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Thinking About Relocating ?

Posted by Farmboy @ 9:22 on September 12, 2014  

A research paper by UCLA political science professors at UCLA and MIT has released the most conservative and liberal cities in America.

The report rates 51 U.S. cities with populations above 250,000 for their political leanings and not surprisingly rated San Francisco, CA as the most liberal in the nation.


“The policies enacted by cities across a range of policy areas correspond with the liberal-conservative positions of their citizens on national  policy issues,” wrote Chris Tausanovitch and Christopher Warshaw, political science professors at UCLA and MIT, respectively.

The belief that liberals tend to live in big cities was exemplified in the study, as only 11 of the 51 cities reviewed were found to have conservative-leaning beliefs.

Mesa, Arizona, a Phoenix suburb with a population of 468,000, easily earned top honors as the most conservative city in America. Oklahoma City, OK, and Virginia Beach, VA rounded out the top three most conservative cities according to the study, while Washington, D.C., and Seattle followed San Francisco as the most liberal in the U.S.

Not surprisingly, the study found that liberal cities spend over twice as much as non-liberal cities and have much higher tax rates.


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