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Floridagold, Thank You Sir !

Posted by Farmboy @ 9:54 on September 13, 2014  

Perfect. How I see it, had the little rise for the Christmas stocking up season,  and soon it will be rolling over. Recovery….(snicker)


A little local sidenote: The big box stores (Walmart etc) have cut back on their ordering of products for the past 6 months. Plenty of bare spaces on shelves. Which to my limited knowledge of retail is a big no no in the biz. Can remember Walmart spending a lot of money hiring ‘stockers’ whose job besides putting product on the shelving also spent a great deal of time ‘facing’ the shelves. If they only had a few cans of beans, they would pull them to the front of the shelve so the store at least had  the appearance of being fully stocked. Seeing a lot of bare spaces and holes on the shelves. So either folks are buying a whole lot more ( I doubt it) or they cant get product ( a little scary thought) OR…they are not ordering in the quantities they used to. Another one of those indicators we can see for our own eyes how things are going.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.