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Posted by Farmboy @ 10:06 on September 16, 2014  

I’m not sure the Statue of Limitations has expired on all the ‘pot stirrings’ I have done. Seems I have a lifetime of fighting against boredom, and the drip, drip, drip, of the PM markets ought to be excuse enough for driving a man to do a little pot stirring these days. But sure enough, I was one of those boys in my youth that on a hot summer day when the fish refused to take our bait, and there wasn’t a turtle or snake to be found, we would find a hornets nest to throw stick and rock at just for ‘fun’.


Or the time we grew tired of putting our pennies, Yohoo bottle caps, fishing hooks, on the railroad track and decided a fallen tree would add some excitement to a summer’s evening. It did, and as that tree shot past our little hiding place beside the track its a wonder none of us boys were missing a head. And Lord, I guess I could write a whole book on the miscapades down at school. Nothing as boring as school lessons to make a boy get into mischief. Come to think of it, frogs were a big part of it. Did you know there must be a thousand places you can hide a frog to surprise somebody? Well, there ya go, and now I are one. Must be one of those destiny things huh?


Well, as I see it, must be my job in life to keep folks from getting bored. So we might all want to say a prayer that the PM’s shake off this water torture by drip pretty soon so I don’t have to stir up the pot as often. 🙂


Best, Farmboy

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.