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aurum @ 11:18 Enjoy Hearing Your Thoughts On The GMO Topic

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:02 on September 16, 2014  

Now about all that ‘research’ and ‘studies’. I take em all with a grain of salt, and that applies to any topic these days. Two reasons, first, at one point the brightest of minds thought the world was flat and to question their consensus was worthy of death. I think that same sort of mentality still invades the ‘think tanks’ in our modern age. Just something to keep in back of mind. Second, those ‘research’ centers and universities are not much more than paid whores. Seems the all important dollar has taken higher priority in their halls than necessarily finding and presenting the Truth. They live, or die, on all that ‘research’ money. So I question the ‘results’. I have a friend that makes a living off grant money to do ‘research’ studies for the medical profession. And they tell me you can make a great living off of the pharmaceutical industry if you are willing to bend a few numbers here and there. Mostly, you design the study to reflect the results you want before you even begin. At least he was honest about it.


Anyways, don’t have any real opinion on the topic since I don’t know whose numbers to believe. I figure, its best to live (eat) as close to nature’s way as one can. But to each his own and I figure at our age it wont make much a difference either way. Thankfully, my daughters and son are leaning towards the non processed foods for their meals and working in more organic choices. My grandkids seem to be a bit more healthy, have better grades in school, and have very few ‘sick days’ as compared to their counterparts. I like to think their healthier diets contribute to this at least to some extent.


Like our PM investments, the bottom line may be that time will tell.


Always a pleasure reading your posts, Farmboy


Ps) Given a few million I am sure I could hire one of the top 5 universities to produce a scientific study that frogs do not naturally occur in nature but are the result of some evil spell. 🙂


Pss) Sure they exist out there somewhere, but I would like to see a study of the Amish or similar groups who live close to the land, grow their own crops, and use very little modern medicine. Would like to see the numbers of heart disease, diabetes, and other ‘modern plaques’ in their subset as compared to the average American numbers. I suspect, but do not know, their numbers would be significantly better.





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