 to 28 cords so costs me about $50 per cord and don’t have any bush work like falling, limbing and cleanup to do, nor scratching up my truck, so well worth it. We burn about 6 cords each year and so far I’ve bucked, split and stacked about 12 (measured 4x4x8) cords so have enough for this winter and next and well over half the logging truckload left. Not sure if I’ll do the rest or leave it for next fall. I kinda need the exercise every year ¬†so will probably wait on the rest. It’s true that firewood heats you up twice. once when you cut it and once when you burn it. LOL!!! ¬†Silverngold

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.